The Rovere Report


Wayne Pearce's lobbying for Jarrod Mullen to be regarded as a five-eighth as opposed to his more familiar role at halfback during his role as a commentator for Fox Sports was bordering on the farcical. Among Junior's very suggestive comments during Fox's coverage of the Knights-Titans game were: "He (Mullen) is an out-and-out five-eight" and "I think Mullen is better suited at five-eight". Gee, I wonder what motivated Pearce? But the fact Mullen is a major threat to his son Mitchell Pearce's aspiration for the Blues' number seven jersey would suggest a father's concern for his son - a beautiful trait mind you - affected his impartiality. Be like the brother of Michael Ennis using his position in the media to suggest that Robbie Farah be far better suited at halfback than hooker. I think the legal term is "conflict of interests". Pearce snr (ain't that confusing when your nickname's "Junior") would be far better giving his son some private tuition because as it stands now he'd be well down the Origin pecking order behind Mullen, Peter Wallace, Brett Kimmorley and possibly Trent Barrett, who has starred in the past for the Blues at half.


With each passing day Brian Smith's detractors are becoming more irrelevant. The much-maligned Knights coach has suffered unjustly from sections of the media who chose to play the man and not the ball. But those with even just a moderate level of intelligence see it for what it really is - blatant, juvenile, one-sided and agenda-driven. It says more about the author than the target of their vitriol. What about all the hull-a-boo over Kurt Reynoldson? Those that attacked Smith and the Newcastle club over the stance they took duly "goosed themselves" with the decision not to activate the option that was in the said player's contract 100 per cent COR-RECT as the great Bozo Fulton would say. We should arrange to throw those responsible a going-away party. It is now up to them to hold up their end of the bargain. I have no doubt raising the money to fund such a gala-h event will be no problem at all in fact, almost certain there would be a surplus which we could use to cast a statue with the initials BS etched on it for the dual purpose of honouring Brian Smith's wonderful service to rugby league and recognising the recipient's literary talents. It will of course be a perpetual trophy in order that each of the group get to the opportunity to take the coveted award. Oh and Newcastle hanging on to beat the Titans that's what we call "karma".