The Real Face of Rugby League

David Gallop has had an eventful tenure as Chief Executive of the NRL.

Appointed in 2002 one wonders, if like any relationship he is experiencing the 7 year itch. His union with the NRL & News Limited has had its highs and its lows. As they curl up crooning to Mary MacGregor surely they must consider the state of the game.

Blessed with a judiciary that won't hesitate to sue coaches and clubs and obtain financial settlement. Reared players who won't hesitate to engage in sexual activity in an area reserved for people with a disability. Even slapping a sponsor after insulting his Daughter.

A Club that would allow 'The Face of Rugby League' to get become so intoxicated his brain produces a cluster-f**k which results in a Club fine of $100,000 and a sexual assault charge. And referees who despite doubling their on-field presence still get it wrong. Clubs like the Titans donate $10,000 with the players putting in $3,000 yet that effort is overshadowed by DNA test results.

Drugs, Alcohol, Misogynistic Culture and easy women have all been blamed for player behaviour. The truth of the matter is that while the individual may ultimately be responsible for his actions. It is the administrators of the code have also contributed to our current crises, by sweeping issues under the carpet, issuing token fines. Then awarding them a position in the team the next game.

Allowing Victoria Bitter to issue players with $1,000 Booze Card. However when you consider that Jim Beam also sponsor 5 NRL Clubs** it