The Drought Continues: Cowboys Storm Home

Johnathan Thurston dominated in Townville tonight as the Cowboys handed the Warriors their third consecutive loss defeating them 30 points to 10 in front of a home crowd of 16,081.

The Warriors have not beaten the Cowboys in Townsville since 2002 and the trend did not change tonight as they were handed their biggest defeat of the season.

The Warriors hit the ground running and looked to have scored through Manu Vatuvai in the 4th minute only for video referee Chris Ward to deny the away side the early lead.

The Cowboys were over on the other end of the field only six minutes later courtesy of a clever cut out pass from Jonathon Thurston to winger Kalifa Fai-Fai Loa who scored in the corner. However
Thurston was unable to add the extras.

The home side continued to dominate the match, however Feleti Mateo opened up the defence in the 23rd minute. He offloaded the ball to James Maloney who scored under the post. Maloney added the extras to give the Warriors the lead.

The Cowboys hit back only four minutes later through Ashley Graham who scored in the corner. Thurston was unable to add the extras again and the Cowboys lead stayed at two.

Not to be outdone the Warriors hit back only six minutes later with young winger Shaun Johnson streaking 65 metres to score and hand the lead back to the away side. Maloney failed to add the extras and the scores remained unchanged for the remainder of the first 40.

It was mistakes galore early in the second half with both sides failed to mount pressure. The spell was finally broken in the 58th minute with Thurston crashing over to score after combining with Fai Fai Loa. Gavin Cooper took over kicking responsibilities but failed to add the extras.

The Cowboys were over again only two minutes later after some good ball playing from Jonathon Thurston who sent Tariq Sims over to score. Thurston resumed kicking duties only to fail to convert again.

It was all the home side in the final 15. They scored again through James Segeyaro in the 65th minute who dove over from dummy half. Cooper added the extras for the Cowboys to give them a 22-10 lead.

Another beautiful cut out pass from Jonathon Thurston in the 71st created a try for winger Fai Fai Loa who scored in the corner. Cooper failed to add the extras.

Seven minutes later Fai Fai created a try a for centre Ben Jones who scored the final points of the match. Ashley Graham attempted his hand at goal kicking duties only to fail to add the extras.

It was a deserved win for the Cowboys who are now only one point behind the competition leaders.

Match Details

North Queensland Cowboys 30 defeated New Zealand Warriors 10
National Rugby League - Round 15 - Saturday June 18, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Dairy Farmers Stadium
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Michael Wise
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy and Nick Morel
Crowd: 16,081
Halftime: North Queensland Cowboys 8 New Zealand Warriors 10 players of the match:
3 Points - Johnathan Thurston (1 Try)
2 Points - Kalifa Fai-Fai Loa (2 Tries)
1 Point - Shaun Johnson (1 Try)

North Queensland Cowboys (30)
Tries: Johnathan Thurston, Ashley Graham, Ben Jones, Tariq Sims, Kalifa Fai-Fai Loa (2), James Segeyaro
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (0/3), Ashley Graham (0/1), Gavin Cooper (1/3)

New Zealand Warriors (10)
Tries: James Maloney, Shaun Johnson
Conversions: James Maloney (1/2) Live Commentary Good Evening League fans to Townsville in North Queensland. A host of changes for the Cowboys with Scott Bolton out, Gavin Cooper takes his place in the back row and Will Tupou will take Cooper's centre spot. James Tamou out, Leeson Ah Mau replaces him in the run on side. Michael Morgan played toyota cup, Segeyaro and Isaak Ah Mau added to the bench. Whilst for the Warriors they are 1 through 17 as per program.

We are moments from kick off now, with both sides still in the dressing rooms. Whilst in Toyota Cup early tonight, the cowboys getting the better of the Warriors, 42-22.
The Warriors are the first team out, the crowd looking good at Dairy Farmers Stadium.
About 1 minute from Kick off now as the Cowboys run out onto the park to the delight of the home fans as their noise is now heard.
1 min: KICK OFF! Warriors will be the first team with the ball, as the Cowboys are kicking off. The men in pink with Matt Cecchin starts with Michael Wise having his refereeing debut with Chris James pulling out.
1 min: Warriors getting to a good start with a kick just inside the halfway. James Maloney with the kick missing the hands of Kalifa Faifai-Loa, as a result the ball going dead. Scrum feed on the Warriors 10 metre line for the Cowboys.
2 min: Good defence from the Warriors early as they held the Cowboys down in their own 30 metre zone, as the kick collected on the full by the Fish, Glen Fisiiahi
3 min: Injury concerns at the moment for Warrior Krisnan Inu. As a result Tariq Sims has been placed on report for a crusher tackle. Inu's head wasn't in a natural position thus the Warriors have the penalty and are on the attack
4 min: Perfect defence from the Cowboys, however on the last kick from the Warriors going cross field with the high one from Johson, the beast may of scored. Video Referee Decision.
4 min: Video Referee Says NO TRY! Hands in the tackle in the goals, Feleti Mateo and Manu Vatuvei having hands in there. No points. 20 metre tap for the Cowboys.
4 min: Penalty against James Maloney for committing to much in the ruck. The kick for touch a good on as the cowboys attack inside the 30 m of the warriors.
5 min: Knock on the call against the Cowboys, Dallas Johnson losing the ball in the tackle as he was brought to ground. Scrum to pack down to the Warriors, 10 metres from their line.
6 min: Double Knock on here. First knock on against Vatuvei, and the cowboys picked it up with bowen, played on ruled. But then he lost the ball. As a result the referee has said no advantage for the Cowboys and thus scrum packs inside the warriors 20m.
7 min: Miss guided at the line the Cowboys, end of the set with a change over for the Warriors. JT looking to create something on the last with Sims but not coming off.
8 min: A lot of pressure for the Warriors, a terrible kick from the Warriors on the last only going 10 metres. Collected by the Cowboys, but as a result of the short kick, warriors offside. Cowboys with the penalty.
10 min: TRY
A better attacking set on the goal line from the Cowboys, spreading the ball wide across the field from right to left. JT drawing the defence to make it 3 on 1 and pushed the pass to his winger in Fai-Fai Loa to dive over in the corner. JT has missed the goal from the sideline, the ball hitting the left upright.
North Queensland Cowboys 4-0
12 min: Early Competition Rate: Cowboys - 5/6 Warriors - 2/5
12 min: Strong set from the Cowboys, however the kick from Matt Bowen being charged down by the Warriors. Another set of six to the Cowboys, however they lost 30 metres.
13 min: JT trying to pop the pass on the inside to Sims, looked maybe forward but as result Sims knocked on. Scrum feed Warriors.
14 min: Penalty to the Warriors. They attack now inside the Warriors the Cowboys 30m line.
14 min: JT again in the action, he took on Steve Rapira close to the line and forced the ball out of his hands. Scrum feed on their own 10 metre line for the Cowboys. 4-2 the error count in favour of North Queensland.
15 min: Another charge down by the Warriors at the end of the set. Good defence of the Warriors. A low kick from Ray Thompson, forcing the scrum to the Cowboys as the low one hitting Feleti Mateo.
17 min: Cowboys at the end of the set get to the kick from JT going down to Kevin Locke. Crowd appealing a high shot, however ruled play on. Cowboys so far have been attacking the left side of the Warriors line.
19 min: Again the cowboys pushing the ball again. Video Referee Decision.
19 min: Video Referee says NO TRY! Double Movement the ruling at the line from Dallas Johnston. It was lovely lead up work from the Cowboys. Sims contesting the ball in the air with Kevin Locke, the ball was knocked backwards and found the hands of JT who handed the ball back on the inside to Johnston, but double movement the call. Penalty to the Warriors.
21 min: From the penalty, the Warriors finding their feet looking at the line as Simon Mannering going for a 20 metre run. On the last they created some second phase play, however it was all wrapped up by Matt Bowen off the kick. Cowboys attacking inside their own 10.
21 min: Interchange for the Warriors: Ben Matulino ON Russell Packer off.
22 min: TRY
Feleti Mateo going for a skipping run through the Cowboys line to beat Tariq Sims and Dallas Johnston was fended off in the process. Mateo popped the offload back on the inside for his half, and James Maloney run towards the post and scored. He converted his own try.
New Zealand Warriors 6-4
25 min: The Warriors from the try complete a good set after the points making it just over halfway and they got to a kick and under no pressure Matt Bowen collected the ball.
26 min: JT's kick on the last tackle a wobbly low one. going into the Warriors, it was lost by the Kiwi's and JT ended up with the ball again for a ZERO Tackle.
27 min: TRY Northern Storm
Out of dummy half and Aaron Payne throwing a long cut out pass to his winger Ashley Graham and he drived over the line for points. Both wingers collecting tonight for the Cowboys. Thurston's kick again has missed as he pushed the ball across the face of the posts. The Warriors protesting the try as they believed the referees had already signaled the last, however the last tackle the Cowboys scored.
North Queensland Cowboys 8-6
30 min: The Cowboys from another good set getting to their kick, a deep on going near the goal line for the Warriors to work it from their line.
30 min: A massive kick from the Warriors. Cowboys collecting it again on the full with Matt Bowen.
31 min: Thurston's kicking game hasn't been that good tonight. a low flat grubber kick finding the sideline for a scrum feed to the Warriors on their 30 metre line.
32 min: TRY
From the scrum base in Tiger style play. the Warriors with Shaun Johnson showing his pace and speed to take the ball into the Cowboys line and beat them all to streak away and score. James Maloney joining JT with missed kick. No goal.
New Zealand Warriors 10-8
35 min: Off the back of the try, again the Warriors managing to collect their set and getting to their kick just inside halfway by Lance Hohaia. Fai-Fai Loa picking up the ball and bringing it out for the Cowboys
37 min: Matt Bowen showing his skill in the set from the Cowboys as he went for a run. NO! Manu Vatuvei has been smashed with the ball between in legs, that has to hurt. the Male fans would know what that feels like. However the Cowboys have the ball.
38 min: Cowboys lacking control on halfway as they look for a hole in the good Warriors defence and Ashley Graham on the 4th Tackle found a hole and made 30 metres before being brought down. Then on the last tackle the Warriors defence staying strong.
39 min: Another lovely break from the brillant number 7 in Shaun Johnson, however Hohaia trying to run without the ball before the pass. As a result the scrum feed to the Warriors on the Cowboys 30 metre line.
40 min: HALFTIME: On the siren the Warriors from the scrum feed chancing their hand with a kick coming down just metres from the line, Krisnan Inu looking for the line, but brought down inches from the line. The referees not having any part of it calling time out for the first half. Teams into the sheds with the Warriors leading the Cowboys 10-8.

It has been an entertaining match thus far after the first 40 minutes. The Cowboys showing their skills with Thurston and Bowen to collect the two tries in the half, whilst the Warriors offloader Mateo setting up Maloney and then halfback Shaun Johnson showing his pace to collect the warriors second try in an awesome run for 65 metres. The match will be won by the team who can convert their tries will win this. As JT has missed both and Maloney missed one.

Defence has been good from both sides and the Warriors in particular in the middle of the field holding the Cowboys at bay. It will be an interesting half in the second 40 minutes with just the two points between these two sides. The Warriors are looking to break a 6 game losing streak at Dairy Farmers Stadium, as they haven't won in North Queensland since 2002.
40 min: Underway for the second half with the Cowboys getting the first use of the ball with the Warriors kicking off.
41 min: WOW! Lovely intercept pass from Krisnan Inu inside their own 40m line. He popped a pass to his winger in the Fish before he was wrapped up close to the line. However at the end of the set for the Warriors, Lewis Brown trying to dive over the line, but the pass he got from James Maloney was ruled ruled. Scrum feed to the Cowboys on their own 10 metre line.
42 min: They can't get a break early in this second half the cowboys as JT tries to create play for his teammates, however a knock on ruled and the Warriors are back on the attack from a scrum feed on their 40m line.
43 min: A bit of confusion from the Cowboys in Ben Jones as he missed the kick from James Maloney but wrapped up by Bowen for a goal line drop out. Warriors with their 3rd repeat side.
44 min: Simon Mannering losing the ball in a tackle on the 10 metre line, a double knock as a result from the Cowboys trying to clean it up. but scrum feed with the Cowboys. 2nd half completion rate is 0/2 for the Cowboys and 1/3 for the Warriors.
46 min: Penalty to the Warriors. Kevin Locke leaping high in the air, but in the process Matt Bowen was flying through to put him under pressure, but Bowen hit Locke in the air, thus resulting in a penalty. Warriors attacking now inside their 40 metre line.
47 min: Good defence from the Cowboys, looking a little more controlled now, but the Warriors still presenting them with problems as a little chip over the top from Ben Matulino with nothing coming of it.
48 min: Zero tackle for the Warriors with Vatuvei going for a run down the line off a mistake from the Cowboys.
49 min: Great defence from the Cowboys on the line. The Warriors looking for the line but Glen Fisiiahi going into touch. It started with Shaun Johnson offloading it back to his team mates, a cut out ball from Lewis Brown to his winger, but pushed into touch for a 20m tap for the Cowboys.
50 min: Another mistake from the Cowboys and the Warriors have the scrum feed on their 20m line. the Cowboys getting lost on the feet again with more errors then usual tonight. Warriors need to make use of it and put points on.
52 min: Ray Thompson collecting the bouncing ball, great counter attack from the Cowboys. the Kick high from Shaun Johnson on the back of the last tackle for the Warriors, however nothing doing in the kick with Thompson saving it for the Cowboys.
52 min: The cheer of the crowd goes up as a streaker has entered the field, however no pictures of it via Fox Sports. But in the match a knock on the ruling and the Warriors off another error have the scrum feed.
53 min: Fai-Fai Loa making a break for the Cowboys but ankle tapped and wrapped up by Locke. Cowboys on the attack on the zero tackle only 10 mtrs from the line.
54 min: The Warriors scramble defence saving the day in the end with another Mistake from the Cowboys after two zero tackle calls from the referee in favour of the Cowboys. Warriors back on the attack.
55 min: Injury News: Aaron Payne is off with it seems an ankle injury as James Segeyaro comes on.
55 min: At the line the Cowboys looking for points. Miss guided control again from the Cowboys, not choosing to go with JT and found Matt Scott instead. Change over at the goal line for the Warriors.
57 min: TRY
From the 40 metre line, JT drawing the defence and pushed the cut out pass to his winger in Kai-Kai Fai Fai Loa, he put it on the toe and he ran down the sideline for JT back on the inside to score, however at a cost it seems JT looking worse for wear, Possible knee or ankle injury, as a result Gavin Cooper taking the attempt at goal from the try, and he doing not much better then JT and failing to convert the well constructed try.
North Queensland Cowboys 12-10
59 min: Injury News: Aaron Payne with a lower leg cork and JT still on the field and limping. However from all that the kick off restart from the Warriors going out on the full behind the dead ball line, and the penalty kick from the Cowboys going down the Warriors 30m line.
60 min: TRY
Thurston heavily involved again as he drew Maloney to him and created a hole. Tariq Sims as a result took the pass from JT and put the foot down to score. Thurston has retake the kicking duties and again he has missed the kick again.
North Queensland Cowboys 16-10
62 min: This time the kick restart from the Warriors is deep again but stays in the field of play as the Cowboys attack from their goal line.
63 min: Interesting stats. Warriors haven't had any ball in the last 5 minutes with possession at 100% to the Cowboys. And 33 missed tackles from the Warriors and only 18 from the Cowboys.
65 min: Warriors in their first set in 5 minutes coughing up the ball to the Cowboys who attack only 10 mts from the Warriors line.
65 min: Video Referee Decision PENDING for the Cowboys. Possible dive over try to James Segeyaro
65 min: TRY
The Cowboys on the back of all the ball in the last 10 minutes. James Segeyaro diving out from dummy half after a great run and beat the Warriors defence for the points. Gavin Cooper is given the duties again to attempt the goal, and finally the Cowboys getting their first conversion.
North Queensland Cowboys 22-10
67 min: On the last Cowboys gaining 28 metres from that set, just making it to halfway. Better defence from the Warriors as Kevin Locke collected the ball from the kick.
68 min: Another error from the Warriors. Ray Thompson showing courage to face up against Manu Vatuvei but knocking on, Scrum feed to the Cowboys. Completion rates for the match, Cowboys 24/33 Warriors 18/30
69 min: Johnathan Thurston finding his feet again after scoring the try has he tried to construct a try with a kick across field to his winger, however the Warriors pucking the ball out and getting a set on their own line.
70 min: No luck for the Warriors as another error from them gives the ball back to the Cowboys who attack inside the Warriors 40 metre line. Warriors falling behind here,.
71 min: TRY
From dummy half a pass to Bowen to his half Thurston who threw another beautiful cut out ball to the unmarked Kalifa Fai-Fai Loa who took the ball and stepped towards the line and dived into the in goal area for his second tonight. Gavin Cooper again given the reins with the kicking duties, and again missing from out wide for no goal.
North Queensland Cowboys 26-10
74 min: Cowboys backing up their try with a long kick from JT, beautiful kick into the goals. He forced the goal line drop out as Glen Fisiiahi was trapped in goals.
75 min: Scrum feed to the Warriors on their 10 mt line. Knock on from Ah Mau
76 min: Cowboys showing all the skills here with the Warriors coughing it up again as they go on the attack inside the Warriors 30m line.
77 min: Some Dangerous passing in the goals with Mateo getting it short to Locke to dive into the field of play off the Cowboys strong set.
78 min: Warriors complete their set with a massive kick down field as Fai-Fai Loa picked it up and worked it back into the defensive line.
78 min: TRY
TRY! Beautiful work from the Cowboys with Matt Bowen going for an in behind kick and it pulled off as Kalfia Fai-Fai Loa ran down the sideline and before heading out but a toe on it and it bounced back inside for the awaiting arms of Ben Jones to collect the last try of the match.
North Queensland Cowboys 30-10
80 min: FULL TIME: Three goal kickers and another missed conversion, however not to decide the match. The drought continues for the Warriors as the Cowboys have showed their class and defeated them at home 30 points to 10. It makes it now 7 wins from 0 loses against the Warriors at Dairy Farmers since 2002.

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