Tinkler Vote for Knights Privatisation Gets a Resounding YES

In what will prove to be a monumental point in history for the Newcastle Knights, members have tonight given Nathan Tinkler's privatisation proposal the go ahead, thus setting the club up for over a decade of financial security.

Needing a 75% majority to win the vote, and with much uncertainty surrounding the surety of the vote coming into the meeting, the Tinkler Sports Group pulled out all the stops in the lead up to the vote. A massive campaign was instigated, involving television and print advertising, direct phone calls to members, and a number of face-to-face meetings with voting members.

It worked.

The Tinkler Sports Group's privatisation proposal was passed with an overwhelming majority.

Knights Chairman Robert Tew announced the result, stating "with this 97% vote the Newcastle Knights continue to be a united club"

The plan guarantees the Newcastle Knights Club sponsorship of $10 million per year, for ten years, as well as clearing the club of its existing debt.

Speculation is also rife regarding the future of Wayne Bennett, who is leaving the Dragons at the end of this season, and is yet to announce which club he will coach next season. The Knights have also been linked to a number of off contract NRL stars, including Jamal Idris and Kade Snowden, and the influx of funds from this proposal may be the carrot needed to seal the deal.