The Faith lives on - Editorial

"Its just a Matter of Faith" thats the chorus to the previous Warriors theme song. Speaking of faith quite a number of Warriors are born again faithful Christians including Francis Meli, Jerry SeuSeu, Henry Fa'afili and Ali Lauiti'ti.

God plays a huge key in those christians lives, Henry Fa'afili and Ali Lauiti'ti make it obvious that they are very close to the Lord, often when one of them score a try they blow a kiss up into the heaven to thank the Lord for the good he gives to them.

Winger of the 2003 Season Francis MelI, probably the most barnstorming wingers in the NRL alongside Matt Utai from the Bulldogs, has recently got a massive tattoo on his back showing Jesus dieing on the cross and Mary watching him. He says when ever he looks at it, it makes him strong, reminding him what Jesus did for him and what he died for. It's believed Henry Fa?afili will get a similar tattoo sometime soon.

Jerry SeuSeu might like a face of horror on the footy field charging at the defence like a wild Godzilla creature, time to time you'll see him in a little bit of a biff against someone, but when he's not playing Rugby League he's a very sociable kind loving person to the Lord.

Jerry gave his life to the Lord a few years ago, he one day was sitting in a quiet place and thinking about the reason for life and how his life could get better, the answer for him was "Jesus". He may be a bully on the Football field but else where he is a very kind loving man.

Ali and his grandmother are passionate Christians especially his Grandmother, she says each time she sees him gets injured she cries and always reminds Ali to put God first and he?ll be all right if he does. His whole church watched the 2002 grand final against the Roosters, although Ali?s team lost, the love for him was still as high for ever.

The Grand Final loss wasn?t so bad cause I?m a Christian, I believe in God and everything happens for a reasons says ex Warrior Motu Tony. Motu Tony has a tattoo of Jesus on his shoulder to show his importance of Christianity like Francis Meli.

A few years ago Henry Fa?afili was selected for the Junior Kiwis. As soon as he heard the news, he bowed down and prayed to thank God with tears in his eyes.

These are just the few Christian Warrior players.. Maybe their faith has gone along way, which has made the Warriors a very successful team the past few years.

Maybe God is the Warriors extra player on the field sometimes, I personally think the reason why they become so exciting and so professional is due to their religion. Some may say I?m wrong, I say I?m right. The faith lives on.