Tickets On Sale For Cougar World

Tickets on Sale NOW! Don?t miss your chance to be a part of the World Sevens action at Aussie Stadium on January 24 and 25. Teams from all over the world including nine international sides led by English Club team Widnes and including Russia, PNG, Lebanon, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and a New Zealand Residents team, will converge on Sydney for weekend of action and excitment.

Prices start at just $15.00 per person with concession and family passes available.

SATURDAY Cat 1: Adult: 25.00 Conc.: 15.00 Family: 60.00 Cat 2: Adult: 15.00 Conc.: 10.00 Family: 30.00

SUNDAY Cat 1: Adult: 30.00 Conc: 20.00 Family: 80.00 Cat 2: Adult: 20.00 Conc: 15.00 Family: 40.00

2 DAY PASS Cat 1: Adult: 45.00 Conc: 25.00 Family: 100.00 Cat 2: Adult: 25.00 Conc: 20.00 Family: 60.00

For further information on purchasing tickets or to book your tickets directly, visit the Ticketek website at