Thief Removes $4000 From Kangaroo

The Australian Rugby League has asked the Kangaroos to come forward with any information that could help catch a thief who stole $4,000 from players during their European tour.

Officials confirmed on Sunday one avenue they were investigating was that a fellow player could have taken the money, although they had no evidence.

ARL chief executive Geoff Carr said he was awaiting a briefing from Australian team manager Gerard Raper and further discussions with the players as part of a continuing investigation.

"The players have come back in dribs and drabs so it's been a little bit difficult to talk to everybody," Carr said.

"We haven't as yet received a full report from management so we're looking forward to that."

Carr would not say which players were theft victims, but newspaper reports said four players - including Brisbane prop Shane Webcke - had had money stolen.

"We can confirm there was money missing," said Carr.

"We can confirm we don't know where it went and we can confirm one of the options is that it could've been a player and that's why we have to do a full investigation.

"We are encouraging anyone who has any information to come forward."