Storm strike back: Knights are

Melbourne Storm players yesterday hit back at accusations they are again using the so-called ?grapple? tackle.

NRL Referees boss Robert Finch, concerned by a number of incidents where the illegal tackle was used, sent video footage to Storm coach Craig Bellamy yesterday.

The footage includes six alleged incidents of the grapple tackle being used by Storm players during Sunday?s match against the Newcastle Knights.

Knights? coach Michael Hagan requested that Finch review the footage, describing the tackles, which target the head, as dangerous.

But Storm front-rower Robbie Kearns, who said he had not seen the footage, denied there was a problem.

?The Knights won the game but are still whingeing,? Kearns told The Daily Telegraph newspaper. ?It's like crying over spilt milk,? the former Test forward said.

?I'm really surprised they have made a big issue of this.?

?I can't remember a tackle in the game that could be deemed as a grapple. They said there are six incidents ? I'd like to see them.?

Finch forwarded on a copy of the video to the Storm today.

Kearns said the Knights had gone ?over the top?, and that it set a precedent, making it difficult for referees in the future to determine what a grapple tackle is.

But Hagan said he is not concerned by what the Storm players have said.

?[The grapple] is a dangerous tackle but I don't want to say anything further,? he said. Storm captain Stephen Kearney is also confused by the Knights? claims.

?Nothing was mentioned about this during the game from the referee,? Kearney said.

Newcastle players were seen complaining to referee Shayne Hayne during Sunday?s match about the Storm?s tackling technique.