Statement from Bob Hagan

Bulldogs CEO Bob Hagan made the following statement today:

"In light of admissions made by the Bulldogs to the National Rugby League in relation to salary cap breaches I have decided to resign as Chief Executive Officer.

As the Chief Executive Officer I am ultimately accountable for all that happens in the Club and clearly someone must take responsibility for one of the darkest periods in the history of the Club.

It is a decision that I make with a great deal of sorrow. I have a long association with the Club and I hope that my resignation will speed up the healing process that has to happen for the Bulldogs to regain the respect we have earned through a long and proud history.

Once again I apologise to fans and I urge them to continue to support a team that has achieved tremendous success with their dedication and with a team spirit that is unlike any I have seen before.

Having said that, I do believe that alternative options need to be investigated to ensure that clubs can retain players they have invested extensive time and money in developing.

Our Football Manager Garry Hughes will serve as interim CEO until a suitable replacement is found."