Third leg of Frank Hyde Sheild at
Henson Park

An extra dimension will be added to the North Sydney Bears next Premier League Match as they take on traditional rivals Newtown in the final leg of the Frank Hyde Shield. With the Jets having won the first two legs the Bears will be aching for a win.

Many fans may or may not know the various stories surrounding Harry Taylor's non-appearance in the North Sydney V Newtown Grand Final of 1943. One story tells of Harry stationed on military service near Brisbane going AWOL and heading for the stadium on Grand Final day only to be arrested by military police via a tip off from Newtown officials.

In yet another story Harry routinely applied for finals leave. A Newtown official with contacts in the Military arranged for the leave to be disallowed. Soon after Harry was on route to New Guinea.

Away from the Historical drama this round is crunch time for the Bears, for a win will keep them in the chase for a finals birth. Coming off a splendiferous performance in the final quarter of the match against Newcastle the Bears hope to have Namila Davui and Andrew Moodie firing early for a solid win against Newtown.

The action begins at 3:00 p.m. at Henson Park Saturday 6th July. While the Flegg boys take on the Sharks at Toyota Park 5:40 p.m. and will be themcurtain raiser to the Cronulla verses Storm first grade match.

Premier League 3pm Henson Park v Newtown

1. John Russell 2. Andrew Moodie 3. Namila Davui 4. Chris Tuatara 5. Richard Retimana 6. Ben Kalcina 7. Aaron Heremaia 8. Kyle Arnold 9. Ben Ellis 10. Michael Harper 11. Anthony Kiro 12. Wayne McDade 13. Matt Thurston 14. Chris Weaver 15. Rhian Gerard 16. Joseph Swamy 17. Billy Ngawini 18. Steven Hales

Coach - Gary Freeman

Jersey Flegg 5.40pm Toyota Park v Cronulla

1. Anthony Beare 2. Joel Bennet 3. Danny Chiha 4. Tyson Muscat 5. Ryan Wilson 6. Reece Watson 7. Oliver Saunders 8. Mitch Erickson 9. Tim Woodbine 10. Blake McLean (c) 11. Arnold Mano 12. Jessie Mileto 13. Brad Price 14. Pio Rokomaqisa 15. Michael Morris 16. Ryan Verlinden 17. Jono Freeman 18. Pat Allendorf 19. Luke Hemsworth

Coach - Gavin Catanach