Election Result


Incumbent St.George Directors Warren Lockwood (Chairman), Brian Johnston and Ralph Piggott have retained their positions on the St.George Leagues Club Board following this week's elections.

The R2K endorsed candidates were very competitive in what has been described as the most closely fought St.George ballot in years. R2K?s James Young finished only 112 votes away from securing a position on the Board.

Brian Johnston, the respected former St.George Dragons CEO topped the poll.

The results are listed below:

Brian Johnston 745
Warren Lockwood 716
Ralph Piggott 672

James Young 560 (R2K)
Troy Felice 546 (R2K)
Nick Stojanovski 520 (R2K)

Dennis Preece 33

Rajni Kant 24

R2K are pleased that the outcome of the election reaffirms its influence with St.George members. The R2K candidates received a high level of positive feedback and support throughout the campaign.

R2K will continue its work to ensure that the best interests of St.George are looked after in the joint-venture. In particular, R2K will attempt to ensure that OKI Jubilee Stadium is maintained as a multi-purpose community asset and that 50% of Dragons home games are allocated to Kogarah. R2K will also work to ensure that the facilities at St.George Leagues Club continue to be maintained and enhanced.

R2K would like to congratulate the incumbent Directors on retaining their positions and would like to thank Danny Robinson and Michael Derrig for their diligence as the Returning Officers.

Finally, R2K would like to thank the numerous supporters who attended the Club over the four days of the election to assist with the distribution of the voting leaflets.