The problems aren't over yet

Rugby league is in turmoil ? with further allegations of inappropriate behaviour against representative players set to be aired in the coming weeks.

League Correspondent understands that by this afternoon, the National Rugby League will be in receipt of a complaint by a young woman who is being continually phoned by a player who is currently in the New South Wales State of Origin squad. The player, who is apparently married, first met the woman in Gosford while playing in the City v Country match.

The news comes as revelations of further phone calls made in the early hours of Wednesday morning by players come to light.

A woman made contact with Sydney radio station 2UE last night confirming that she had received phone calls asking her to go out with players at around 3:50am on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Dragons star Mark Gasnier was sacked from the NSW squad for leaving a lured voice message on the phone of a 27-year-old woman. That message has been aired in full by a Sydney radio station this morning.

In addition, it?s understood that Radio 2GB will be filing a complaint with officials over the behavior of Willie Mason at a promotion in Liverpool yesterday. Mason apparently made a comment regarding his dislike for the radio station that was heard by members of the general public and 2GB staff. In addition, Mason allegedly signed other players? names during an autograph session and drew adult pictures on a desk being used for that session.

This morning, ARL boss Geoff Carr admitted that there was more than one voice on the voicemail message left by Gasnier, and said he would be interviewing three players today in relation to the call and subsequent behaviour.

There?s been speculation this morning that up to seven additional players could be dropped from the NSW squad in a sign of power and seriousness by Blues officials.

Supporters of the game have this morning hit out at players on talkback radio, with most suggesting they need to be dropped from the Blues squad if the game is to make a tough stance on the current mentality of those involved in the game.

It?s understood the ARL are currently in a crisis meeting to discuss the situation.