Suncorp Will Always Be Home Sweet

The Broncos like their flash new Suncorp Stadium address but they'd be happier playing on days where they can make enough to pay the rent.

Chief executive Bruno Cullen said Brisbane would soon approach the National Rugby League and its telecasters Channel 9 and Fox with a strong case for playing more Sunday games.

He said the difference between a Saturday night and Sunday NRL blockbuster could be up to 15,000 people or $500,000 in lost income.

Brisbane left ANZ Stadium in June, returning to a re-vamped Milton stadium.

But so far it's been a poor return for fans, with just one win from six games, and poor financially for the Broncos with their only Sunday game pulling 46,337.

They played the defending champion Sydney Roosters on a Friday night and got 28,028 bums on seats, supporting Cullen's claims of the significant downturn.

Saturday night's showdown with Parramatta clashes with Brisbane's River Festival, tipped to attract more than 250,000 spectators.

Brisbane have not signed a long-term lease to play games at Suncorp Stadium but there's really no alternative.

"We're disappointed with the results obviously, but the stadium has nothing to do with that," said Cullen.

"As far as crowds go, we've been reasonably happy.

"But we believe we could do a lot better if allocated more favourable time slots.

"Saturday afternoon or Saturday nights are not good for the Broncos.

"We are going to try and talk to the people who allocate games (NRL, Channel 9 and Fox).

"We need to know why they do things just as they need to know how those decisions affect our business.

"We need to make the income, it's our major source of income.

"We need to make the money, whether that's through some form of compensation grant or through the gate by putting games on at times when the fans want to come.

"We've got this wonderful stadium there, we've got to try and fill it."

Cullen ruled out a return to ANZ Stadium where the Broncos left behind an amazing 80 per cent strike rate, losing just 22 games in 10 years.

"At the end of the day the Broncos are going to play at Suncorp," said Cullen.

"But we'd like all parties to come up with an agreement that's satisfactory to all and shares the spoils evenly.

"Until we get one that's satisfactory to us, we won't be able to sign off on it.

"If we have to go through a game by game rental or whatever to get to where we want to be, that's the way we'll go."