Tigers demolish Panthers in battle of cats

Semi Finals was the bellowing call from Robbie Farah, as his Tigers team took note and took care of Penrith, 32-18 at Centrebet Stadium.

From the opening whistle, it looked like the Tigers were switched on, throwing some early salvos at the Panthers with only errors stopping the scoreboard changing. In the 8th minute though, Heighington scored after a Farah grubber once it was finally taken upstairs.

The Tigers, if they couldn't score, just rolled the ball into the in-goal forcing the Panthers to give them the ball back. It finally tolled in the 16th minute, when Moltzen fended off Seijka to double the scoreline, Marshall converted and it was 10-0.

For the third try, Wests went left, ran a simple play and found a rampaging Ellis who likes scoring against the Panthers, making it 16-0. Penrith clawed one back, before halftime when Waterhouse was the only one home after a grubber kick, giving us the scoreline of 16-6 at oranges.

Penrith were close enough, if good enough. In the opening of the second half, they were making in-roads into the Tigers pack, rewarded with a try to Purtell, after he bumped off Utai to bring us to 16-12 and a ball game.

The comeback was on but Tigers can counter attack with the best of them. Off a failed Walsh bomb, which was knocked by Ayshford it seems, Tigers streamed upfield and scored through Farah to extend the lead again.

This was followed by tries to Beau Ryan who took an intercept and streaked away to ice the game for the Tigers then a brace to Gareth Ellis put the icing on the cake for the Tigers, as they roll on and into September with their 5th straight win.

Penrith got a consolation try at the death, to winger Ryan Walker which was his first try in first grade, giving us the final scoreline of 32-18, flattering Penrith a bit.

Match Details
Penrith Panthers 18 were defeated by Wests Tigers 32
National Rugby League - Round 23 - Friday August 12, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Centrebet Stadium
Referee: Ashley Klein and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Paul Simpkins
Touch Judges: Daniel Eastwood and Ricky MacFarlane
Crowd: 15,152
Halftime: Penrith Panthers 6 Wests Tigers 16

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Robbie Farah (1 Try)
2 Points - Benji Marshall (4 Conversions)
1 Point - Liam Fulton

Penrith Panthers (18)
Tries: Trent Waterhouse, Adrian Purtell, Ryan Walker
Conversions: Luke Walsh (3/3)

Wests Tigers (32)
Tries: Robbie Farah, Chris Heighington, Beau Ryan, Tim Moltzen, Gareth Ellis (2)
Conversions: Benji Marshall (4/6)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Penrith's finals hopes are all but gone, but the Tigers need to keep winning in order to stay in the eight tonight. Just the one change... Penrith's Michael Jennings won't be playing at fullback, he's out for disciplinary reasons. David Simmons shifts to the custodian role, with Ryan Walker in jersey #18 on the wing. The Tigers are unchanged from Tim Sheens' named lineup on Tuesday.
The home side came away with the victory in Toyota Cup. Penrith 26 Wests Tigers 6 - fulltime in the Under 20's match.
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1 min: Both sides have hit the field, ready for tonight's contest. Tigers will receive the ball, running right to left. Here we go!
3 min: Tigers decide to run the ball on last but it's not Lawrence there tonight, Brown kicks it to Simmons.
5 min: Marshall chips it across field into no man's land for Utai, who gathers the ball, beats one but he spills it over the line. Massive let off for Penrith.
6 min: Seijka throws a bludger of a pass and it's dropped.
Checking if Heighington got a hand onto this ball, before Penrith grounded it.
8 min: TRY
Well, after that it's given! It's stabbed through by Farah and Heighington claims the try! On replay he was correct and the referee points to the spot. Marshall misses his first kick, like Benji Marshalls do.
Wests Tigers 4-0
10 min: Moltzen slices through the line and is looking for Marshall, finds him but he's reined in by Brad Tighe! Tigers keep the pressure on, with a grubber for the dropout.
12 min: Marshall is dancing with his two step is interrupted by a knock down by Purtell.
13 min: Six more for the Tigers because it rebounded off Walsh.
14 min: Just more pressure on Penrith, can the Tigers hold their mettle and not go for the miracle play.
16 min: TRY
Yes they can! Tigers run the second man play, getting the ball to Tim Moltzen who just fends off Seijka to score the Tiger's second try of evening. Marshall has learnt from that first miss and nails this one.
Wests Tigers 10-0
18 min: Penrith will have a chance to claw back the advantage of this penalty, Galloway was offside.
19 min: That play ended up being a dogs breakfast. Walsh tries to throw a pass, it hits one of his players, comes back to him and eventually gets it to a runner, who ends up getting a penalty.
20 min: Marshall is looking dangerous, selling the dummy like ice to the eskimoes but it comes unstuck with a knock on.
23 min: Knock on Penrith, just inviting Wests back into their territory.
24 min: Farah thinking too fast for his hands, dropping the ball.
26 min: Penrith again with another spill in their own half. Tigers for some odd reason try the kick on 2nd tackle and Vai Vai takes the spoils.
27 min: Penrith get a piggyback here, a lucky six again call added to a penalty given away by Utai.
28 min: The radar has been off for Walsh thus far, Brown takes it comfortably for the Tigers.
29 min: Marshall puts another one of those kicks into no mans land and gets a result after it's ruled Simmons has touched it. Replays suggest it was a harsh call on the Penrith fullback.
31 min: TRY
Simple plays are just cutting Penrith up. Lui takes it to the line, looking for the play out the back but he gives it to the forward steaming onto it and Ellis scores! Marshall splits the posts with this kick.
Wests Tigers 16-0
33 min: You can't push down on the head, Aaron Woods, it'll always be a penalty.
35 min: TRY
Kevin Kingston almost goes through Sydney heads but he's wrapped up. Seijka puts in the kick, early in the count, it's fumbled by Ryan leaving a simple touch down for Waterhouse. Walsh pilots it through and it's only a ten point gap now.
Wests Tigers 16-6
37 min: Penrith will have a chance for more points, with a simple spill by the Tigers.
38 min: Walsh tries to run it on fifth, giving Tighe a huge target which says hit me! Utai obliges and the Tigers come up with the ball.
40 min: Seijka puts on a step and finds room in the backfield but throws a wonky pass. Since he's out of play, Walsh boots it downfield but Moltzen recovers and runs it out, when all he had to do was run it dead! Marshall does the right thing next play and it's halftime.
41 min: Both teams have made their way to the field, while Jennings is still handing out tickets. Tigers get us going for the 2nd half.
43 min: Matthew Bell drops it cold, no advantage so scrum to the Tigers.
44 min: Scrum penalty to the Tigers!
45 min: Utai just continues his horrible night with his hands, dropping the ball, as he went for the inside run.
46 min: Lucky call for Moltzen who gets a penalty when it seems like he dropped it.
47 min: Tigers drop it in a good attacking position.
49 min: TRY
Penrith are gaining some momentum here! Walsh almost gets through the line but is tackled. Seijka tries the same and on last, Walsh puts it high for Purtell who just bumps Utai out of the way to score! Walsh from near the touchline, just swings it down the middle.
Wests Tigers 16-12
51 min: Galloway did the hard work, got through a few tackles and spilled the lollies.
52 min: Walsh goes to the well once too often, Ayshford is streaking away but is wrapped up. Tigers come back upfield.
54 min: TRY
Tigers are just keeping it alive here, Fulton flicks it back inside and it's toed ahead for Farah who had no one in competition puts it down easily. Marshall converts from an easy position.
Wests Tigers 22-12
58 min: Penalty for Tigers, just laying too long in the ruck.
58 min: Tigers persist with the early tackle kick but Purtell was back for it! He can't get out, so he offloads to Simmons who is grounded but was hit high.
61 min: Marshall just toying with the Penrith wingers, they were caught up in the line, so he puts one ahead for Ryan but he can't regather.
64 min: Marshall almost pulls something off down the short side but it goes straight to Walker. Penrith get a relieving penalty as well.
67 min: TRY
It's hot potato stuff for Penrith who are looking for an opening but they don't find an opening. They find Beau Ryan who gets his arm in for an intercept, it bounces up and into his hands, he streaks away for the runaway try. That should be game over. Marshall has recovered from his early miss to nail them all.
Wests Tigers 28-12
69 min: Penrith are trying to throw it around but it's knocked on.
73 min: Brad Tighe chips it for himself and gets a dream regather, plus another set due to McKinnon being offside. Waterhouse puts paid to that though, dropping it on first.
74 min: Another scrum penalty to Tigers.
75 min: Simmons is marched over the sideline, for another set for the Wests Tigers.
78 min: TRY
Marshall dances across the field, drawing in the wingers then grubbering through, not for Ayshford but for Ellis to get his second! Marshall hooks this one to the left.
Wests Tigers 32-12
79 min: Knock on from the kick off by Fulton.
80 min: TRY
Good work by Seijka! He throws a cut-out which strands Ayshford, allowing Vai Vai to draw his man and give it to Walker, to score his try in first grade! Walsh converts the goal and the siren follows, that is full time.
Wests Tigers 32-18

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