That'll do Gordy, that'll do

That’ll do Gordy, that’ll do.

Gorden Tallis. 17 origins, 8 tests and 1 as Captain, 266 first grade games, 2 premierships, 1998 Clive Churchill Medallist and a member of the Indigenous Team of the Century. They didn’t call him the Raging Bull for nothing and if you remember watching Gorden’s eyes glaze over when he ran onto a footy field, you’ll remember why they did. Gorden Tallis can say whatever he likes, whenever likes.

This brings us to Gorden’s eruption regarding New South Wales captain Paul Gallen’s run-in with Nate Myles in Origin 1. We can call it an eruption because Tallis is letting fly with a red hot burning tongue and not leaving any New South Welshman untouched. The focus of his ire is Gallen.

To paraphrase – Tallis has essentially accused Gallen of being a cheap shot merchant, questioning his ethics. GT has told everyone who will listen that the attack on Myles was unfair because, at the time of contact, two other blues’ forwards already had Myles held down in a tackle. He then says that punches were then thrown when Nate’s arms were down. Not done yet, when responses made it clear that Gallen was seeking revenge, Tallis changed his tune and asked why Gallen didn’t attack when the initial crimes were committed.

Playground arguing at its best.

We’ve now realised that Tallis is not making any sense, so considering the history of origin and his own history, we must ask why this kind of reaction from one of the most aggressive forwards ever to play league? Easy one.

Tallis is very much aware that his Queensland forwards were completely outplayed last Wednesday night and his attack on the blues’ captain is nothing more than a smokescreen. We aint talking about how good origin is or how well NSW played are, we are too busy talking about Gorden. Smart move by Tallis. He is taking the attention away from the Maroons and Mal after a sub-par performance from the best origin team ever assembled.

His contrived outbursts also act as a distraction for NSW, who should be focussing on nothing else except being 80 minutes away from holding up the Origin shield for the first time in 8 years. We now find ourselves consumed with a discussion about ‘who started it’, rather than, ‘let’s finish it”. The Blues will need to shift focus quickly because the Maroons are still a bloody good football team and Origin II is just around the corner.

A tip of the hat to Tallis for protecting his beloved QLD but one can’t help but feel like Laurie Daley, Trent Barrett, Jim Dymock and the rest of the New South Wales squad know exactly what’s going on. One can’t also help but feel like Tallis is minutes away from giving up this sham and actually assuming his former on-field personality. That look in the eye is still there and the bull still rages on but this one is getting boring, Gordy.