The clash of the Titans at

The Broncos finally get their first win at the new Suncorp Stadium when they downed the Roosters in a very tough battle by 10 - 8.

15 players in this match had backed up from the State of Origin match two nights ago, although at times that was hard to believe.

Great scrambling defence by both sides kept the scoring to a minimum with the obvious play makers being shut out of the game.

The Roosters went 8-0 up early in the match, led at halftime by 8-4 but top marks must go to the Brisbane for fighting all the way.

The try to Civoniceva (pictured) for the Broncos not only turned out to be the match winner, but the six points resulting were the only points from either side in the second half.

A game of errors, yes, but when two great sides play defensively so well, then errors go with the territory. One of the best games in the competition so far this year in the NRL competition, in my opinion. A real nail biter til the end.

Scorers: BRONCOS 10 Tries: Tallis, Civoniceva Goals: De Vere (1/2) defeated ROOSTERS 8 Tries: Minichiello Goals: Fitzgibbon (1/1), Crocker (1/2)

Friday 27 June 2003 7:30 PM Suncorp Stadium Referee: Tim Mander

Leagueunlimited players of the match:

3 - G Tallis (Broncos) 2 - S Webcke (Broncos) 1 - L Ricketson (Roosters)

By the clock:

Two nights after the second State of Origin match, the Broncos will be looking to make a point, and win their first home game at the revamped Suncorp Stadium

0 min: Kick off!

5th min: NEWS - Roosters all the way so far. 2 line dropouts already from under the Broncos sticks. Carroll (Broncos) injured his shoulder in a tackle but still on the field at this stage

6th min: TRY - Minichiello for Roosters. A penalty to the Roosters and the attack continues. The fifth tackle, Fittler puts up a high one and Minichiello jumps high and gets the points. Fitzgibbon converts the try. Roosters 6-0

8th min: NEWS - Fitzgibbon (Roosters) to the sideline, twisting his knee in a tackle. He's able to put weight on it so may return later in the match

11th min: NEWS - Back to back penalties help the Broncos finally to the right end of the field. Close to scoring on the 4th tackle, but great defence stops any chance. Berrigan puts it high on the fifth and Kelly can't quite get the ball cleanly and knocks on in goal. 6-0 to the Roosters still

14th min: NEWS - A lot of ground made by Brisbane. Tate (Broncos) gets caught in almost a high shot by Hegarty but kept going and nearly scores in the corner with Roosters defenders all over him, but the video ref rules a double movement. Penalty awarded to the Broncos for Fittler being offside but the chance is lost by a knock on

18th min: NEWS - Fitzgibbon (Roosters) will not return with his injury to be assessed tomorrow

19th min: PENALTY GOAL - Crocker for Roosters. Webcke penalised for coming in late in a tackle. Crocker from 35 metres out and 20 metres in from touch, has no trouble with the kick. Roosters 8-0

24th min: NEWS - Brisbane close to scoring yet again but no joy with the Roosters defence on song and Brisbane going backwards in their tackles

27th min: NEWS - Broncos once again have a try disallowed by the video ref. After a knock on and a penalty in their favour, the Broncos get close to the line. Fifth tackle, and Tallis looks to have scored after Minichiello tries to pick the ball up across the line. Deemed no try and it's play on for the Roosters with the lead still 8-0

35th min: NEWS - A few knock ons by both sides, but also some exciting football and brilliant defence by both sides

37th min: TRY - Tallis for Broncos. Three tackles and three goes at the line by the Broncos but the Roosters stop the movements. Finally Tallis does a little chip over the top, and manages to touch it down for the try, just beating Chris Walker to the ball, and giving him a bit of lip as well. De Vere from 5 metres in from the sideline, just misses the kick. Roosters 8-4

HALF TIME: A very defensive game which could just open up in the second half

45th min: NEWS - Broncos hot on attack from the break. Berrigan held up over the line, with Minichiello's arm just under the ball. A penalty from the scrum for the Broncos but an error in the play and the Roosters are away with their 4 point lead still intact

49th min: NEWS - Crocker for Roosters from 40 metres out following Gee being penalised in the tackle on Ricketson, misses the kick. Roosters 8-4

55th min: NEWS - Carroll (Broncos) flies down the right hand side of the field, just about to the line and Minichiello is there to stop the try, help arrives and Carroll is forced over the sideline

58th min: NEWS - The Roosters finally get close to scoring. Line dropout and it goes to the 5th tackle with Fittler putting the high kick to Kelly's corner who takes it well. Meyers (Broncos) off the field with blood streaming from his head after connecting with Webcke's elbow. No change in the score since halftime, Roosters 8-4

68th min: TRY - Civoniceva for Broncos. Uncharacteristic mistakes by the Roosters hand the Broncos a 2nd set of six right by their line. Throwing it around on the 1st tackle as if it was the last, the Broncos spread the tiring defence and the forwards hit the line. De Vere adds the 2 points from almost in front. Broncos 10-8

74th min: NEWS - Parker (Broncos) on report for a high shot on Finch. A bit of a breather for the Roosters

FULL TIME: A battle to the end with players from both sides dead on their feet. Broncos win 10-8