Thank You (Newtown V Balmain) from
Balmain supporters

Posted: 22 Jun 2002 08:15 Post subject: Thank You (Newtown V Balmain)

Just wanted to post a message thanking and praising everyone involved in the Newtown club,

Even though the result was an absolutely terrible one, I for one had a fantastic afternoon out at Henson today.

Was just a shame there was only the First Division game on.

Anyone who is thinking of heading to a few NSWRL games this year must make Henson one of the games they plan to attend. Newtown put on a great day of Suburban footy. _________________ BALMAIN TIGERS 2002 & BEYOND

Newtown & Henson Park I would like to congratulate the Newtown Jets club & its supporters on an outstanding effort & atmosphere on Saturday. It is good to see that there are people out there that still support a Rugby League club on the basis of tradition & pride.

I really enjoyed the day at Henson Park & will be heading back there are often as possible.

Hopefully we will come back next time & claim a victory...