Storm snatch victory from determined Rabbitohs


Melbourne Storm has snatched a victory late in the match against the Rabbitohs in Gosford tonight, defeating them by 12-8.

Souths started the game with grim determination which didn't let up for almost the whole of the game. Unfortunately when it did, the Storm seized their opportunities, and made the home side pay.

No points were scored in the game until the last ten minutes of the first half when the Rabbitohs went across for two tries, one a freakish pass round his back from the Rabbitohs 5/8 Ben Rogers to get Yileen Gordon across out wide.

The Rabbitohs were up 8-0 at the break, and looked dead set on stopping the Storm from scoring with some bruising tackles and excellent cover defence.

And until the 59th minute of the match, they held fast, and they held true. However, the ever patient Storm took their chances when they could, and took them well.

The inclusion of Israel Folau into the match a definite advantage to Melbourne on attack, Folau scoring what was to be the match winning try in the 73rd minute.

Unlucky for Souths tonight, they looked the better side for the majority of the game but in the end the Storm did enough to win.

Round 17 - Full Time :: July 7th, 2007 05:30 PM Venue: Bluetongue Stadium Referee: Jared Maxwell

South Sydney Rabbitohs 8 Tries: Yileen Gordon, Nathan Merritt Goals: Nathan Merritt (0/2)

Melbourne Storm 12 Tries: Matt King, Israel Folau Goals: Cameron Smith (2/2) Player of the Match 3 Points: Cameron Smith 2 Points: Paul Mellor 1 Point: Nigel Vagana

League Unlimited Live Commentary: Good crowd building at Gosford for this match. The return of Billy Slater for Melbourne will certainly boost their backline. A standing ovation for Peachey as the Rabbitohs run out.

1 min: Merritt kicks off for the Rabbitohs

2 min: A high kick to Slater looked to be taken by the Rabbitohs to score. Knock on ruled against Merritt.

6 min: Both sides looked determined. A good start to the game by the two teams.

9 min: The Rabbitohs having the first real chance in the match. The defence of the Storm up to the task at this stage.

12 min: A cross field bomb is perfectly weighted as Peachey goes high but unfortunately knocks on in goal.

15 min: The Rabbitohs blow a certain try as a breakaway by Mellor sets them up. Smith drops the pass.

21 min: The Storm with their first real chance and looking dangerous on their line.

22 min: A cross field bomb on the fifth tackle by Smith looks to have Chambers over the line for the Storm but the video ref rules 'no try' , knocked on and the score remain nil all.

25 min: Some hard tackles being put in by the Rabbitohs, the crowd really into the match.

29 min: The last three kicks on attack by the Storm have gone up high, and been diffused easily, caught in goal.

31 min: The ref warning both sides about the niggles around the ruck area.

31 min: TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs A stunning round the back pass by Rogers to Gordon has him over the line for the Rabbitohs. Great pass! Conversion attempt by Nathan Merritt unsuccessful. South Sydney Rabbitohs 4-0

35 min: A break by Slater sees the Storm hot on attack. A flying Turner grabs the pass by Slater and is sensationally mowed down by Mellor and in support, Vagana.

37 min: TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs Following a penalty, the Rabbitohs put the ball through the line with Rogers once again allowed to get around his man and set Merritt up out wide. Conversion attempt by Nathan Merritt unsuccessful. South Sydney Rabbitohs 8-0

HALFTIME: An impressive first half by the Rabbitohs to have the competition leaders 8-0 down at the break.

41 min: Smith kicks off for the Storm to get the second half underway.

44 min: Goaline dropout for the Storm early in the half.

47 min: Awesome defence by Souths as they defend back to back sets by the Storm.

51 min: The Rabbitohs keeping the pressure on the visitors who at times look lost on attack.

55 min: Melbourne seems to have no show tonight in scoring as the Souths defenders seem hellbent on keeping them at zero. Outstanding defence smothering any Storm attack.

57 min: A beautifully weighted kick followed up by 5 Storm defenders, and the Storm have another goaline dropout.

59 min: TRY Melbourne Storm The Storm finally get on the scoreboard. A high kick and King out jumps the opposition to score. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful. South Sydney Rabbitohs 8-6

63 min: Two hard tackles by Vagana and he finishes off the second with blood pouring from his forehead following a head clash with Luke. Both players to the sideline with blood. The ref not restarting the game for quite a while, Vagana managing to be bandaged up and back on the field in the meantime.

63 min: Goal line dropout for the Storm

64 min: Once again the Rabbitohs defence holds true.

70 min: The Storm have just about thrown all they can at the Rabbitohs but you get the feeling the momentum is swinging towards the home side yet again.

70 min: White aided from the field with what looks to be a serious leg injury after a defender fell on it.

73 min: TRY Melbourne Storm The Storm aided in most by Slater at dummy half, get down the field with ease. A perfect banana kick by Aubusson is nabbed by Folau to score. Conversion attempt by Cameron Smith successful. Melbourne Storm 12-8

77 min: We know the Storm are an 80 minute side, let's hope the Rabbitohs can match them

78 min: Goal line dropout to the Rabbitohs

79 min: Another goal line dropout to Souths.

80 min: Asotasi loses the ball forward in a tackle. The crowd is silent almost.

FULLTIME: The Storm somehow snatch the victory away from a determined Souths team tonight. Jubilation for Melbourne, major disappointment for the Rabbitohs.