Time wasting
Raiders fined

The Canberra Raiders have become the first club to be issued with a breach notice for exceeding the 90-second time limit for goal kicking.

All goal kicks from the weekend's matches have been reviewed and Clinton Schifcofske was the only player found to have breached the rule.

Clinton took 95 seconds for his final kick from six attempts in the Raiders game against the Dragons at Oki Jubilee Oval on Sunday. The breach brings a $2000 fine.

"Like all matters there is a period in which this can be contested but the NRL has been clear that it wants to eliminate any time-wasting during goal-kicks," NRL Chief Operating Officer Mr Graham Annesley said today.

"We already think there has been a conscious effort by goal kickers to speed things along and they have done remarkably well to make the adjustment.

"Having set the rule for that very reason, we now have a duty to enforce it."