Tigers out class confident Panthers

The Wests Tigers have defeated a good Penrith Panthers side 26-18 at Campbelltown Sports Stadium tonight. It was back and forth until very late in the game as the Tigers move into the top 8.

Robbie Farah opened up the try scoring with a easy try under the posts in the 6th minute. Benji Marshall skipped around some defence and made a half break, almost scoring himself before being stopped just metres from the line. Farah then scooped the ball up and dived over to put his charges up. Benji Marshall extended the lead and the Panther were on the backfoot at 6-0.

Kevin Kingston then had the chance to one up his opposite number in the 11th minute, after a strong Luke Lewis run. Kevin Kingston came from dummy half and ran across field until he identified Benji Marshall shooting out of the line. He scooted through the gap and was able to run to the try line and score. Luke Walsh was able to lock up the game at 6-6.

After some misguided grubbers from Benji Marshall, the Tigers hit the lead again in the 25th minute after Marshall held the ball up and gave a good short ball to a charging Liam Fulton close to the line and hit the gap.

But much like the first two tries, the Panthers were able to hit back through Josh Mansour scoring in the 28th minute. Luke Walsh put up a great bomb from halfway, with Tim Moltzen losing the ball. Travis burns collected the ball as he spread the ball to Micheal Jennings who then simply passed out wide. Luke Walsh put the Penrith side in front 12-10 after a great conversion.

Chris Lawrence put the Tigers back in the lead in the 37th minute after he took a brilliant pass from Curtis Sironen. Robbie Farah gave Sironen a flat ball from dummy half, who then reacted with a crisp inside ball to Chris Lawrence who ran thirty metres to score. Marshall missed his conversion but the Tigers took the 14-12 lead into half time.

The second half scoring didn't open up until the 59th minute, after some misfired kicking from Benji Marshall and some brilliant attacking play by Michael Jennings, Luke Walsh threw an easy dummy to cross over. The kick was converted and the Panthers were all of a sudden up, 18-14.

After a penalty against Penrith at halfway for not playing the ball correctly, the Tigers made them pay in the 63rd minute. Ben Murdoch-Masila was able to finish off some brilliant lead up work and crash over out wide as Marshall put them back in front, 20-18.

The Tigers ended the game in the 76th minute with Chris Heighington finding a gap with a show and go to run almost 45 metres to score. Marshall slotted the ball over to extended their lead to 26-18.

Valiant in defeat, the Panthers will now play Sydney next Sunday at Centrebet Stadium, whilst the resilient Tigers will travel to Dairy Farmers Stadium to dance with the Cowboys.

Match Details
Wests Tigers 26  defeated  Penrith Panthers 18
National Rugby League - Round 19 - Saturday July 14, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Campbelltown Sports Stadium
Referee: Gavin Badger and Henry Perenara
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton
Touch Judges: Adam Reid and Grant Atkins
Crowd: 12,384
Halftime: Wests Tigers 14 Penrith Panthers 12

Tries: Robbie Farah, Liam Fulton, Chris Heighington, Chris Lawrence
Conversions: Benji Marshall (3/5)

Tries: Luke Walsh, Kevin Kingston, Josh Mansour
Conversions: Luke Walsh (3/3)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Team changes: Tigers: Adam Blair is suspended, with Matt Bell taking his place in the starting side and Joel Reddy joining the bench.
Panthers: Matt Robinson drops out of the side, replaced by Dayne Weston on the bench.
Both teams are on the field!
1 min: The game is underway with the Panthers having first use. Twitter handle is @leagueunlimited with the hashtag #NRLwstpen ! Join the conversation!
1 min: Last tackle option for the Panthers with Luke Walsh kicking uncontested. Utai has the ball and gets back to his 20
1 min: Benji Marshall kicking down to Coote on the full and will be stopped on his 30
2 min: A rushed last tackle kick from the Panthers and the ball is into touch. Tigers scrum.
3 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Holding down. Wests 1-0 Panthers.
4 min: Tigers are into the Panthers 20
6 min: TRY
After some good work by Marshall, Farah burrows over to score. Marshall converts.
Wests Tigers 6-0
7 min: Panthers trying to shut down ball shifts from the Tigers
7 min: Marshall kicks from his 20 metre line after good defence and Simmons brings it back to the 47 metre mark.
7 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Panthers. Holding down. Wests 1-1 Panthers. Kick for touch. Tap 15 out.
9 min: Coote kicks across field and Mansour catches it, throws it back inside to Benji Marshall who went into touch and Penrith earning the scrum.
9 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Panthers. High tackle. Wests 1-2 Panthers. Tap.
13 min: TRY
Kevin Kingston's solo run gets the Panthers on the board. Walsh converts.
6 all
13 min: The Panthers have the ball back on the 20 metre line.
14 min: Sam McKendry loses the ball and the Tigers have the ball 40 out from the line.
15 min: Benji Marshall tries to use an attacking kick but it is too big and goes into touch. Panthers scrum, 10 out from their line.
16 min: McKendry puts the ball down again and the Tiger will earn a scrum just 20 metres out.
17 min: Marshall kicks through again and Simmons wraps the ball up for Penrith just 3 metres from the line.
18 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Panthers. Wests 1-3 Penrith. Tap 45 metres out from their line.
19 min: Penrith into the Tigers half
19 min: Walsh kicks down to the in goal area but it goes dead. Tigers 20 tap.
20 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Wests. Offside. Wests 2-3 Panthers. Tap 40 metres from the Penrith line.
20 min: Knock on from the Tigers. Panthers have the ball 30 out from their own line.
20 min: Panthers are into the Tigers half
21 min: A forward pass from Walsh to Lewis on the last tackle.
22 min: Marshall puts another grubber in but Coote wraps it up awkwardly. Panthers ball 10 from their line
23 min: Kingston clears the ball and Beau Ryan brings it back to his 30
23 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Not clearing the ruck. Wests 3-3 Panthers. Kick for touch.
24 min: Tigers just metres from the line
26 min: TRY
Liam Fulton hits an easy gap! Marshall misses
Wests Tigers 10-6
27 min: Tigers have the ball, 12 from their line.
27 min: Marshall clears the ball from halfway and Simmons brings it back to the 15 metre mark for Penrith.
28 min: Video ref: Walsh puts a bomb up, Tim Moltzen makes a mistake and the Panthers get the ball back to score in the corner through Mansour.
30 min: TRY
Its a green light. Walsh puts them in front.
Penrith Panthers 12-10
30 min: Panthers on the attack deep in their half.
31 min: Walsh clears the ball from just outside his 40, Moltzen brings it back to his 30 after collecting this one cleanly.
31 min: Tigers are into the Panthers half
32 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Not clearing the ruck. Wests 4-3 Panthers.
32 min: Ryan Simpkins comes from the field for Penrith.
32 min: Tigers put the ball down inside the Panthers 10. Instead Penrith are working it away.
33 min: Penrith are into the Tigers half
33 min: Coote puts a bomb up but Utai takes it easily. Play the ball 10 metres out.
34 min: Penrith have the ball coming out of their own half.
35 min: Walsh puts it high and Utai takes it again. Play the ball 10 metres out.
36 min: Wests clears the ball and it goes into touch 20 metres from the Penrith line. Keith Galloway comes from the field.
37 min: Penrith working it out of their own end.
37 min: Coote under immense pressure gets the kick away and Utai comes back to his 30
39 min: TRY
A perfectly worked play for the Tigers has Chris Lawrence scoring. Marshall missing.
Wests Tigers 14-12
40 min: The Tigers take the advantage into the half time break.
40 min: Both sides on the field and the Tigers have the first use of the footy. 40 min:
41 min: Lawrence makes a break and Beau Ryan isn't able to get there, before Sironen put in a last tackle kick and Coote recovers forPenrith.
41 min: Penrith clear the ball but the Tigers have the ball on the 20 through Ryan.
42 min: Marshal kicks down field, coote recovers and Ryan smashes him ten out.
43 min: Jennings makes a massive line break and take them into the 20 metre zone.
43 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Penrith. inside the 10. Wests 4-4 Penrith.
45 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Mid air tackle. Wests 5-4 Penrith.
45 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Mid air tackle. Wests 5-4 Penrith.
45 min: Tigers are into the Penrith half
46 min: Penrith defuse a Tigers bomb somehow. They are now working from deep insdie their half
46 min: Penrith into the Tigers half
47 min: Knock on Kevin Kingston. Tigers scrum 40 from their own line.
47 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Not clearing the ruck. Wests 6-4 Penrith.
48 min: Tigers well and truly into the Penrith half
48 min: Aaron Woods puts the ball down.
49 min: Penrith win the scrum, they are on the attack 20 from their line.
50 min: Another shift has Jennings down the sideline who beats almost every Tiger and he is tacked by Fulton inside the Tigers 20
50 min: Kingston put in a great kick and they force a goal line drop out.
51 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Penrith. Not releasing tackled player. Wests 6-5 Penrith.
51 min: Penrith on the attack inside the Tigers 10
52 min: Travis Burns puts in a grubber by Fulton cleans up.
53 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Not releasing tackled player. Wests 7-5 Penrith.
53 min: Tigers will tap the ball almost at halfway, but easily go over into the Penrith half off the first run
54 min: Marshall's kick once again is too big. Penrith 20 tap
55 min: A high bomb is once again missed by Moltzen but the Tigers get lucky and the Panthers are on the defensive again
56 min: The ball is put down by the Tigers and Mansour has the ball, working it into the Tigers half.
56 min: VDIEO REF: Luke Lewis stretches out to score but the ball has appeared to be lost after Moltzen attacks it.
56 min: It appears as though Moltzen has saved the try and Lewis will be denied.
56 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Panthers. Offside. Wests 7-6 Penrith.
57 min: Robbie Farah attempted an intercept but the ball was knocked on. Scrum Penrith 10 from the try line.
58 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Penrith. Not releasing tackled player. Wests 7-7 Penrith.
59 min: Video ref: An obstruction will be checked as Walsh has scored through a dummy.
59 min: TRY
Walsh is awarded the try. He then converts.
Penrith Panthers 18-14
61 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Not playing the ball correctly. Wests 8-7 Penrith.
64 min: TRY
The Tigers hit back.
Penrith Panthers 24-14
65 min: Tigers throw a massive forward pass inside their own half. Scrum Panthers 15 metres from the try line.
67 min: Panthers attack breaks down. Tigers ball, working it away from their line.
68 min: Benji clears the ball and puts it into touch. Scrum Penrith 20 fro their own line
69 min: The Panthers make a great break, inside the 20.
69 min: Last tackle and the Panthers are tackled.
69 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Tigers. Throwing the ball away. Wests 9-7 Penrith
72 min: Some miracle work as Penrith get from their in goal into the field of play but Coote is forced out. Scrum Tigers 10 metres from the line.
72 min: Tigers on the attack
73 min: Tigers force a drop out with Kingston batting dead a Farah grubber.
74 min: Penrith hold on and will get a 20 tap
75 min: Penrith are into the Tigers half
76 min: A massive bomb by Walsh sees Mansour spill it and give the ball back to Tigers.
78 min: TRY
Heighington wins the game for the Tigers with a great solo effort.
Penrith Panthers 24-20
80 min: And the Tigers will win.

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