St.George Chairman announces new election Bylaws

In the recently published St.George Leagues Club Journal (Nov 2006-Feb 2007), Club Chairman Warren Lockwood repeats his Board's concern about "overzealous campaigning" during the March 2006 Board election.

Following the concerns raised in the previous Journal , the Chairman has reiterated that in the Board's opinion, the campaigning during the closely fought 2006 election created a less than satisfactory image for members and guests using the facilities at the Club.

As a result, the Board has introduced election bylaws that prevent the advertisement, circulation or distribution of any "How to Vote" material upon the Club lands or in the vicinity of the Club lands.

However, the Returning Officer (General Manager - Danny Robinson) shall provide receptacles at a location in the vicinity of the entrance to the Club premises during the conduct of a ballot in which "How To Vote" material may be placed.

Under the bylaws, the Returning Officer may impose restrictions on any election material ".for the purpose of preventing harassment of or inconvenience to members or where the election material is false or misleading, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate."

The March ballot for the Board of Directors narrowly returned the incumbent candidates, including Chairman Warren Lockwood, against three R2K endorsed candidates.

Surprisingly to some, the Chairman failed to record the highest vote amongst the eight candidates.

More information about the 2006 election result can be viewed here: