Tigers miracle golden point win

The Wests Tigers have pulled off a miracle golden point finish to defeat the Gold Coast Titans 15-14 at Skilled Park in front of 14,254 fans.

The home side, the Gold Coast Titans, started strong with two tries over the visiting Wests Tigers.

The Titans' pressure mounted early as Kevin Gordon climbed up high to then plant down the first four-pointer. Aidan Sezer converted to give the Titans the lead 6-0.

Sezer was given the opportunity to guide the Titans around the park and he was instrumental in their performance. The Gold Coast opted for the extension in the lead with a penalty goal, 8-0 after 23 minutes.

Wests Tigers errors hindered their chances in the first half as the Titans captalised. David Mead showed his talents with a try in the corner. Sezer's conversion pushed the game to 14-0 after 28 minutes.

However, Tigers captain Robbie Farah darted from dummy half to claim first points for the Black and Gold. Benji Marshall slotted the extras to bring up the score at the break, 14-6.

The second half was all the Wests Tigers as they clawed their way out of an 8 point deficit. Blake Asyhford was awarded a four-pointer as his footwork found him over the whitewash. Marshall's conversion saw them trail by two, 14-12, with 25 minutes to play.

For the remainder of the half it was a battle for possesion as the Titans attempted to defend the two point lead. 

A professional foul from Phil Graham on Robbie Farah in the final moments of regular time saw him sin binned. The penalty goal from in front of the posts locked the game at 14-all.

Golden point has been widely debated, however tonight it was the solitary field goal from Robbie Farah which sealed the one-point victory. A miracle fight back from the Wests Tigers saw them defeat the Gold Coast Titans 15-14.

Next week the Wests Tigers will have a bye to recover from the hard fought out battle. Meanwhile the Titans face the Bulldogs as apart of the double header at Suncorp Stadium.

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 14 were defeated by Wests Tigers 15
National Rugby League - Round 9 - Saturday May 5, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Skilled Park
Referee: Gerard Sutton and Alan Shortall
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Adam Reid and Peter Gough
Crowd: 14, 254
Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 14 Wests Tigers 6

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Robbie Farah (1 Try, 1 Field Goal)
2 Points - Aidan Sezer (2 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal)
1 Point - Jordan Rankin

Tries: Kevin Gordon, David Mead
Conversions: Aidan Sezer (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Aidan Sezer (1/1)

Tries: Robbie Farah, Blake Ayshford
Field Goals: Robbie Farah (1/1)
Conversions: Benji Marshall (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Benji Marshall (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Welcome to the continuation of Super Saturday as we bring you LIVE Coverage from Skilled Park between the Gold Coast Titans and the Wests Tigers. A few interesting changes for the Tigers tonight which will seem them play with a different halves combination.


Jordan Rankin (20) replaces William Zillman in the halves. Mark Minichiello will start as Luke O'Dwyer moves to the bench.

Wests Tigers:
Tom Humbles moves to the bench as Chris Lawrence moves to 5/8th, which means Blake Ayshford starts. Also, Benji Marshall moves out one to halfback.
1 min: We are UNDERWAY as Tim Moltzen kicks off for the Tigers.
2 min: Terrible set from Wests Tigers, lack of control with the Titans pushing up in defence. Tim Moltzen didn't get a good kick on the end of it. Titans attacking 40 metres out from the Tigers line.
2 min: Beautiful catch by Beau Ryan under pressure from Idris, leapt high and took it well. Wests Tigers work it off their goal line.
4 min: KNOCK ON! On the last tackle Jordan Rankin put up a big kick and landed down with a chance on the left side for points. But a knock on ruled. Wests Tigers lucky not to concede points with the broken play.
5 min: Robbie Farah with a calm kick downfield on the last, but going touch in goal to give the Titans a 20 metre tap.
6 min: First penalty of the game, Tigers ruled offside. Free kick downfield and the Titans have a set on the Tigers 30 metre line. Pressure will be on here not to leak points.
6 min: KNOCK ON! Jordan Rakin on the end of quick passing lost control of it and handed the ball over into the hands of Liam Fulton
7 min: Marshall stabs the kick downfield and the Titans work it out from their 20 metre line.
8 min: KNOCK ON! Matt Srama going to ground in the tackle colliding with the knee of Aaron Woods and the ball came free. Scrum feed to the Wests Tigers just inside the Titans half.
9 min: Wests Tigers spreading the ball wide to the right wing and Lote Tuqiri put the foot down but the covering defence met up and threw him into touch. Titans as a result get a scrum feed on the 20 metre line.
13 min: TRY
TRY! Titans
Kevin Gordon under the high ball beat Beau Ryan to it and planted it down. A messy play from the Titans but it ended with points. Lote Tuqiri off his wing earlier in the set came the Titans room to run. Aidan Sezer with the kick at goal adds the extras.
Gold Coast Titans 6-0
16 min: Penalty against Chris Lawrence for a strip in the ruck. Free kick taken and the Titans will play it just inside the halfway line.
17 min: The kick for the touchline was touched by Beau Ryan, as a result a scrum feed packs down for the Titans on the Tigers 40 metre line.
18 min: Joel Reddy up above everybody took the high ball comfortably. However the Titans look to attack the side of Marshall with Idris and Bird.
18 min: A charge down from Matt Srama almost cost the Tigers points as the ball came down to ground. However Tim Moltzen was there to control the ball.
19 min: Wests Tigers finally get a penalty for a strip against them. Chance in the Titans half. Certainly haven't had the ball down the Titans end
20 min: Zero tackle for the Titans as Aaron Woods looked to offload the ball on the goal line. The Tigers looked to spread it but unable to find points.
21 min: Aidan Sezer kicks downfield on the last just inside the halfway line, the ball collected by Moltzen at the back and returns it to the 30 metre line.
22 min: KNOCK ON! In the contest for the ball Joel Reddy lost control. Change over the call and the titans have it on their 30 metre line.
23 min: Aidan Sezer stepped straight through the line and almost streaked away however a penalty ruled against the Tigers for Ray Cashmere being offside. A penalty goal will be taken.
Aidan Sezer taking the game to an 8-0 score line with a penalty for Ray Cashmere being offside.
Gold Coast Titans 8-0
25 min: KNOCK ON! Returning the ball for the Tigers and in the tackle put the ball down. Titans have a full set on the Tigers goal line.
26 min: Tackle three and Jordan Rankin held up over the line. The Tigers need to be strong in defence to stop another try leaking
28 min: TRY
TRY! Titans
David Mead dives over in the after the Titans thanks to a Lote Tuqiri error got a set on the goal line. The ball spread quickly across the line to score. Aidan Sezer from the touchline adds the two points.
Gold Coast Titans 14-0
30 min: Massive Danger signs continue as the Tigers line opens up. Lote was very lucky not to give up against try. Titans with the error as the Tigers hold on.
31 min: A helpful penalty to the Tigers deep in the Titans half, this marches them up field to the 40 metre line.
32 min: Chris Lawrence opened the Titans line as he made a break, but ankle tapped short of the goal line. They spread it wide and earned a repeat set on the goal line.
34 min: Robbie Farah opts with a grubber kick through the line and Matt Srama knocks it dead. Line drop out for the Tigers.
36 min: TRY
TRY! Wests Tigers
After two repeat sets, and the first big chance on the Titans line. Robbie Farah dummies and dives for the line to score. Marshall adds the extras from out wide.
Gold Coast Titans 14-6
38 min: A controlled kick from Marshall after points, finds the touchline. Titans will work it from a scrum feed on their 10 metre line.
39 min: Massive kick from Rankin which was taken on the full by Moltzen on his own 10 metre line. The tigers will end the first half with the ball.
40 min: Half time siren sounds as the Tigers looked to spread it wide but the titans ended up with the ball. So at the break a surprising score of Titans 14 leading Tigers 6.
Both sides on the park ahead of the second half. Titans will be kicking off.
40 min: Time is blow on and the second half is UNDERWAY
40 min: A massive kick from the Titans hits the posts and lucky for the Tigers Marshall ended up with the ball.
41 min: Wonderful covering defence from Marshall off the chase to put Phil Graham to ground on his 10 metre line.
42 min: Aidan Sezer with the kick almost found the corner but sat up just short as Tim Moltzen returned it
42 min: On the last Marshall running the ball to the wing and then popped it on the inside to Blake Asyhford who grubber it through the line. However it closed with the titans' Phil Graham
43 min: KNOCK ON! Idris failed to hold onto the ball as David Mead passed it back inside to him as he looked for the goal line. Tigers off the hook there.
44 min: Not the best end of the set for the Wests Tigers as Farah put it across the field. Joel Reddy leapt for the ball but knocked it on. Change over the ball on the Titans 30 metre line.
47 min: Better defence from the Tigers out of dummy half as Rankin was forced to kick close to the touchline. The ball went down to Moltzen who returned it up to the 20 metre line.
48 min: KNOCK ON! Farah shifting the ball wide to the wing but it all ended with Lote putting the ball to ground. Almost getting things back on track as the titans getting a scrum feed on their 30 metre line.
50 min: Sezer's kick on the last through the line rolls dead. Tim Moltzen allows it to roll dead and returns it out for a 20 metre tap.
51 min: Video Referee Decision Pending for the Wests Tigers, possible for Lote Tuqiri
51 min: NO TRY! The red lights go against the Tigers, Lote ruled offside as the ball firstly contacted Joel Reddy and Lote was in front of him. So as a result the penalty given to the Titans.
52 min: Another penalty against the Tigers as Farah one of three tacklers causing the strip. Free kick taken as the Titans play it just inside the Tigers 40 metre line.
53 min: Marshall racing out of the line with great defence shut down Matt Srama on the last tackle. The Titans unable to get to their kick as the Tigers work it out from their own 20 metre line.
54 min: Chris Lawrence comes up without the ball and a penalty ruled against the titans. Strip call against Nate Myles.
55 min: Video Referee Decision Pending for the Wests Tigers, Blake Ayshford. Referee looking at a possible 8 point try.
55 min: TRY
TRY! Wests Tigers
Green Lights spun up for Blake Asyhford, the spreading ball paying off for the Tigers. A wonderful step and footwork from him as he scored. No 8-point try given as the knees contact deemed okay. Marshall with the kick closed the gap to 2 points.
Gold Coast Titans 14-12
59 min: Wests Tigers with a massive chance to steal the lead with a scrum feed off a great Marshall kick.
61 min: Kevin Gordon forced over the dead ball line as Marshall's kick was very deep but sat up short of the line. A repeat set for the Tigers at the goal line of the titans. Line drop out the ruling.
62 min: Penalty for a strip on Aaron Woods, Titans not getting the rub of the green now. However Marshall not opted for the two points and went for the touchline. So full set at the goal line now from the 10 metre line.
64 min: KNOCK ON! Kevin Gordon lost the ball who took an intercept off a Marshall kick, Ayshford was lucky to get a hand on Gordon to force it out. Another repeat set at the line for the Tigers off a scrum feed.
65 min: KNOCK ON! The massive chance lost of the Tigers, he dropped it short of the line. Scrum feed to the titans. Their defence saving it.
66 min: Wests Tigers have possession after a mistake from the Titans. Another chance at the line for them attacking 20 metres out.
66 min: Poor option on the last tackle from the Tigers, getting caught on the last and the kick taken without issue by the Titans.
67 min: A wobbly kick from Aidan Sezer to end the set as Blake Asyhford comes up with the ball.
69 min: Phil Graham with a heart attack line pass on the goal line with the Tigers pushing up, however they come away with it.
70 min: Marshall's kick just beat Beau Ryan over the touchline. He was racing through almost getting there to it. However a scrum feed packs down for the Titans on their 20 metre line.
71 min: Beau Ryan under the high ball almost cost the side points has the ball went backward. Tigers stuck in their own 20 metre zone.
73 min: Beau Ryan wonderful under the ball but driven back into the goals. Line drop the call thanks to Idris getting Ryan back in goals.
74 min: KNOCK ON! Greg Bird getting the ball late off the tackle and lost it, quick scrum packs for the Tigers.
76 min: Penalty to the Titans as Tim Moltzen blocked Phil Graham. At this stage the Titans you would think would hold on.
77 min: WOW! Ben Murdoch has streaked away with Marshall in support! Video Referee
77 min: NO TRY! There is 2 minutes and 13 seconds to play, Scrum feed to the titans on their 10 metre line.
79 min: SIN BINNED! For taking off Farah before he got to the ball.!
PENALTY GOAL! Wests Tigers
Benji Marshall adds the extras from right in of the sticks. We will head to golden point you would think with 23 seconds to play.
14 all
79 min: Massive kick from the return goes in goal.
80 min: And that is the end of 80 minutes it's all locked up at 14-all.
80 min: The Titans win the coin toss and will have the first use of the ball in this extra the period.
80 min: The Tigers kick off to start this GOLDEN POINT period. The Titans are down to 12 men with Graham in the sin bin.
81 min: KNOCK ON! Looking to step and run Rankin drops the ball. Tigers get the scrum feed 35 metres out.
81 min: FIELD GOAL
Robbie Farah nails the field goal from in front after two wide passes from the touchline. It's an ugly win by the Tigers.
Wests Tigers 15-14
FULL TIME: The Wests Tigers have pulled off a miracle win by defeating the Gold Coast Titans 15-14. It was an ugly win and the Gold Coast were very unlucky tonight.

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