The Rugby League 100 Club

There is no other club in the NSWRL VB Premier League and Jim Beam Cup competitions as dependant as the Newtown Jets RLFC is on maintaining a substantial stream of home-games revenue. While our club needs to raise funds from a wide variety of sources to keep the famous old royal blue Newtown colours going around, the flow of revenue from home games is critical to meet the constant outgoings needed to maintain two high-standard, professionally prepared Rugby League football teams. We lost many thousands of dollars because of heavy rain on two recent home-game occasions and the club needs to make up the shortfall from other sources.

How does the First Club in Rugby League 100 Club work?
Tickets are $100 each. For your investment you will be allocated a number between 1 and 100.

On each weekday for two weeks (i.e. from Monday to Friday) the last two digits of the first NSW Lottery drawn on that day will be the winning number for that day.

As an example, if the winning lottery ticket was 45762, the winning 100 Club number would be 62.

The number drawn for each of the first nine draws will attract a prize of $200.

The number drawn in the tenth draw will attract the Super Prize of $1000.

When will the draws commence?

The first $200 draw is set down for Monday, 31st July 2006 with the Super Prize of $1000 to be drawn on Friday, 11th August 2006.

In the unlikely event that a NSW Lottery is not drawn on a particular day, then the first two NSW lotteries drawn on the next day will be used to decide the winning numbers.

How do you enter the First Club in Rugby League 100 Club? Call Jenny Grosvenor on 1300 36 36 90 to purchase your ticket or fax Jenny Grosvenor, Newtown RLFC, Holbeach Avenue, Tempe, NSW 2044. Fax number (02) 95593202.

Patrons wishing to join up at the match on the 8th July at Henson Park can join at the merchandise stands.

You can pay by cash, cheque, money order or credit card.

Cheques and money orders should be made out to the Newtown RLFC.

Please assist the Newtown Jets RLFC by securing your place in the 100 Club as soon as possible.

All 100 Club numbers will be advised to those supporters who have purchased tickets in the week leading up to the opening draw. Why not have two shots at the super prize of $1000 and enter twice?

The boys are really putting in for Newtown on the playing field this year and there is a genuine winning feeling within the club. However, we all know that our opponents have the tremendous advantage of massive financial backing from huge Leagues clubs.

Some of our richer opponents don?t even bother about collecting home game revenue from their stand-alone Premier League home games!

As always, we really rely on your support to remain competitive into the future. Our goal is to see both of our teams being successful at the business end of the season. The ultimate dream is to see the famous royal blue Newtown jersey running out on to Telstra Stadium on Grand Final Day.

By supporting fund-raising events like the First Club in Rugby League 100 Club, you can help make those dreams become reality. Thank you for your ongoing support for the Newtown Jets and good luck with your allocated numbers in the First Club in Rugby League 100 Club!