Storm edge out Eels in another
controversial finish

The Melbourne Storm have won a drama charged match 12-10 against the Parramatta Eels at Parramatta Stadium this evening.

The match was played in atrocious conditions and the game was in the balance until the final minute when Lee Hopkins gave away a penalty for holding down Billy Slater right in front of his own posts. Matt Orford kicked the winning goal that sees the Storm consolidate their position in the top eight while Parramatta sink further into the mire and there looks to be no end in sight for the hapless Eels. Lee Hopkins wept openly after Steve Clark awarded the penalty, such was the importance Parramatta placed on the outcome of this match.

Parramatta, after eleven rounds find themselves win only two wins and need a miracle to make the top eight while Melbourne are traveling very nicely without much fanfare at the moment.

It's hard to judge form when a match is played in such terrible conditions but Parramatta have found new ways to lose matches while Melbourne, a side not predicted by many to compete this year are right in there with Matt Orford leading his team magnificently once again.

Leagueunlimited player of the year: 3 - M Orford (Storm) 2 - A Graham (Eels) 1 - J Lyon (Eels)

STORM 12 Tries: Kearney, Tadulala Goals: Orford 2/4

EELS 10 Tries: Graham x 2 Goals: Hodgson 1/2

6th min: PENALTY GOAL - Storm. Matt Orford gets Melbourne off the mark with a penalty goal right in front. Storm 2-0

22nd min: Still no change in the score with Melbourne having dominant field position and possession. Parramatta are just hanging in there.

23rd min: TRY - Storm. Steven Kearney gets a try in his 100th game for the Storm as Parramatta continue tomake costly errors inside their own half. Conversion unsuccessful. Storm 6-0.

27th min: TRY - Storm. Great try to Tadulala after Billy Slater made a break through the middle and off-loaded to Tadulala who ran over the top of Ashley Graham to score in the corner. Conversion unsuccessful. Storm 10-0.

34th min: TRY - Eels. Ashley Graham scores inthe corner after grounding the Eels best kick of the night. Amazingly Parramatta only find themselves behind by a converted try just five minutes out from half time. Conversion unsuccessful. Storm 10-4.

HALF TIME: Parramatta only find themselves behind by a converted tried after having very little ball in the first half. Melbourne have had many chances but the conditions are atrocious and points will be hard to come by.

51st min: TRY - Eels. Ashley Graham gets his second as he scores in the corner. It is pouring at the moment but Parramatta are a big chance fo winning the game. Conversion successful. 10 all.

70th min: Still 10 all and Parramatta may be going to the golden point in successive weeks. The condtions have become very tough and a field goal may be the best and only option.

80th min: PENALTY GOAL - Storm. Matt Orford kicks a goal as time expires togive Melbourne victory over the Eels. Lee Hopkins was penalised for holding down Billy Slater and was distraught after Steve Clark blew the penalty. Storm 12-10. FULL TIME.