Storm sail to record victory

The Melbourne Storm have put on an exhibition with a record breaking 64-4 win over the Parramatta Eels at AAMI Park in front of 13,728.

The Eels started strongly with the opening try of the contest to Semi Radradra, but their energy soon fell away as the Storm's class rose to the surface.

Ryan Hoffman started the Storm's try raid as he finished off a great Storm play to slide over. After seven minutes the Storm in front 6-4.

Billy Slater had a field day with the Eels defence as he crafted three tries. A brilliant Storm play lead to his first try as Cooper Cronk provided a chip kick which was collected by Sisa Waqa who linked with Slater. The Storm found their feet leading 10-4 after 13 minutes.

Parramatta attempted to aim up in the first half as they only conceded one more try before half time. Ryan Hoffman claimed his second try as he sailed through a hole off a Brent Finch short ball. Melbourne headed into the break, 16-4 ahead.

The flood gates burst open in the second half as the Storm claimed a record breaking 48 points. The Eels defence crumbled as the Storm executed their class which saw Will Chambers and Billy Slater claim two tries in the second 40 minutes.

The points raid saw Kenneath Bromwich and Tim Glasby rewarded with their first tries in their NRL careers.

Maurice Blair summed up the Melbourne Storm's performance as he scored in the final minute of the game. Blair bolted through three Parramatta would-be defenders and managed to score despite tripping before the line. After a clinic of play, Melbourne concluded proceedings with a massive 64-6 victory.

The records continued to be broken by the Storm as they become the first team, ironically, since the Parramatta Eels to post 60 points twice in a season.

Next week Melbourne head north to Brookvale Oval for a possible Grand Final preview as they battle the Manly Sea Eagles. While the Eels travel to ANZ Stadium to face fellow cellar dwellers, the St. George Illawarra Dragons.

Match Details
Melbourne Storm 64 Parramatta Eels 4
Venue: AAMI Park
Crowd: 13728
Halftime Score: Melbourne Storm 16-4 Players of the Match:
3 points - Billy Slater
2 points - Ryan Hoffman
1 point - Will Chambers

Tries: Ryan Hoffman (2), Billy Slater (3), Will Chambers (2), Kenneath Bromwich, Tim Glasby, Jesse Bromwich, Justin O'Neill
Conversions: Cameron Smith (10/11)

Tries: Semi Radradra
Conversions: Jake Mullaney (0/1) Live Commentary

Welcome to LeagueUnlimited's LIVE coverage from AAMI Park in Melbourne as the Storm host the struggling Parramatta Eels.

Team news, the Storm are 1-13 with changes on the bench with Tohu Harris dropping out of the side. Tim Glasby fills his spot on the interchange.

A positional change for the Eels with Fuifui Moimoi shifting to the bench. Pat O'Hanlon will start in the forwards. Daniel Harrison isn't required and falls off the interchange.

Storm: 1. Billy Slater 2. Sisa Waqa 3. Will Chambers 4. Maurice Blair 5. Justin O'Neill 6. Brett Finch 7. Cooper Cronk 8. Jesse Bromwich 9. Cameron Smith (c) 10. Bryan Norrie 11. Kevin Proctor 12. Ryan Hoffman 13. Ryan Hinchcliffe
Interchange: 14. Jason Ryles 16. Jordan McLean 17. Kenneath Bromwich 18. Tim Glasby

Eels: 1. Jake Mullaney 2. Ken Sio 3. Ryan Morgan 4. Vai Toutai 5. Semi Radradra 6. Ben Roberts 7. Luke Kelly 8. Tim Mannah (c) 9. Matt Keating 17. Pat O'Hanlon 11. Reni Maitua 12. Mitchell Allgood 13. Darcy Lussick
Interchange: 14. Junior Paulo 15. Joseph Paulo 16. Peni Terepo 10. Fuifui Moimoi
Just minutes away from kickoff here this afternoon. The Storm will be looking to cement a spot in the top 4, while the Eels will be looking to not get a cricket score put on them. Rumours today of Ricky Stuart looking to leave the club, and sign a contract with the Canberra Raiders for the next 7 years. Find out more on the Front Row Forums -
1 min: The Storm kick off and Parramatta get first use of the ball. It's a good set for the Eels, making 70 metres before kicking deep into the in-goal area. Storm get the 20m tap.
1 min: Hinchcliffe hit hard by Lussick and Allgood in a big tackle.
2 min: First penalty here tonight against the Storm, for putting their hands all over the ball in the ruck. The Eels kick down field and will attack from within the 20m zone.
2 min: Possibly try to the Eels here - we're just checking the grounding...
Scored by Semi Radradra. Conversion attempt by Jake Mullaney unsuccessful.
And it's a TRY! Some quick ball movement from the right to the left sees Semi Radradra cross in the corner. It was a case of catch, draw and pass, and the winger finds a couple of metres to sneak down the sideline. Jake Mullaney attempts the kick from 20 metres out on the sideline, but pushes it well out to the right hand side.
Parramatta Eels 4-0
4 min: Cameron smith kicks off again, and the Eels bring it out off their own line.
5 min: Penalty against Reni Maitua now, for coming into the tackle too late. The referee had already called held, but Maitua joined anyway. The Storm kick down field, and then Proctor takes the tap.
6 min: Cameron Smith allowed to run here, and almost makes a break. On the last tackle Cronk rolls a grubber into the ingoal, and the Storm force a line drop-out.
7 min: A wobbly drop-out from the Eels, it dribbles over the 40 metre line, and Bromwich brings it back to the 30.
Scored by Ryan Hoffman. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
Proctor makes a break, but stumbles and is cleaned up. Two plays later the Storm sends the ball left, and Hoffman crosses for the Storm's first try of the afternoon. Smith, from 20 metres in from the sideline, adds the extras.
Melbourne Storm 6-4
11 min: Storm on attack again, but a lazy pass floats forward, and the Eels are let off the hook. Eels get the scrum feed from 15 metres out. Off the back of that Maurice Blair is penalised for being "a mile offside".
12 min: The Eels lose the ball forward at the end of that set, and the Storm will work it out from their 20 metre line. A quick draw and pass probably would have seen the Eels in open space.
13 min: Eels penalised for a grapple tackle now - Kelly is the offender.
Scored by Billy Slater. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith unsuccessful.
Another try for the storm here. A pinpoint kick from Cronk sails over the Eels' heads, and Sisa Waqa slows up and takes the ball on the full. He steps back inside, and then passes short to Billy Slater, who crosses for a four pointer. Smith, from 20 metres out, makes an absolute mess of the kick.
Melbourne Storm 10-4
17 min: And now the Eels are penalised for slowing down the play the ball. Tim Mannah doesn't like it, but the ref tells him where to go.
19 min: Cronk kicks for the left of the field this time, but the Eels defenders are up to the task. O'neill is then penalised, so the Eels get piggybacked out of their danger zone.
20 min: Cooper Cronk makes a big error, attempting a 40/20 from outside his 20, and putting it out on the full. The Eels get the ball in good field position, 30 metres from the tryline.
22 min: And a knock on from Radradra now - Smith kicks long into space, but the Eels winger can't take the ball cleanly. Melbourne get the scrum feed from 10 metres out.
23 min: Melbourne hot on attack here, but the Eels defense is up to it. Storm kick right on the last, but Radradra takes the ball above his head from within the in-goal, and the Eels get the tap.
24 min: Penalty against the Eels now. Some ugly passing around the ruck sees the ball go to ground, and an offside player dives on the loose ball.
25 min: Storm 2 metres out from the try line on the last, the kick in behind the line, and the Eels are forced to knock the ball dead.
27 min: Storm head right this time, and Cooper Cronk is wrestled to ground on the 4th. The following pass from Cameron Smith is forward, and the Eels breathe a sigh of relief.
27 min: Penalty against the Storm, and Roberts kicks for touch, but can't find the line. A costly mistake, as it sees the Storm back on attack in decent field position.
29 min: Storm send the ball right, but overrun the pass, and the ball heads over the sideline.
29 min: And for the first time in about 15 minutes, the Eels get down the opposite end of the ground. Billy Slater watches the ball as it rolls over the dead ball line.
32 min: A knock on against the Storm now. Hoffman trying to say that the eels have knocked the ball loose, but it was just a poor carry from Cameron Smith.
33 min: The Eels kick right through Luke Kelly - attempting to get his winger around the outside of the powerful Melbourne defense. But the kick was a poor one, and Slater watches it float over the sideline.
35 min: Penalty to Melbourne, yet again for the player laying all over the play the ball. Mannah objects, but is told that it's happening both ways, and the referees are tired of it.
36 min: Storm looking to increase their lead before the break - throwing everything at the Eels defense here.
Scored by Ryan Hoffman. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
And they're finally rewarded. A set play, as Cameron Smith fakes to kick and throws a long pass out to Finch. Finch passes short and puts Hoffman into a gap, who crosses for the second time today. Smith lines up the kick from left of the uprights, and this time puts it over the black dot.
Melbourne Storm 16-4
39 min: One minute out from halftime - the Eels kick off and the Storm bring it out of their end. On the 4th we see several long passes from left to right, before Cronk attempts to run around the outside of the Eels defense. He's hammered over the sideline, and the buzzer goes for half time.
40 min: Half time - and the scoreline is a bit closer to expectations after that late try to the Storm. The Storm have definitely looked off their game at times, however they've spent plenty of time at the Eels' end of the field. The Eels have done some good things as well, however they lack the polish and execution to convert into points.
41 min: Back underway in the second half. The Storm will be looking to pile on some points here today.
42 min: Jason Ryles attempts to charge down a kick and it hits him right in the top of the head, and he hits the ground hard. He's a bit shaken, but he can manage a bit of a wry grin.
43 min: And the Storm spread the ball left and Sisa Waqa runs his outside man off the side of the field. If Waqa had just have held the ball he probably would have scored the try.
44 min: And now the Storm make a massive break through O'Neill. He's tackled desperately just 1 metre from the tryline, but the Eels player lays too long on the tackled player and is given ten in the bin.
48 min:
Some terrible defense from the Eels sees Will Chambers score a try. Have the floodgates just opened? Smith converts, and gives the Storm the additional two points.
Melbourne Storm 22-4
48 min: The Eels are up against it now, with only 12 defenders in the line.
50 min: Hoffman makes a break this time. He has Cooper Cronk is support, but takes the tackle instead. On the last Billy Slater runs in circles, and the Storm are tackled for a changeover.
52 min: And now Chambers makes a break down the right of the field, before being dragged down. On the third, Slater steps Reni Maitua, and reaches out to put the ball over the tryline. We're going to the video referee, for a possible try - just need to check the grounding.
Scored by Billy Slater. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
And it's a try. Slater calls for the ball to the right of the ruck, steps twice, and then moves the ball from his right hand to his left to plant it down for the try. Smith converts the try, and the scoreline is beginning to blow out.
Melbourne Storm 28-4
Scored by Kenneath Bromwich. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
And not 1 minute later, Kenneath Bromwich backs up Will Chambers after a break down the right hand side of the field, and scores his first try in the NRL. Some beautiful work from Smith as well, holding the ball up to block the intercept attempt, before delivering the ball to Bromwich for the try. Smith adds the extras.
Melbourne Storm 34-4
57 min: Eels penalised here in the very next set. Smith kicks for touch and finds an additional 20 metres, and the Storm restart the next set from the halfway line.
Scored by Billy Slater. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
And now Slater gets his third. The floodgates are well and truly open now. Slater's footwork and speed creates a try out of nothing, and he crosses under the posts. Smith doesn't make a mistake, and adds another 2 points.
Melbourne Storm 40-4
60 min: And now the Eels kick out over the sideline on the full from the kick off. The Storm get the penalty from the half way line, and will take the tap from 30 metres out.
62 min: Storm can't score of the resulting set, and on the next play the Eels get a penalty for the Storm being lazy in the play the ball.
65 min: Parramatta on attack from within the Storm 10 metre line - Sio seems to be unmarked on the side, but his centre doesn't want to know about him, and takes the tackle.
65 min: On the last, the Eels kick high into the right side of the in-goal, but the Storm defuse the bomb and get the 20m tap.
65 min: On the last, the Eels kick high into the right side of the in-goal, but the Storm defuse the bomb and get the 20m tap.
67 min: Storm kick high at the end of the next set, with Slater sprinting through to put pressure on - but Mullaney comes up with the ball.
68 min: Morgan makes a break down the left hand side of the field - a gain of almost 70 metres in that set. The ball goes right on the last, Toutai puts the ball on the toe, but Slater watches it dribble over the dead ball line.
Scored by Tim Glasby. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
The Storm run 80 metres from the 20m tap, and Tim Glasby fights off defenders and scores a try just right of the posts. Smith converts.
Melbourne Storm 46-4
72 min: And not to be outdone, Jesse Bromwich crosses the line. We're checking for a possible obstruction, but it looks to be a try to me.
Scored by Jesse Bromwich. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
Yep, it's a try. Bromwich scores, and Smith converts to further increase the lead.
Melbourne Storm 52-4
Scored by Will Chambers. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful.
Will Chambers' turn now, sprinting in behind the line, after a short ball from Cronk, and scoring under the posts. Cameron Smiths snaps another easy conversion over the posts.
Melbourne Storm 58-4
78 min:
In some of the weakest defense I've ever seen, the Storm get another try. They sweep down the right of the field via Chambers, and then send it left to Maurice Blair. Blair stumbles, but the Eels fail to make the tackle. Blair passes to O'Neill, and O'Neill beats three defenders to dive over the line. Smith attempts the kick from wide out left, and converts.
Melbourne Storm 64-4
79 min: One more set for Melbourne - expect a cross field kick or some other magic...
80 min: And that's full time. The Storm really amassed some points in the second half, putting the Eels to the sword in an 11 try performance. Slater scored three tries, Hoffman got a double, and Will Chambers was involved in everything.