Titans outlast Roosters to win at home

Gold Coast have fought back from 13-12 down to win 24-13 in a spirited affair on the Coast in front of 15,177 fans.

The opening salvos of this contest showed it was obviously two desperate teams, looking for some aggression and it cost them with some penalties. Once things settled down, the Roosters crossed the line first, with some good hands allowing Joseph Leilua to score in the corner.

It would taken until just before halftime, for the Titans to respond after some firey exchanges between Luke Bailey and some Roosters forwards.

Steve Michaels adding to his tally for 2011, with a simple catch and pass play to make it 6-4. An Anasta penalty goal from a late hit on Pearce gave us a 6 all scoreline going to oranges.

The Titans would carry the momentum from that try into the second half, when Zillman cut through some flimsy defense to hand the Titans a lead early.

A hit from the debutant, Lama Tasi would spark the Roosters, allowing them to surge downfield and have a rampaging Frank Paul Nuuausala to level the game up.

Mitchell Pearce would calmly slot a field goal to give the Roosters a seven point buffer.

From there, the Gold Coast would storm back into the game, with David Mead outpacing several Sydney defenders to hand the lead back to the Gold Coast.

A Zillman try right near fulltime, fleshed the scoreline out a bit and a perfect night with the boot from Scott Prince gave us the 24-13 final scoreline.

Gold Coast move to three wins and five losses while the Roosters will lick their wounds while during the bye and hope to recoup before their next game.

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 24 defeated Sydney Roosters 13
National Rugby League - Round 8 - Saturday April 30, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: Skilled Park
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Gavin Reynolds
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Michael Wise
Crowd: 15,177
Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 6 Sydney Roosters 6

Gold Coast Titans (24)
Tries: Steve Michaels, William Zillman (2), David Mead
Conversions: Scott Prince (4/4)

Sydney Roosters (13)
Tries: Frank-Paul Nuuausala, Joseph Leilua
Field Goals: Mitchell Pearce (1/1)
Conversions: Braith Anasta (1/2)
Penalty Goals: Braith Anasta (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Welcome to a sunny skilled park, for a must win clash for these two sides. They are languishing near the bottom of the table, with two wins and five losses.
Earlier in the u20s, the Sydney Roosters ended a month of losing, with a 30 points to 10 victory over the Gold Coast Titans who are sitting last on the ladder.
A lot of changes for teams tonight, here we go:

Titans: Preston Campbell takes Capewell's position of fullback and the other change is Michael Henderson starting in place of Matthew White.

Roosters: Justin Carney, Jason Ryles and Mose Masoe are out, replaced by Phil Graham, Jarrod Waerea-Hargreaves starts, putting Arona onto the bench and lastly Lama Tasi makes his debut from the bench.
1 min: Ready for action here at Skilled Park! The drums are beating, while the Roosters make their way out onto the field, waiting for the home side. Here comes the home side, to a roar from the crowd, as they are led out by Nathan Friend in his 100th game. Anasta puts boot to ball, here we go!
2 min: First penalty of the game to the Roosters, Mark Minichiello having a second dip in the tackle.
4 min: Pearce launches a cross field kick on last safely taken by David Mead but he's bundled into touch.
5 min: Nothing doing for the Roosters in this set, they try the cross field tactic again but this time David Mead just watches Phil Graham knock it on.
8 min: Roosters have won the forwards battle in the opening ten minutes, Ashley Harrison tries to slow things down with a hand on the ball but he's caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Penalty.
10 min: TRY
Roosters shifted it right, keeping it alive and forcing Steve Michaels to come off his wing, allowing an offload to Leilua who scores in the corner. Anasta swung the ball too much from the touchline and missed.
Sydney Roosters 4-0
11 min: Roosters causing all sorts, when they shift it wide. SKD tries to push one pass too many and it lands into the gleeful hands of Mark Minichiello.
13 min: Chancing their arm in their own 20 is working for the Roosters, they get a touch from Luke O'Dwyer, earning them a repeat set.
15 min: It's all Roosters currently, with a pin point kick from Anasta landing one metre out, forcing Campbell back in goal for a dropout.
18 min: Gold Coast are unable to make anything of their first foray into the Roosters 20 metre zone, Prince kicking it dead.
20 min: Great take there by Michaels, just out jumping Leilua. He takes off to make some valuable metres downfield but he's corralled and thrown into touch by Kenny-Dowall.
21 min: Nate Myles ruins the opportunity for Sydney, dropping it cold on first.
22 min: Retribution here for the Roosters and Myles, Ashley Harrison can't keep hold of the ball, dropping it.
24 min: A wonky bomb from Prince close to the sideline, comes up golden after BJ Leilua drops it. Can the Titans hit back, with their second set in the Roosters end.
25 min: Beautiful play from Prince, shifting it to Campbell who throws a cut-out to Mead who spills his lollies when all he had to do was fall over the tryline.
26 min: The referee has had enough of this pushing and shoving in the scrum, penalising the Titans.
30 min: Gold Coast finally have a penalty, 30 minutes into the game. It's followed by a second one, with a spear tackle from Nate Myles but he's not on report.
31 min: Some brick wall defense from the Roosters, forces Harrison to drop it cold and release all the pressure.
33 min: Lama Tasi is on the field for his debut and a fight in brewing here. Penalty Titans, for working the head.
Checking if Ryan James has powered over under the sticks.
34 min: NO TRY! Ryan James keeps those legs pumping, almost scoring right under the posts but he lost it, just before grounding the ball.
35 min: Silly mistakes by the Roosters are inviting the Titans to the door, will they knock and enter.
38 min: TRY
Yes they will! Harrison looked to be wrapped up when the Titans went with the inside ball but he pops one to Friend who shifts it left to Prince then offloads to Tonga who draws and pass to Michaels who scores. Scott Prince with a tough assignment from the sideline, makes it look easy, converting.
Gold Coast Titans 6-4
40 min: Mitchell Pearce is hammered on last by Ryan James but he still gets the 40/20 and a penalty.
40 min: PENALTY GOAL Dewsbury Rams (NL1)
With this, Roosters point to the sticks, allowing Anasta to step up and slot the goal.
6 all
41 min: We're back! With Welcome to the Jungle blaring as both sides run back out, there is plenty of feeling in this one and wouldn't be surprised if there was an all in. Prince gets the second half going.
44 min: TRY
Titans shift it to the left, keeping it alive forcing Tom Symonds to play at it. It bounces straight up for Zillman who cuts through some feeble defense to dive over under the posts. Prince throws it over from in front to gain the lead back for the Gold Coast.
Gold Coast Titans 12-6
47 min: There's been a huge momentum swing here to the home side. Prince tries a cut-out over Bird's head but it unluckily hits his shoulder and judged a knock on.
49 min: Lazy high tackle there from Frank Paul, allows the Titans to just boot it out of their own end.
51 min: Lasi makes an impact in his first NRL game, hammering Greg Bird and making him play it off the mark. Titans are marched ten for dissent too. Roosters are given back to back penalties for holding down.
53 min: More pressure on the Titans here but they do remarkably well to keep the Roosters out. Pearce stabs it in goal for a another set.
54 min: TRY
The pressure has tolled on the Titans. Mitchell Pearce holds the ball up enough for Nuuausala to run through a hole, juggle it and slam it down. Anasta levels preceedings.
12 all
57 min: Scott Prince and Preston Campbell almost combine to make something out of nothing, on last tackle but it's judged forward.
59 min: Luke Bailey is hurt in a tackle but is fine after some attention. On last, Campbell goes down the short side and lands it perfectly to trap Anthony Minichiello in goal.
60 min: Jeez, these walking off the mark penalties are going to kill the Gold Coast. All the momentum and they do that, handing it straight back to the Roosters.
62 min: Campbell saves the day down the other end of the field. Roosters kept it alive, trying to score in the corner but Arona puts in a kick for Graham to chase but it's batted dead by Preston.
64 min: Phil Graham is streaking away after Pearce see's Mead out of position, luckily for Mead, it was forward.
66 min: Matt Cecchin is loving blowing the whistle tonight, he judges a pass from Prince to Minichiello to be forward then they are marched ten again for Dissent.
67 min: FIELD GOAL
Good heads up play there from Pearce, sensing nothing on, he puts it on the boot for the one pointer.
Sydney Roosters 13-12
70 min: Ten to go, only one point in it, can the Titans level it up again.
They are checking a try which could give Gold Coast the lead. There might be a knock on.
74 min: TRY
Great work from the Titans, they keep it alive, Campbell DOESN'T touch the ball. Friend gets it to Mead who just speeds past several defenders for score under the posts. Prince keeps his perfect night going, with this conversion.
Gold Coast Titans 18-13
76 min: It's not over yet! Roosters get the ball back from the short kick-off and march downfield. Mitchell Pearce works a play to the right, cutting it out to BJ Leilua but he drops it stone cold and maybe the Roosters chances.
77 min: First penalty in ages for the Titans, Bird has the ball reefed from his grasp and earns the penalty.
79 min: TRY
Oh no! Anthony Minichiello does all the hard work, shepherding the ball over the dead ball. Roosters spread it early but Arona spills it and Zillman swoops and scores. Scott Prince has his toughest kick of the night while the Titans fans wish the Roosters fans a goodbye. Prince converts.
Gold Coast Titans 24-13
80 min: There is the fulltime siren and tonight's win has kept the faint hopes for Titans fans alive after a horrible start to 2011.

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