The Cap Remains The Same

The NRL has ruled out salary cap changes for next season.

NRL chief executive David Gallop said after their two-day annual conference concluded on Thursday that the salary cap would remain at $3.7 million per team in 2004 due to concerns over the effect of a NSW poker machine tax.

Gallop said the NRL would conduct a thorough investigation of salary cap issues in the first part of 2004 but there was no suggestion of a change next season.

However, he said the NRL was "still looking" at changes for 2005.

"We've certainly talked about it today but there won't be changes to the cap for 2004," he said at the conference which featured all NRL club chief executives.

"We are still looking at 2005 but there is a concern we need to be in a position for the clubs to be able to afford an increase.

"And there's a bit of nervousness about that at the moment.

"It wouldn't be a huge increase if there was to be an increase, it's difficult at the moment because there is some uncertainty about just how big an impact the tax will have."

And Gallop also said the NRL was not concerned about the Rugby World Cup's recent success leading into the 2004 season.

"We are into it 365 days a year every year, and their event is over now," he said.

"Obviously it was a great event but we are just looking forward to getting into the week in, week out intensity of rugby league.

"There's a good level of harmony in our game at the moment and everyone is eagerly anticipating 2004."