Titans Coast past Eels with Golden display

The Gold Coast Titans have overcome a 12-point halftime deficit to finish 34-12 winners over Parramatta tonight in front of just under 20,000 fans at Skilled Park.

It was an outstanding second half display from the Gold Coast who managed 34 points to nil over the final forty, dominating the play from the opening whistle of the stanza. Scott Prince's radar boot was on the mark and Mat Rogers wasn't far behind him with a fantastic 40/20 to continue the home sides momentum.

Jarryd Hayne inspired the Eels in the first half and scored his tenth try of the season after Joel Reddy had opened the scoring, and the Eels' defence was spot on for the first footy but it seemed the Gold Coast were the ones who got the rocket up them at halftime, coming out and opening their account after just six minutes through Rogers.

Some questionable refereeing on both sides of the coin saw both sides get a bit fiery - Ben Smith (elbow to Scott Prince's head) and Fuifui Moimoi (swinging arm on Mat Rogers) were both placed on report and the former would have been lucky to stay on the field due to the nature of his offence. While Moimoi may not have too many concerns at the judiciary, Smith may not be lining up for the blue-and-golds next week when they head to Suncorp Stadium to face the in-form Broncos.

The second half was tight for the most part but once the Titans got the momentum, the little things started going their way, with both Bodene Thompson and Mark Minichiello grabbing braces, while Kevin Gordon positioned himself perfectly for a cross-field lofted kick from his captain Prince.

The Titans are in fine form and will host the Cowboys come next Saturday, while Parramatta's clash against Brisbane is make-or-break if the Eels want to keep pace with the edge of the eight.

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 34 defeated Parramatta Eels 12
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 22 - Friday August 6, 2010 7:35pm
Venue: Skilled Park
Referee: Gavin Badger and Tony De Las Heras
Video Referee: Sean Hampstead
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Gavin Morris
Crowd: 19,568
Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 0 Parramatta Eels 12

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Scott Prince (5 Conversions)
2 Points - Mat Rogers (1 Try)
1 Point - Kevin Gordon (1 Try)

Tries: Mat Rogers, Mark Minichiello (2), Kevin Gordon, Bodene Thompson (2)
Conversions: Scott Prince (5/6)

Tries: Joel Reddy, Jarryd Hayne
Conversions: Luke Burt (2/2)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Wow. A huge victory in Toyota Cup for the Titans, they've kept Parramatta scoreless with a 46-0 shellacking. For first grade, Titans 1-17. The Eels lose Timana Tahu, replaced by Johnathan Wright in jersey 18.
Underway at Skilled Park, apologies for the technical problems.
5 min: The Titans the first team to get close but the bomb on the last doesn't result in much pressure on the Eels backs.
8 min: Fuifui Moimoi with an epic break up the middle and would you believe PRESTON CAMPBELL has brought him to the ground! David on Goliath stuff there. The Eels play on and lose the ball later in the set. Eels looked threatening there.
10 min: More confident attack from the men in yellow up the middle but their fifth tackle this time lets them down and Kevin Gordon returns the ball easily.
11 min: Prince kicks on the third and it's charged down by Ben Smith... but Luke Bailey was back there and it's six again Gold Coast from around halfway.
12 min: Crafty fifth tackle kick from Scott Prince catches Jarryd Hayne slightly out and the "Hayne Plane" is forced to tap it dead.
13 min: Bad luck for the Titans there, the Eels touched it from the last tackle bomb and it was six-again, but William Zillman kicked again anyway. Hayne scoops it up and gets back in the field of play.
15 min: The Eels are doing a superb job of nullifying the Titans' fifth tackle options, this time Krisnan Inu fields it on the full in the in-goal.
17 min: A lucky break for the visitors, the Titans getting a finger to a pass going through. Wright dropped it for Parramatta but the first knock-on applies and it'll be the Eels' ball just 30m out.
19 min: The Eels almost with the bikkies there but Mortimer loses it and Gordon runs it back.. to the 30m line! Now Toopi's lost it, the Eels will attack again!
21 min: TRY
TRY Parramatta Eels
Scored by Joel Reddy. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Some sloppy Eels passing ends up catching the Titans defenders out, enabling Joel Reddy to dummy and score about ten metres in from touch. A skilful conversion from Luke Burt puts the Eels up 6-0 after a quarter of the game.
Parramatta Eels 6-0
22 min: The Titans are giving it up deluxe here, a penalty to the Eels late in the set on halfway. They start the set inside the Titans' 30.
23 min: A good finish defensively for the Titans, keeping the Eels out with numerous raids, before they hold Reddy up over the line on the last. Handover on the 10m line.
24 min: Ouch. This one could easily have been a 40/20 for Mat Rogers, instead he's put it out on the full. A top kick, just with the wrong weight on it. Eels scrum just inside the Titans' 40.
26 min: TRY Media Mantarays
TRY Parramatta Eels
Scored by Jarryd Hayne. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
He's in! The notorious "Hayne Plane" has touched down at Skilled Park with a powerful try out wide. Luke Burt has no problems and it's 12-blot.
Parramatta Eels 12-0
30 min: After a sustained pressure period on their own line where they conceded two tries, the Titans finally get a chance to attack. Unfortunately Mark Minichiello spills the pill on the last tackle.
33 min: An enterprising passage of play sees Kevin Gordon make a mini-break up the left before somehow getting a kick away with four men trying to tackle him. The result is Parramatta with the ball coming off their own line but it was entertaining nonetheless.
35 min: Brad Meyers spills it as he surges up the centre of the park, this will put the Titans under pressure.
36 min: Mark Minichiello and Jarryd Hayne have a bit of a face-off in a tackle and the result is a penalty to Parramatta. Replays show Hayne threw the first punch.
37 min: Jarryd Hayne ends up with the ball on the fifth and running out of options he hoists it high, Krisnan Inu comes through but he knocked it dead and it's a 20m restart.
38 min: Fantastic fifth tackle option from the Titans, Prince grubbers into the in-goal and the Eels No.1 is forced to try and make it back into the field of play - the horde of chasing Titans prevents that and put Hayne on his backside. Line drop-out with just under two minutes left.
Nothing doing for the Titans in their last set and the Eels just work it up the park. It's HALFTIME at Skilled Park with the visiting Parramatta Eels up 12-0 at the break.
41 min: Play resumes with Parramatta in possession first. Jarryd Hayne looked a bit crook at halftime but he seems to have recovered.
42 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a possible try to the Gold Coast.
Luke Burt's dropped it by the looks but there's a number of things to consider if the Titans have scored...
NO TRY and a penalty to Parramatta, Horo has been taken high.
44 min: The Eels work it up and Hayne grubbers into touch and a scrum to the Titans. Now they get their first penalty Gold Coast and they'll attack again from just over halfway.
45 min: At the end of the set two big hits. Ben Smith has elbowed Scott Prince in the head. He's been put ON REPORT. Ben Smith can consider himself lucky. Should have been sent off. Penalty Titans.
46 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
Scored by Mat Rogers. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Rogers crosses for the try and all of sudden this game has exploded to life! Hayne has been given a stern talking to from the referees after blowing up at them after the try was scored. Prince converts and the gap is reduced to six.
Parramatta Eels 12-6
50 min: Fuifui's come in with a swinging arm on Scott Prince. Fuifui Moimoi (Eels) ON REPORT.
52 min: The Titans take the tap from the penalty just 20m out, they've got some momentum now. The Eels manage to knock on fifth tackle after a deft Preston Campbell grubber. Another set for the home side on the opposition line...
56 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
Scored by Kevin Gordon. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
What a try! The Titans with all the momentum, numbers to the left... rather than spread it Scott Prince takes account of the situation and pushes the kick to the sideline, a perfect line for Kevin Gordon who fields it and crashes down in the corner. Ladies and gentlemen we have a ball game! Scotty Prince has followed it up with a inch-perfect conversion and celebrates with the crowd as we're all level!
12 all
58 min: Well the momentum is definitely with the men in the light blue tonight, a perfectly weighted kick from Scott Prince again and it sits up JUST inside the dead ball line, forcing Krisnan Inu to pick it up and try to bring it back... Kevin Gordon is there and nails him. Line drop-out.
60 min: VIDEO REFEREE for another possible try to the home side. Clinton Toopi might have dropped it but Bodene Thompson claims a try. The decision is down to if Toopi has knocked on or back.
61 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
Scored by Bodene Thompson. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince unsuccessful.
It's touch and go but the try is awarded and Thompson picks up just his second try of 2010 and that puts the Titans in front. Prince can't convert this time so the lead is only four.
Gold Coast Titans 16-12
63 min: The Eels with some crafty offloading find themselves inside the Titans' 20 on the last tackle and spread it to a rampaging Fuifui but they drag him down and he offloads... to Kevin Gordon! I'm still wondering why Fuifui was at outside centre!
64 min: 40/20 Gold Coast Titans
Mat Rogers kicks a 40/20.
This time Matty's got it! That's a pearler of a forty-twenty and it's landed a lip-hair inside the touchline, nothing Jarryd Hayne could do there. Titans scrum ten metres out!
67 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
Scored by Mark Minichiello. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Mark Minichiello steps inside a few defenders and despite the best attention of those men in desperation he gets it down! Prince converts and Gold Coast are ten in front with thirteen to go.
Gold Coast Titans 22-12
68 min: Mat Rogers looked like he'd sustained an injury after the Minichiello try but he seems to be better now and is back in the defensive line as the Eels try to work their way back into this.
69 min: Justin Horo loses the pill just in front of his own line and it'll be a scrum for the Gold Coast with a chance to score...
70 min: VIDEO REFEREE here, possible try to Ashley Harrison for the Gold Coast. A complete mess, no idea what Hampstead will come up with here.
After the best part of 25 replays, we finally get a decision...
72 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans (Benefit of the Doubt)
Scored by Mark Minichiello. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Well that's a bit rough. They've given Ashley Harrison the benefit of the doubt here for a "torso try". Should've been No Try but it seems to be the Titans' night. Prince converts.
Gold Coast Titans 28-12
Apologies all, the try was in fact scored by Mark Minichiello, who has apparently got his hand on it after Harrison's torso had come in contact with it.
77 min: The Titans with the ball again in attacking position and the Eels really look out on their feet. They'll need to find something special the next few weeks, they look exhausted.
79 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
Scored by Bodene Thompson. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Perfect kick again from Scotty Prince fools everyone and Bodene Thompson cleans up the scraps to get a double. Prince converts and the scoreline suddenly looks quite ugly for the men from Parramatta.
Gold Coast Titans 34-12
80 min: That's all she wrote in a fantastic, convincing second half victory from the Gold Coast, they defeat Parramatta 34-12 in Friday Night Football. Skilled Park hosted 19,568 fans, the bulk of them going home happy tonight.

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