Titans and Council
resolve stadium impasse

The impasse between The Gold Coast Titans and Gold Coast City Council over rights associated with the use of Gold Coast Stadium for the fledgling NRL team has been resolved.

A delegation from Council (Deputy Mayor Cr David Power, Cr Bob LeCastra and Cr Jan Grew) and the Titans (Managing Director Michael Searle, Chairman Paul Broughton, Titans Charity Foundation Chairperson Margaret May) met this afternoon to talk about the issues surrounding the controversy and emerged with a positive result.

?I?m ecstatic with the result?, said Titans Managing Director Michael Searle.

?The Titans would like to acknowledge the efforts of Deputy Mayor Cr David Power, Cr Bob Le Castra and Cr Jan Grew and other Councillors for their part in resolving this issue. Their intervention removed a lot of the emotion surrounding the argument and they are to be congratulated for mediating this to a satisfactory outcome which is in the best interest of Gold Coast City sporting fans.?

As part of the deal the Titans have agreed to fund the operational costs associated with the reconfiguration or ?squaring off? of the eastern grandstand which will include the placement of temporary grandstands and turf protection on the field.

Scheduling of matches between AFL and the NRL will also play an important part in the protection of the field.

NRL Chief Operating Officer Graham Annesley said, ?I am relieved that this situation has been resolved and this afternoon we have reaffirmed our previous commitment to work with the Titans in a bid to try and avoid scheduling conflicts with AFL.?

Cr David Power reconfirmed that the Gold Coast City Council have always been and will always be supportive of the Titans

?It?s important to realize that Council?s objective has always been to make sure that the stadium is for the benefit for all of our citizens? said Power.

"Now that we have dealt with some of the issues regarding the operations I believe we can move forward and make sure that everyone receives the benefit of Carrara Stadium,? he said.

This is a big win for our most important asset ? the sporting public, Titans Chairman Paul Broughton said.

?It means first time NRL fans will get a real appreciation of the game by being able to get right up close to the rectangular field,? he said.

?I?m also pleased it was a draw and there was no need to go to sudden death in overtime?, Broughton quipped of the result of this afternoon?s meeting.