The other side of the coin for

Steve Price certainly knows he is back playing for Australia, rather than the Warriors league team.

Price lines up for the Kangaroos against a lot of his club teammates in Sydney on Saturday night, and while he is looking forward to playing against his club teammates, he is also looking forward to stopping all the ribbing from New Zealanders.

The Auckland resident reveals he has not been allowed to train at Ericsson at certain times in the past month or so, and he realises now he is the enemy.

Price can understand the attitude of not wanting the enemy around, as he is a passionate Australian, playing against passionate Kiwis.

Price says jokingly that even extends to his old mate, the Mad Butcher.

He says even the Butcher has been winding him up about not being allowed to train at Ericsson, and that he is not allowed to talk to any of the Kiwis.

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