Time for Thief to Slay his Demons

CLUB legend Glyn Price has pleaded for the return of the statue that once graced the front of the Leagues Club following a letter from a Club member.

Mr Tony Peterson beheld the sculpture of Saint George on the front cover of our 2003 Annual Report and penned a request imploring the Journal to campaign for the return of the long, lost treasure.

Former Football Club secretary and Club icon Glyn Price vaguely remembers the day it was presented in the mid-1970s, but vividly recalls the disappointment felt by staff when they arrived to find it gone one morning.

?It was a terrible shock when it was stolen,? Mr Price said. ?I don?t know what they would do with it ? they could not display it or anything. Someone?s just done it for devilry. I doubt it would be a Saints fan because he or she would not be a fan if they did a thing like that.?

The 91-year-old stalwart says it?s never too late for the thief, who unbolted the bronze sculpture under the cover of night long before the days of CCTV, to show some contrition and return the sentimental item.

?Whoever stole it should have some remorse and take it back,? he said. ?It was a nice little statue and very prominent in the centre of the pool. They should think about it and say it probably means more to the Leagues Club and bring it back.?

If you, or someone you know, may be able to help retrieve this precious piece of property, please call Ben (Journal Editor) on 0438 015 115. No recriminations will come from a return.