Storm strike down Sea Eagles

The Melbourne Storm have hit back after their last start loss with a  26-22 victory over the Manly Sea Eagles at Brookvale Oval in front of 12,106 fans.

A scoring spree in the latter stages of the first half for the Sea Eagles hold a 18-12 point lead at the break. However, the Storm class was too strong as they out-gunned Manly in the second half.

A quick start from the Storm saw Todd Lowrie collect a great Melbourne try as Justin O'Neill raced 80 metres to link up with his lock-forward. Cameron Smith added the extras to give the Storm an 6-0 lead after 8 minutes.

Captain Cameron Smith was shifted into the halves as part of a number of changes for the Storm. Smith's shift saw him bust up points through the middle of the field. The Storm asserted their domination early with a 12 point lead after 15 minutes.

It took almost half-an-hour for the Manly side to post points. However, in a controversial call from the video referee in 28th minute, produced a green light for the home side. The try was awarded to Daly Cherry-Evans after he retrived a ball which was stripped from him by Ryan Hoffman. 

Manly started their roll as they scored two four-pointers before the half time break. The first thanks to the speed of Brett Stewart who raced through off a lovely kick off the boot of Jamie Lyon. 

The Sea Eagles started to fly again just before the break with Jorge Taufua running back on the angle to claim Manly's third try of the night. As the siren sounded at half time, Manly were in front with an 18-12 lead over the Storm.

Despite the late first half raid from Manly, the Storm returned from the break firing. It was all class from the Storm as they ran riot in the second half to claim a further three tries.

Bryan Norrie lived a front-rower forward's dream as he glided through to picked up the loose ball to score. Wonderful skills from the big man to lock the game at 18-all with the Smith conversion.

The high-flying Matt Duffie, true to his style leapt high to contest a Cooper Cronk kick and planted it down to bring up the lead after 60 minutes. The Storm ahead 24-18.

A penalty goal added a buffer to the score line as Smith slot the two points inside the final 10 minutes. Storm 26-18.

Down, but not out were the Sea Eagles as they had the final say in the contest as the hooter drew near. Dean Whare slid over the goal line off a lovely cut out ball from Kieran Foran to close out the match. However it was too late, with the full time score in favour of the visiting Storm, 26-22.

After the tough loss the Sea Eagles fly to Allianz Stadium to face the confident Sydney Roosters, meanwhile, the Storm head north to Virgin Australia Stadium in Mackay to battle it out with the Bulldogs. It will be a massive game between the two highest placed teams in the competition at the moment. 

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 22 were defeated by Melbourne Storm 26
National Rugby League - Round 15 - Monday June 18, 2012 7:00pm
Venue: Brookvale Oval
Referee: Tony Archer and Jared Maxwell
Video Referee: Paul Simpkins
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Jason Walsh
Crowd: 12,106
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 18 Melbourne Storm 12 players of the match:
3 Points - Cameron Smith (1 Try, 4 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal)
2 Points - Todd Lowrie (1 Try)
1 Point - Cooper Cronk

Manly Sea Eagles (22)
Tries: Brett Stewart, Dean Whare, Daly Cherry-Evans , Jorge Taufua
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (3/4)

Melbourne Storm (26)
Tries: Todd Lowrie, Cameron Smith, Bryan Norrie, Matt Duffie
Conversions: Cameron Smith (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Cameron Smith (1/1) Live Commentary Good evening League fans and welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night football from Brookvale Oval as the Manly Sea Eagles host the Melbourne Storm.

Team changes: Storm - Kevin Proctor returns from a hamstring injury after being sidelined for four weeks.

With Billy Slater ruled out due to injury picked up in Origin, Matt Duffie will replace him at fullback. As a result, Justin O'Neill shifts to the wing with Todd Lowrie moving into the centres. Sika Manu will fill-in at lock-forward.

Jaiman Lowe and Maurice Blair drop off the extended bench.

Manly will be 1-17, no changes.
We are moments away from this massive Monday night clash. Both sides making their way out
1 min: WE ARE GO! Storm kick off to get us UNDERWAY
1 min: Manly complete their first set with a great set, kick on the last one sees the ball roll dead. Storm earn a 20 metre optional restart.
3 min: Penalty to Manly for the Storm holding down in the ruck. Free kick taken and they attack deep in the Storm half
5 min: KNOCK ON! Manly spreading the ball right to left and Matt Duffie jumped out of the line and knocked it down. Manly applying the pressure through a scrum feed on the Storm 10 metre line.
6 min: KNOCK ON! Melbourne's line defence holding strong so far. Manly pushing the long passing across field and Michael Oldfield on the near side unable to take the ball and knocks on.
8 min: TRY
TRY! Melbourne Storm
Todd Lowrie scores a lovely Melbourne try as Justin O'Neill created the play to run 80 metres before linking with Lowrie. The Storm off to flying start as Cameron Smith adds the extras from the conversion
Melbourne Storm 6-0
10 min: Great set from the Storm on the back of points. Gareth Widdop off the kick showed great chase and forced Brett Stewart in goal. Storm have another shot at the Manly line through a drop out.
11 min: A lovely pick up from Foran who picked up the grubber off the boot of Widdop. Manly holding on and not cracking at the line.
13 min: Penalty to the Storm against Foran for laying in the ruck too long for the referee's liking. Kick for touch taken which will see the Storm have a full set inside the Manly 30 metre zone.
15 min: TRY
TRY! Melbourne Storm
Cameron Smith with a simple line break through the Manly defence sees him collect an easy four-pointer. It's been all the Storm in the last few minutes. Smith converts his own try to extend the lead to 12 points.
Melbourne Storm 12-0
19 min: A better set from Manly as they looked to spread the ball and their defence will need to be good to hold the Storm deep in their own half.
20 min: Cameron Smith under no pressure able to kick downfield between defenders and the chasers meet Manly on the 20 metre line.
21 min: Penalty to Manly on the Storm line. Storm not releasing the tackled player. Massive chance for points here.
22 min: Video Referee Decision for Brett Stewart. Glenn with a great pass.
22 min: NO TRY! Brett Stewart spun his way over the goal line but Ryan Hoffman is wonderful cover gin defence held up him. Red lights shown for Manly, one final play for Manly here.
23 min: Kick on the last play sees the ball forced dead by the Storm. Another shot at the line for the Sea Eagles through a line drop out.
24 min: Another Manly penalty for the Storm not clearing the ruck quick enough. Another set deep in the Storm half, attacking 20 metres out.
24 min: TIME OFF! Daly Cherry-Evans is downs with a possible neck injury
24 min: DCE will play the ball following a head clash. Manly still with 4 tackles in the set.
25 min: The pressure released by the Storm as Manly knock the ball on through quick passing. Scrum feed 10 metres out from their own line.
26 min: Even worse for Manly as they concede a penalty. Storm kick for touch and will have a set from the Manly 40 metre line.
26 min: KNOCK ON! Siosaia Vave attempted to get the ball free and offload to a teammate knocks on. Scrum feed for Manly on their 20 metre line.
27 min: Video Referee Decision for DCE. Stewart made a lovely break, looking at the grounding
27 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
Daly Cherry-Evans gets the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT as he was ruled not to have knocked on as Ryan Hoffman knocked the ball free. Jamie Lyon converts from in front to close the gap to 6 points.
Melbourne Storm 12-6
30 min: Massive call from Jared Maxwell, Storm not ruled to have played at the ball as the pass when off line. Storm come away with the change over on the 10 metre line.
32 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
Brett Stewart races through the line and grabs a get four-pointer off the kick downfield. Jamie Lyon converts for Manly.
12 all
36 min: KNOCK ON! Glenn Stewart taking on the line and looked for an offload but knocked on. Storm come up with the ball on the zero tackle.
36 min: TIME OFF, major concern for Glenn Stewart who is down with a knee injury.
36 min: Glenn Stewart is back on his feet but is being assisted by two trainers. Doesn't look good. In the tackle of the Storm player Stewart's left leg got caught under him and fell awkwardly.
37 min: Kick downfield from the Storm off the boot of Cooper Cronk which finds the sideline but not before a touch from Manly. Scrum feed packs down for the Storm who will have a chance for points 10 metres out.
37 min: Ryan Hoffman leapt for the ball off the kick and forced it dead. Manly come away with the ball through a 20 metre restart.
39 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
Jorge Taufua running back on the angle off a lovely inside ball and scores without a hand on him. Jamie Lyon converts to make it a 6 point lead at the break.
Manly Sea Eagles 18-12
40 min: HALF TIME here at Brookvale Oval sees Manly ahead by 6 points over the Storm, 18-12. It has been a close battle for the last part of the first half. The Storm had a quick start but Manly mounted pressure and posted points. It will be a similar story in the second half.
Second half about to get underway here at Brookie. There is no injury update on Glenn Stewart. Manly will kick off to start the second 40.
41 min: Time is blown on and the second half is underway.
45 min: Cherry-Evans stabs the kick downfield and finds the touchline to give his side a rest. Scrum feed for the Storm on their 10 metre line
49 min: Video Referee Decision for the Storm. Bryan Norrie claiming a great front-rowers try
50 min: TRY
TRY! Melbourne Storm
Bryan Norrie gets the green lights on a try he would only dream of as a front-row forward. Norrie with great hands glides in and picks up the ball and scores. Wonderful little kick from the Storm to get their three try of the night. Cam Smith converts to lock the game again.
18 all
52 min: The ball from Manly beats everyone over the touchline. Scrum feed packs down for the Storm 15 metres out from their line. Manly showing some good signs second half but unable to capitalise on it.
54 min: Jason Ryles gives away a penalty for holding down Jamie Buhrer too long in the tackle. Manly from the free kick have the ball 30 metres out from the Storm line.
55 min: The pressure too much for the Manly side as the give up possession, Storm have it on the zero tackle 10 metre out.
OFFICIAL CROWD at Brookvale Oval: 12,106
57 min: Jamie Buhrer gives away a penalty now for holding up the ruck play. Storm have a full set from halfway off the kick for touch.
60 min: TRY
TRY! Melbourne Storm
Cooper Cronk kicks to the in goal area and in typical fashion Matt Duffie leapt high to the air and pluck it out to ground it. Wonderful stuff from the outside back as the Storm hit the lead. Cam Smith nails the kick from out wide to make it a 6 point gap
Melbourne Storm 24-18
60 min: A shocker of a kick across field from the Storm gives Manly possession on their 10 metre line.
62 min: Great defence however from the Storm who force Manly to complete the set from their 40 metre line, Manly only making 30 metres in the set. The kick not the best to end the set as Widdop takes it on the full 40 metres from his line.
63 min: Penalty to Manly for Jason Ryles running an obstruction play to block the Manly players from getting to the run of Cooper Cronk. Manly go on the attack 30 metres from the Storm line.
64 min: Great defence from the Storm to hold out the Manly players, Cherry-Evans didn't get the best kick off and easily cleaned up by Widdop under the sticks.
64 min: Time off here, Jason King is on REPORT for a high shot on the Storm's Todd Lowrie. Penalty to the Storm to help them out of their own 10 metre zone. As a result of the hit, the Storm get a free interchange as Lowrie is replaced.
65 min: Justin O'Neill on the last tackle leapt for the ball and came down with it a metre short of the line. No points for his great take in the air. Manly have possession deep in their own half.
66 min: George Rose took a run into Hoffman and slipped over. Not the best kick off the boot of Cherry-Evans. Storm with the ball on their 40 metre line.
67 min: Jorge Taufua in open space and is chased down by Widdop around the legs. But next play the Storm intercept and Duffie streaks away over halfway. All action stations here.
68 min: After all that a penalty goes to the Storm for Jamie Buhrer ruled offside. Chance to close off the game here with their attack only 30 metres out.
70 min: Penalty to the Storm for Ryan Hoffman pulled off the ball before the pass got to him. They will take a shot at two points.
PENALTY GOAL! Melbourne Storm
A questionable penalty, however the Storm opt to extend the lead with the penalty goal off the boot of Cam Smith. It's good and the Storm make it an 8 point lead
Melbourne Storm 26-18
73 min: A massive kick with no space on the blind side managed to get a kick downfield which ended up touch in goal. Storm get a 20 metre tap as a result.
76 min: Massive play from the Manly side as they started throwing the ball around. Cameron Smith in the middle of the field able to dive on the ball before Manly could cause damage.
78 min: KNOCK ON! Matt Duffie knocked it on in the tackle of Jamie Lyon. Massive chance for Manly here to come within two points as they pack a scrum feed 20 metre out.
79 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
Dean Whare scores off sliding ball play from Manly through the hands of Foran. Little too late for Manly as they will be defeated. Jamie Lyon fails to convert as the siren sounds.
Melbourne Storm 26-22
80 min: FULL TIME at Brookvale Oval: Melbourne Storm 26 defeat Manly Sea Eagles 22 in front 12,106 fans.

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