The Best Time of Year

Origin time makes me shake. I get that filled up with anticipation that by kickoff time, I can hardly hold my beer steady. Most of my mates are the same, which is one of the reasons I always watch it out in the backyard. Ahhh..State of Origin night, one of only 5 nights of the year when police ignore noise complaints. When there is more beer sold, than any other day of the year. Not bad for the middle of Winter. Mates of mine that aren?t as obsessed with Origin as the majority of posters in this forum are, often ask me to explain what it is about Origin football that makes it tick. I have always replied with, ?You give me a word, any word, and I?ll describe how that word fits into Origin history. So here we go: Hunger- Billy Moore Passion- There?s an old tale that Trevor Gillmeister tells regarding the 1995 camp before the 1st origin match of which he was captain. They were all sitting in the room together and a few of the old legends were telling the young blokes what it meant to them to play for Queensland. Fatty asked Choppy Close to step forward, so he did. He was about 5 words into his speech before he choked up with tears and couldn?t go on. The axe says that a young Robbie O leaned over to him from the chair behind and said ?Give me the bloody Guernsey; I?m ready to play now!? Doubt- It was quite clear that most centre combinations that faced Mal Meninga and Gene Miles in the early 80?s had doubt running through their head, every time these blokes touched the ball Judgment- Michael O?Connor. Whether judging the right time to step an opponent or the angle at which to place the ball for a sideline kick in the rain Desire- At some stage of the Origin campaign every diehard fan watching the match at home desires to be out on the field, giving it all for their state Pain- Paul Bowman playing on one leg, Michael Devere getting his head stapled on the field. The last 5 minutes of any origin game. Golden point extra time. But by far, the biggest pain comes when the reality sets in that your team has lost the series, and it will be 12 months before they get the chance to make amends. Sorrow- RIP Peter Jackson, one of the true passionate greats Adrenaline- Gorden Tallis V Bill Harrigan 2000 can?t name a person watching that match that the adrenaline didn?t affect. Wally Lewis V Mark Geyer 1991 another moment when men and women of all ages rose and screamed at either Lewis or Geyer. Contact- Cement v Queensland, The Axe v New South Wales Aggression- The Tallis tackle on Hodgson. Any number of tackles or elbows thrown by Les Boyd. Eric Grothe up the sideline. Jamie Goddard decking bargearse. Sadness- Thursday morning after a loss, getting out of bed, buying the local rag and reading the wash-up. Complete- Brett Kenny Error- 10 metres out from your own goal line. In any other game, this means try time. In origin, it means work,work,work. Magician- Walter Lewis Mistake- Phil Duke, Justin Hodges Blockbuster- 1991 Series. 2 Points separated the sides over the whole series Therapy- Before the game XXXX, after a loss, professional help is needed. Tight- 1st Game 1995 Queensland 2 def NSW 0 Blowout- 3rd game 2000 NSW 56 def Qld 16, Revenge- 1st Game 2001 Qld 34 def NSW16, Huge- Webke, Sironen, Roach, Harrogan, Backo, Clyde, Mason, Alfie?s heart Necessity- Hate

Stuff State Vs State, Mate Vs Mate??????.For me in this 26TH!!!!!!! Year of origin???A fact that seems to have been hidden cleverly by the marketers that missed the boat last year??.,It?s HATE V HATE?.Lets get back to basics. You know we don?t like you Cockroaches. You?re a state full off self righteous bludgers that hate to admit when we have superior players than you do. When you defeat us, you call for a miniscule amount of representation in the Australian team for the Queensland players. When you lose, you do the big back flip and say that Origin form isn?t the major contributing factor for selection. For Christ sakes even after we?d won 4 out of the first 5 SoO matches, you still had more Cockroaches in the Invincibles than Cane toads. Get a dog up ya !!!! Cockroach mongrels!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUEENSLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUEENSLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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