They've longed to be here, but do they belong?‏

2010 is a year for the arrival of high profile new faces. Some of them, paradoxically, are old faces. All of them are new in town. Whilst a handful of young rookies are bound to make their mark, there will be more focus than ever on this batch of big names. Big names that didn't play a single minute in the NRL last season.

Love them, loathe them, or just wonder if any of them are related to 'Baby John' Burgess - Timana Tahu, Lote Tuqiri, Greg Bird, Todd Carney, Jason Cayless, Liam Fulton and Sam Burgess are all set to have a massive impact on the competition.

Each has signed on for different reasons. Tahu has linked back up with the Eels after walking away from a mixed stint in Rugby Union. He never quite settled. Still on the right side of thirty, it's a pity the same probably can