THE HOG's Round 26 winners plus margins!

G'Day Lucky Punters,

Well with one round to go in the home and away season of 2009, the Hogs followers will have plenty of swill for the Holiday Season.

At the end of round 25 the Hog was at an incredible 61% of winners at the line, 114 from 189 to be exact and this equates to winnings of 27.6 units for the season, so far.

For example if you were betting 1k a game every game of the season, you would have profited at least $27,600for the season so far.

The Hog, although not wanting to make a Pig of himself, has a best practise betting side to beat the books, where his profit at the moment stands at an incredulous 42.5 winning units or roughly another 55% profit over betting on each and every game. This best practise side of the Hog has been nurtured over plenty of years putting pen to paper in the pen!

The Hog is having a red hot porker of a season at the head to head, with a career best 131 from 189 games bringing home plenty of bacon also.

How good is the Hogs ratings? Over 38% of all ratings finish within a converted try of the actual game margin!

No matter how much the Bookies huff and puff and try to blow down the Hogs House, the house of Hog is standing taller than ever.

The ratings of the Hog are really hot, he has got the form that the others have not!

Next week my rating