Tigers Flog Sharks at Toyota Park

Round 21 Cronulla Sharks 6 vs Wests Tigers 46

Match summary:

The Wests Tigers have made it five wins in a row with a dominant effort in beating the Cronulla Sharks 46-6, after leading 12-6 at half time.

In an error-ridden first half the Tigers struck first through Pat Richards after a Benji Marshall break and miracle pass. The Tigers then spent plenty of time defending before Brett Hodgson flicked a Dykes' grubber to Richards who dashed away and found support in Marshall who scored under the posts. David Peachey scored the Sharks only try as he plucked a kick out of the air and scored. The teams went to the break with the Tigers up 12-6.

It took 18 minutes for the Tigers to open the floodgates, and did so through Brett Hodgson who went through a yawning gap right on the line. Benji Marshall then created a try from nothing as he stepped in every direction before finding Pat Richards who threw a basketball-style pass inside for Daniel Fitzhenry to score. Brett Kimmorley then gave Scott Prince the first of his three tries as he threw an intercept to another Queenslander. Prince then finished off another movement as he dotted down after a long break by the Tigers. Hodgson put Prince into a gap to really twist the knife, before Dene Halatau scored not long before half time.

Brett Hodgson kicked seven goals, and in doing so overtook Hazen El Masri as the seasons leading points scorer.

Merritt kicked the Sharks only goal.

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Scorers: CRONULLA SHARKS 6 Tries: Peachey Goals: Merritt (1/1) WESTS TIGERS 46 Tries: Prince 3, Richards, Marshall, Hodgson, Fitzhenry, Halatau Goals: Hodgson (7/8)

Venue: Toyota Park Crowd: 18,321 Referee: Tony Archer Half time: Tigers 12-6.

Live commentary: 0 min: Shark Park is packed, and we kick off!

6 mins: Both teams making good metres on attack, but also defending well on the goal line.

11 min: The Sharks get six more on the Tigers line, but force the pass and the Tigers hold on.

12 min: TRY - Tigers Benji Marshall slips a tackle and then throws a mircale pass as he is falling to Pat Richards who runs 50 metres to score. Hodgson hits the post from the sideline, and the kick goes through. Tigers 6-0.

14 min: The Tigers instantly get field position again as Kimmorley kicks off dead on the full.

18 min: The Sharks go on attack and again force the pass letting the Tigers off the hook.

25 min: The Sharks have had the better of posession and territory of late, and force another line drop out. The Tigers are defending like their lives depend on it.

27 min: Robbie Farah kicks the ball out on the full 10 out from his own line.

29 min: TRY - Tigers Dykes kicks for himself, Hodgson picks the ball up and flicks it to Richards who races downfield, draws the defenders and gets the ball to Marshall who scores under the posts. Hodgson converts. Tigers 12-0.

35 min: The Sharks have plenty of posession, but simply aren't slick enough on attack. The Tigers are giving them enough chances.

37 min: TRY - Sharks Peachey plucks the ball out of the air and scores beside the uprights. The try is awarded by the video referee. Merritt converts. Tigers 12-6.

HALF TIME: The Tigers are leading 12-6 in a scrappy game.

40 min: It's all on the line as the second half kicks off!

45 min: Both teams going from end to end. Still a few mistakes in the game.

48 min: The Tigers hold Bailey up on the last tackle.

54 min: The Sharks can't complete any sets while hot on attack. The Tigers defending like no Tiger team has before.

58 min: TRY - Tigers Hodgson bursts through a gap and scores. He converts his own try. Tigers 18-6.

62 min: TRY - Tigers Benji Marshall puts on the footwork and steps everybody before a no look pass to Richards who basketballs the ball inside to Fitzhenry. Hodgson lands the tough kick. Tigers 24-6.

66 min: TRY - Tigers Kimmorley throws an intercept to Prince who jogs 20 metres and scores. Hodgson converts, and it looks like a certain 5-in-a-row for the Tigers. Tigers 30-6.

69 min: Mellars loses the ball 5 metres out on tackle one after getting the ball back from the kickoff.

72 min: TRY - Tigers Marshall breaks out again and Richards is run down short of the line. The ball goes from sideline-to-sideline and Prince runs through a massive hole to get a double. Hodgson converts. Tigers 36-6.

75 min: CROWD - 18,321

76 min: TRY - Tigers Hodgson puts Prince into a hole and he races away and scores. A genuine hat trick, three in a row. Hodgson converts. Tigers 42-6.

79 min: TRY - Tigers Dene Halatau goes through feeble defence to score. Hodgson misses the kick. Tigers 46-6.

FULL TIME: The Tigers pile on 34 second half points and win 5 on the trot. The Sharks are being booed from the field.

----------------------------------------- Leagueunlimited.com players of the match: 3 - B Marshall (Tigers) 2 - P Richards (Tigers) 1 - B Hodgson (Tigers) -----------------------------------------