Tigers Maul Spineless Raiders

The Wests Tigers have given the Canberra Raiders a footballing lesson, winning 49-12 in Canberra Stadium this afternoon.

The game started off positively for both teams and attack seemed to be flowing. Both teams had opportunities to score in the first 10 minutes.

The Tigers first opportunity came just 6 minutes in when Keith Galloway pounced on a grubber from Benji Marshall. The video ref denied the big front rower his try after he found a little knock on.

3 minutes later it was the Raiders turn after Josh Dugan went on a weaving run down field on the back of a Raiders set play. Matt Orford noticed Wade McKinnon in the line and put through a deep kick. Josh Dugan won the race to the ball and negotiated his way through a few defenders to put the ball down. Replay suggested a possible knock on but the video referee ruled a strip from Benji Marshall and play on. Jarrod Croker kicked the conversion from right in front making it 6-0 to the Raiders.

It was all downhill from there for the Raiders after the Tigers put on 4 unanswered tries. The first of which came though fullback Wade McKinnon. Some good footwork from Chris Heighington saw him break through the line and pass the ball back inside to McKinnon, who was able to slam the ball down under the posts. Benji Marshall converted the try and the game was tied at 6-6.

The Tigers were in again at the 19 minute mark after some smart play from Robbie Farah. After noticing the Raiders back 3 very deep Farah put in a nice little kick over the top for Benji Marshall, who was able evade Josh Dugan and score under the posts. Marshall converted his own try and the Tigers hit the lead.

McKinnon got a second try in the 26th minute on the back of some lazy defense from Canberra. After receiving the ball on the 10m line he simple stepped back inside and strolled over to score. Benji again added the extras and the Tigers went out to an 18-6 lead.

It took only 3 minutes for the Tigers to score again. After a Robert Lui 40/20 attempt was knocked on by Josh Dugan, and set play from the scrum saw Benji evade 4 defenders before passing the ball out to an unmarked Matt Utai. Benji nailed the conversion from the sideline and the Tigers went into halftime with and 18 point lead.

It took 10 minutes into the second half before points were scored, this time via a Benji Marshall field goal. A very ugly attempt, but it managed to just go over for the Tigers. 25-6.

The Raiders managed to score 14 minutes into the second half. Matt Orford hit the line and fired an inside ball to Josh Dugan who flew through a gap and scored under the posts. Big question marks over the inside ball from Orford but the referees didn't call it back. Jarrod Croker easily kicked the conversion from right in front to bring his team a little closer.

It took just 6 minutes for the Tigers to hit back, again on the back of some great work from Robbie Farah. Liam Fulton ran a great line and Farah hit him on the chest. Fulton crashed over under the posts. Benji again added the extras from right in front.

The Tigers compounded the misery for the Raiders scoring 3 tries in the last 10 minutes. Chris Heighinton powered over out wide and was soon joined by Andrew Fifita and Simon Dwyer on the score sheet to complete the 49-12 rout.

The Tigers were simply outstanding this afternoon whilst the Raiders gave new meaning to the term absolutely abysmal.

Next week Canberra face Manly on Monday night at Brookvale Oval while the Tigers have earnt themselves a rest with the bye.

Match Details
Canberra Raiders 12 were defeated by Wests Tigers 49
National Rugby League - Round 8 - Sunday May 1, 2011 2:00pm
Venue: Canberra Stadium
Referee: Ashley Klein and Gerard Sutton
Video Referee: Pat Reynolds
Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and Grant Atkins
Crowd: 0
Halftime: Canberra Raiders 6 Wests Tigers 24

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Robbie Farah
2 Points - Benji Marshall (1 Try, 7 Conversions, 1 Field Goal)
1 Point - Wade McKinnon (2 Tries)

Canberra Raiders (12)
Tries: Josh Dugan (2)
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (2/2)

Wests Tigers (49)
Tries: Matthew Utai, Liam Fulton, Chris Heighington, Benji Marshall, Wade McKinnon (2), Simon Dwyer, Andrew Fifita
Field Goals: Benji Marshall (1/1)
Conversions: Benji Marshall (7/7), Tim Moltzen (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Welcome to today's match between the Canberra Raiders and the Wests Tigers. It's fair to say both teams have been performing below expectations so far this year and both teams will be keen to take a step in the right direction today.
The Tigers took out the Toyota Cup with a 37-31 victory.
Team News: Bryce Gibbs has been omitted from the bench with a foot injury. Ben Murdoch-Masila is his replacement.

Just a positional change for the Raiders with Josh Miller starting and Shaun Fensom back to the bench.
1 min: We're underway. Raiders have first possession.
2 min: Robert Lui just short of a 40/20. That would have been a great start for the Tigers.
3 min: Penalty to the Tigers after Bronson Harrison drifts a little high.
4 min: Penalty to Raiders for backchat.
4 min: Matt Orford loses the ball for the Raiders on the first tackle.
5 min: Penalty to Tigers for an offside player from the Raiders.
6 min: Checking a try to the Tigers.
6 min: NO TRY! A little knock on from Keith Galloway while attempting to put the ball down.
7 min: Penalty to the Raiders after Tigers caught offside. Buttriss takes the quick tap.
8 min: Forward pass from Farah. Raiders will get possession inside Tigers' territory.
9 min: Checking a try to the Raiders.
9 min: TRY
Josh Dugan scores off a nice set play from the Raiders. With the fullback up Orford kicks down field and Dugan wins the race to the ball. It looked as though Dugan knocked that ball on but the video ref ruled the ball came out via a strip from Benji Marshall.
Canberra Raiders 6-0
11 min: Orford hit late after a kick down field. No call from the referee.
12 min: TRY
Heighington shows some good footwork to get through the line. A simple inside ball to Wade McKinnon sees him score under the black dot.
6 all
15 min: Both teams are trying things in attack. Could be some points scored today.
17 min: Great pick up from McKinnon with 3 Raiders bearing down on him.
19 min: TRY
Robbie Farah sees the Raiders back 3 very deep anticipating a 40/20 and puts in a nice little kick and Benji Marshall strolls over for a try. Benji converts his own try from right in front.
Wests Tigers 12-6
20 min: Andrew Fifita knocks on from the kick off. Great opportunity for the Raiders to hit back.
21 min: Penalty to the Raiders for hands on the ball. More pressure here for the Tigers.
22 min: Jarrod Croker out leaped Matt Utai but couldn't hold on to the ball. Opportunity squandered.
24 min: Double knock on. Benji kicked for himself and nearly regathered. He would have been hard to stop from there.
26 min: TRY
Ordinary defense from the Raiders sees McKinnon score his second for the day. A simple step back inside by McKinnon and Harrison could get back fast enough in cover. Benji adds the extras.
Wests Tigers 18-6
28 min: Robert Lui has another go at a 40/20 and Dugan looked to have it covered -- but knocked it on.
29 min: TRY
Tigers run a set play from the scrum. Benji Marshall magic drew defenders and found Matt Utai unmarked outside. Benji nails the conversion from the sideline.
Wests Tigers 24-6
32 min: Learoyd-Larhs knocks on in his own half. More possession for the Tigers.
33 min: Raiders get a relieving penalty inside their own 10.
35 min: Daniel Vidot knocks on contesting a cross field kick from Josh McCrone.
36 min: Little knock on from Robbie Farah on the halfway line.
36 min: Penalty to Raiders after a late tackle from Benji Marshall.
37 min: Alan Tongue loses possession after Aaron Woods knocks the ball out. Scrum to the Raiders 10m out.
38 min: Thurling loses the ball on the second tackle.
39 min: Late penalty to the Tigers for hands on the ball.
40 min: Half time at Canberra Stadium. Tigers are looking good so far whilst the Raiders have a big job ahead of them to stay in the game.
40 min: Josh Dugan gets us underway in the second half. Tigers have first possession.
41 min: Marshall goes close to a 40/20 but Dugan manages to cut it off just in time.
41 min: Forward pass from Alan Tongue at dummy half. Early field position for the Tigers.
42 min: Robbie Farah held up over the line.
43 min: Line drop out for the Tigers as Ferguson runs the ball dead.
45 min: Another drop out for the Tigers on the back of a great kick from Benji Marshall.
46 min: Referees find a knock on to Blake Ayshford and Dugan tears away down field only to be called back for a double knock on.
45 min: Forward pass from Josh McCrone. Tigers get possession on the halfway line.
48 min: Marshall knocks on and Dugan embarks on a nice run 30m up field.
49 min: Wasted opportunity by Canberra with no organisation on the last.
50 min: FIELD GOAL
Marshall kicks a field goal. This one will rival Gidley's for ugliest field goal ever.
Wests Tigers 25-6
51 min: Trevor Thurling is down in back play. Possibly a head clash.
53 min: Ferguson takes Mitch Brown into touch as he tries to ground the ball. Great defense there from the winger.
54 min: TRY
Matt Orford fires a ball back inside to Josh Dugan who tears through a gap and scores his second for the afternoon. Big question marks over the pass from Orford, but the referees let it go.
Wests Tigers 25-12
57 min: Matt Orford saves a try pouncing on a loose ball with Tigers bearing down on him.
59 min: Canberra ruled to have knocked on the ball while trying to tackle Robbie Farah.
60 min: TRY
Smart work from Robbie Farah at dummy half. Fulton ran a great line and got a ball on the chest from Robbie Farah and scored under the posts. Benji easily kicks the conversion from right in front.
Wests Tigers 31-12
62 min: Tigers lose the ball in their own half. Canberra have an opportunity to hit back.
63 min: Line drop out to the Raiders. Wade McKinnon just gets to the ball before a flying Jarrod Croker.
66 min: Tigers get an attacking scrum deep in Raiders' territory.
68 min: Wade McKinnon leaves the field for Beau Ryan. Unsure whether an injury was involved.
70 min: Benji Marshall earns his team a repeat set on the back of a nice kick in goal. Dugan has no choice but to ground the ball.
72 min: TRY
Big pass from Benji Marshall cuts out 3 and creates an overlap. Inside men drew defenders and Heighington managed to power over out wide. Benji maintains his perfect record for the afternoon.
Wests Tigers 37-12
74 min: Checking a try to the Tigers.
74 min: TRY
Lui had spiders on him -- evaded defenders and hit a hole and put Fifita in next to the posts. Benji converts.
Wests Tigers 43-12
76 min: Raiders kick the ball out on the full from the kick off.
78 min: TRY
Simon Dwyer takes advantage of some lazy defense from the Raiders and adds his name to this scoresheet. Benji is off the field so Moltzen added the extras.
Wests Tigers 49-12
80 min: Full time. The Tigers were outstanding this afternoon and gave the Raiders a footballing lesson. The full time score 49-12.

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