The wait is finally over

Long suffering NRL fans will have good reason to smile this morning with an announcement that a NRL game will finally be available on both the PC and PS2 platform with a release date yet to be confirmed but it's thought the game will be available by Christmas. There is no word on whether the game will be available on XBox or Nintendo Game Cube.

The game will include all fifteen NRL teams with complete bios and player stats, along with a complete list of all stadiums, including The Cauldron, Lang Park. Other features include player fatigue, send offs and virtual judiciary. There will also be several competitions to choose from including a full NRL season, State of Origin, English Super League, World Club Challenge and Test matches.

It has been six years since a quality Rugby League game has been released and the fans have been salivating at the thought of finally being able to emulate or destroy their favoured and most hated teams.

The game will have a simulation and arcade mode with the simulation mode far more complex with drop balls, player fatigue, penalties and player injuries.

The game represents a quantum leap forward in progressive thinking for the people who run the NRL as the fans have been crying out for a game via a bombardment of e-mails and online petitions. Could it be that someone behind the closed doors at Bent Street is finally starting to listen to the wishes of the fans?