Terry Lamb will not be coaching the
Tigers next year.

After an emergency board meeting, the Wests Tigers have decided not to offer coach Terry Lamb a new contract at years end.

Lamb will serve out the remainder of the year at the helm of the Tigers NRL side, but after seasons end he?ll be looking for a new job. Many people have considered the Tigers to be under achievers since the Magpies and Tigers merged. Some put it down to having coaches with no experience in Wayne Pearce and Terry Lamb respectively.

The Tigers are yet to appoint a new coach, but the front runner at this stage is Broncos assistant coach Craig Bellamy. Bellamy does lack experience to a point, he has only coached a first grade side once, but has been super coach Wayne Bennett?s assistant for long enough to know how to get the job done.

Lamb leaves behind a club with plenty of potential, lets just hope they find the right man to tap into it.