The Rovere Report

OH MY JOSH Kudos to Daily Telegraph journalist Josh Massoud. Josh was one of many commentators who felt Newcastle had erred in appointing Brian Smith as head coach, but to his credit he has admitted he was wrong. And how? The Knights are playing an exciting brand of football and are genuine title contenders. Yes, its early days and any number of "curve balls" could come their way, but the way I see it, if the Knights' key players avoid injury and the club gets a fair shake from match officials, then with an even share of possession they beat any opposition. The unassuming Smith will deflect any praise that will come his way. Be that as it may, losing the services of arguably the game's best ever player in Andrew Johns at the beginning of his tenure would have sunk a lesser man, not Smith. He was given a brief to lift Knights out of the doldrums and return the club as a premiership force. Job done - and quite brilliantly. Next assignment, the 2009 premiership. Who'd have thought? I dare say only those of us who don't allow outside influences and hidden agendas to cloud our judgement. I keep coming back to the so called experts who "goosed themselves" over the Kurt Reynoldson affair. If you haven't already, on the count of three clench your fist and proceed to give yourself a triple whilst repeating the following:- "I must learn to play the ball and not the man, I must learn to play the ball and not the man.