Titans too good against struggling Cowboys

The Gold Coast Titans have run out 31 โ€“ 12 winners over the North Queensland Cowboys today at Skilled Park in front of 12, 790 fans.

In what was a penalty filled, scrappy game, the Cowboys could not capitalise on a stack of possession in the Titans half during the second stanza, and the Titans made them pay. Albert Kelly and William Zillman both scored doubles during the game and were just a class above the Cowboys side that was missing a raft of players due to Origin or injury.

That game started with the Titans in full control, with an early try to William Zillman. He was able to get the ball from a quick left side play and was able to crash through several defenders to plant the ball after only 3 minutes. Aiden Sezer kicked the conversion and set the Titans on their way.

Only minutes later, in the 8th minute, Albert Kelly expertly pulled in a number of defenders while running to the line, only to get a late pass off to Minichello who ran to the try line unopposed to score the second try of the afternoon. Sezer again curled the ball through the posts to successfully kick the conversion.

In the 31st minute, the Cowboys were able to cross the line through Antonio Winterstein. In a sweeping play, the ball went through the hands to Clint Greenshields. He was able to draw in the defense before passing the ball to Winterstein for the try. Robert Lui missed the attempt from out wide.

William Zillman was again in fine form as he hit a hole in the middle of the field straight past defender Dallas Johnson to pass to Albert Kelly in support for his first try of the afternoon. Aiden Sezer continued his run of good goal kicking form as he slotted the ball through the posts for the extra two points.

It was 12 minutes after the half time break which saw Dave Taylor put William Zillman through a hole from a great offload to extend the Titans lead. Sezer converted the try after the ball hit the posts and bounced back in to give them another two points.

The Cowboys were able to hit back in the 56th minute through an excellent try to Ashley Graham. He was able to get the ball fro ma Michael Morgan grubber that would have gone out if not for Grahams super human abilities. Lui also missed his second conversion attempt from right on the sideline.

Albert Kelly bagged his second try of the afternoon due to a lazy pass from the Cowboys play makers. He managed to intercept the pass and race 80 metres to score under the posts. Aiden Sezer kicked the conversion to take the game beyond the reach of the Cowboys.

In what will be a game he will never forget, Ethan Lowe was able to score right on full time in what was his debut game. He got the ball out wide to the right of the posts and managed to crash his way through the defence to score. Michael Morgan took his first conversion attempt of the night however was unsuccessful.

The Cowboys are now 4 wins and 8 losses and are not living up to the pre-season hype while the Titans cement their place in the top 8 with another big win.

The Cowboys will play the Bulldogs next week in a must win game on Saturday in Townsville and the Titans will get the week off on the bye.

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 31 North Queensland Cowboys 12
Venue: Skilled Park
Crowd: 12790
Halftime Score: Gold Coast Titans 19-4

LeagueUnlimited.com Players of the Match:
3 points - Albert Kelly
2 points - William Zillman
1 point - Jason Taumalolo

Tries: William Zillman (2), Mark Minichiello, Albert Kelly (2)
Field Goals: Aidan Sezer (1/1)
Conversions: Aidan Sezer (5/5)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Antonio Winterstein, Ashley Graham, Ethan Lowe
Field Goals:
Conversions: Robert Lui (0/2), Michael Morgan (0/1)
Penalty Goals:

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary

Titans: 1. William Zillman 2. Kevin Gordon 3. Brad Takairangi 4. Jamal Idris 5. Anthony Don 6. Aidan Sezer 7. Albert Kelly 8. Luke Bailey 9. Matt Srama 10. Luke Douglas 11. Dave Taylor 12. Mark Minichiello 14. Ryan James
Interchange: 15. Mark Ioane 16. Jamie Dowling 17. Sam Irwin 18. Shane Gray

Cowboys: 1. Clint Greenshields 2. Ashley Graham 3. Antonio Winterstein 4. Kane Linnett 5. Kalifa Faifai Loa 6. Michael Morgan 7. Robert Lui 8. Ashton Sims 9. Rory Kostjasyn 10. Scott Bolton 11. Tariq Sims 12. Glenn Hall 13. Dallas Johnson
Interchange: 14. Ray Thompson 16. Ricky Thorby 17. Jason Taumalolo 18. Ethan Lowe
An important match for both sides to keep in touch with the top eight, especially with no Origin players eligible today either. In TEAM NEWS, the Titans lose Luke O'Dwyer, with Ryan James replacing him at lock, and Shane Gray the new face on the bench. North Queensland have Joel Riethmuller and Blake Leary drop off a five-man bench, with Ethan Lowe to debut.
Not long now until kick off. Can the Cowboys win this one with Thurston and both their front rowers out to Origin or will the Titans take full advantage and get the 2 points. Stay tuned for game coverage.
1 min: The Titans kick off and Bolton brings the ball back for the first play of the day.
1 min: Morgan goes to kick the ball to complete the set and Srama comes away with it in a charge down. Titans on the attack early.
2 min: VIDEO REF - The onfield referee has called a try to Zillman but they want to have a look at it to make sure.
Scored by William Zillman. Conversion attempt by Aidan Sezer successful.
Zillman crashes over close to the line in the left hand corner. Sezer curls the ball in perfectly to punch it through the posts.
Gold Coast Titans 6-0
4 min: Fai Fai Loa brings the ball out strongly from his own line and makes valuable metres for the Cowboys.
4 min: Morgan gets the kick off this time for a bomb but it's cleaned up neatly but the Titans.
5 min: Don with a break down the sideline after a Taylor offload. He kicks for himself but it's cleaned up by a Cowboys defender.
6 min: PENALTY - Cowboys with a very average kick from Greenshields and they've stayed all over Kelly to long for a penalty.
8 min: Minichello in for a try!
Scored by Mark Minichiello. Conversion attempt by Aidan Sezer successful.
Albert Kelly takes the ball to the line drawing in defenders to dish the ball out to Minichello who practically walks over the line unopposed. Sezer makes the conversion look easy, curling it straight between the posts.
Gold Coast Titans 12-0
10 min: Bolton with a big tackle on Ryan James. Titans get the kick away and the Cowboys are now 20m out from their own line.
12 min: Srama makes good metres from dummy half and gets it to Minichello who makes another good run. The bomb goes up and it's bounced a metre in front of Greensheilds. Sezer cleans it up and it went to James who is tackle for the handover.
12 min: PENALTY - Titans called offside as Lui kicks close to the line. Morgan almost got his hands to it but the Cowboys will get the ball back anyway.
14 min: PENALTY - Titans pinged for having a hand on the ball in the tackle.
15 min: VIDEO REF - Hall has dived over the line off a messy kick from Morgan. It's hit about 15 players on its way to the line and they want to check who touched what.
15 min: NO TRY - The video referee has told players that the grounding was ok but that Hall was offside.
16 min: More good metres from Minichello up the middle.
17 min: A good chase there from Linnett from the kick but Don has made it back into the field of play.
17 min: PENALTY - Hall is penalised for a high tackle on James. Titans will start the attacking set well into the Cowboys half.
20 min: PENALTY - Another penalty here as the Cowboys markers weren't square.
22 min: Sezer grubbers into the in goal early in the tackle count but it's gone too far. Cowboys will restart on the 20m line.
23 min: Gordon takes the bomb easily but is driven back into the in goal bu the Cowboys defenders. Drop out for the Titans to put the Cowboys onto the attack.
23 min: PENALTY - Titans called for offside.
24 min: Linnett out to Fai Fai Loa who is pushed out over the sideline. The Cowboys get a lifeline with a penalty on Kelly for a shoulder charge.
25 min: Lui grubbers but Kelly takes the ball out of the air on the fly to end the Cowboys set.
25 min: PENALTY - Cowboys give away another penalty in the Titans half.
Albert Kelly makes an unforced error.
Idris with an offload to Kelly on the run but he's lost it.
28 min: Taumalolo runs into Taylor and sends him flying. Unfortunately for the Cowboys Linnett is punished by Kelly and has lost the ball.
Albert Kelly makes an unforced error.
Kelly pulled up for a forward pass.
30 min: PENALTY - Bailey called out for a high tackle on Thorby.
30 min: Try to Winterstein!
Scored by Antonio Winterstein. Conversion attempt by Robert Lui unsuccessful.
The ball goes wide to the fullback and Greenshields draws in several defenders to throw a short pass to Winterstein who finishes off the try to get the Cowboys started! Lui will be kicking today and he hits it just a bit too far and it's gone wide.
Gold Coast Titans 12-4
31 min: The Cowboys are making great metres here from the restart. Lots of quick dummy half running and the set is finished off by a Lui bomb that is cleaned up by Gordon.
34 min: Time off as Takairangi has gone down after a headclash with Johnson.
34 min: They've restarted the game with Takairangi out the back being attended to.
35 min: Kelly has been flattened by Tariq Sims during the kick downfield. It didn't look to be overly late.
35 min: No penalty and time is back on. Cowboys on the attack.
36 min: Linnett chases a great grubber into the in goal but they'll restart on the 20m line after Idris shepherds the ball over the dead ball line.
36 min: VIDEO REF - Kelly looks to be in but they want to check it out for the grounding.
Scored by Albert Kelly. Conversion attempt by Aidan Sezer successful.
Zillman straight through a hole and hes passed off to Kelly in support who has raced in to score under the posts. Sezer nails it from right in front.
Gold Coast Titans 18-4
38 min: PENALTY - Cowboys get a penalty but Lui's kick is woeful and it's one straight into the hands of Don on the wing.
Field goal attempt by Aidan Sezer successful.
Sezer ends the half right on the buzzer with a field goal from close range, right in front.
Gold Coast Titans 19-4
40 min: The Cowboys will kick off to get us back underway!
41 min: Sezer completes the set with a kick downfield that is cleaned up by Graham.
42 min: PENALTY - Titans called out for being offside.
42 min: PENALTY - 2 on 1 strip called as Tariq Sims goes for the line.
42 min: Cowboys within 10m of the Titans line.
43 min: Lui throws a pass out to the wing straight into Gordons hands.
43 min: PENALTY - Another hand on the ball penalty against the Cowboys.
44 min: Srama makes a break and gets some metres. Idris with a break on the next tackle but passes it out to Don who is taken over the sideline.
45 min: PENALTY - Thompson loses the ball in the tackle but it's ruled to have been stripped out. Cowboys will restart from 30m out from the Titans line.
46 min: PENALTY - Taumalolo gets another penalty as the refs have called another 2 on 1 strip. Very stop start game this.
47 min: Taumalolo storms toward the line but is taken down by 4 defenders.
47 min: Morgan puts in an attacking bomb but its gone out on the full.
48 min: Lowe has crunched Kelly and he's lost the ball. The Cowboys have it 20m out from the Titans line.
49 min: Taumalolo with another strong run and pops an offload out the back. Thompson has knocked it on and the Titans will get a scrum on their own 10m line.
50 min: PENALTY - Johnson in trouble for mucking around in the tackle. Titans kick for touch.
50 min: Zillman in for another try!
Scored by William Zillman. Conversion attempt by Aidan Sezer successful.
The Titans go left down the field and Taylor gets a great little pass back on the inside to meet up with Zillman who races away to score to the left of the posts. Sezer continues his kicking streak on a rebound off the posts and through the posts for the extra two.
Gold Coast Titans 25-4
54 min: Morgan puts up a bomb and Idris takes it easily. Titans now working it out of their own half.
54 min: Graham cleans up the Titans kick and throws a loooong pass back to Greensheilds to take the tackle.
56 min: PENALTY - Bailey called for a high shot on Ashton Sims in the tackle.
56 min: VIDEO REF - Ash Graham could be in here! Excellent take and plant for Graham in the corner. They're having a look to make sure.
Scored by Ashley Graham. Conversion attempt by Robert Lui unsuccessful.
The ball goes to the right and gets to Morgan. Morgan puts in a deft grubber that would have gone out if not for Ashley Grahams Spiderman hands. He's grabbed the ball out of the air and over the line to plant it down before going out. Excellent finish for the winger there. Lui misses the conversion attempt.
Gold Coast Titans 25-8
58 min: PENALTY - Albert Kelly penalised for a high shot on Ashton Sims.
59 min: Scott Bolton back into the game doing the hard yards for the Cowboys.
60 min: Graham just finished off doing Spiderman impressions and now hes onto Superman. Lui with a grubber into the in goal but it's gone dead just in front a flying Ash Graham through the air.
62 min: Kelly to Minichello but the ball has gone forward and they'll bring it back for a scrum.
63 min: PENALTY - Kelly intercepts the ball and would be away for a try if he wasn;t pulled back for being offside.
64 min: Taumalolo with yet another strong run but is pulled down by 2 defenders.
64 min: Time off as Morgan is down injured. The Cowboys have been stronger in the second half but just can't finish off the attempts.
65 min: VIDEO REF - Linnett crashes over the line but they want to see if he's grounded it. The on field ref has said no.
Robert Lui makes an unforced error.
Lui has knocked it on through no fault of his own as a terrible pass came back to him from close to the line.
68 min: Ryan James is down after a nasty headclash with Taylor/Kostjasyn in the tackle. He doesn't look too good and theyve called time off.
68 min: The Medicab is now on the field. James is able to get up and walk himself off the field. He won't be back today but we hope he will be OK.
68 min: Zillman with a break down the right hand side and he grubbers for Idris but the Cowboys clean it up. They've been driven back into the in goal for a drop out.
Luke Bailey makes an unforced error.
The ball is lost in the tackle and goes through hands from players of both teams. THe ref calls it back for the original knock on.
71 min: Downling now down not looking to great. Time off has been called again.
Anthony Don makes an unforced error.
Knock on from Don as the Titans took the ball out to the right on the attack.
72 min: PENALTY - Minichello with a rough looking high tackle on Linett.
72 min: Cowboys close to the line in attack.
73 min: Try to Albert Kelly against the run of play!
Scored by Albert Kelly. Conversion attempt by Aidan Sezer successful.
Albert Kelly jumps on a loose pass from the Cowboys attack and raced 80 metres to score the try to the left of the posts. Fai Fai Loa couldn't match him for pace in the chase and that should get the Titans 30 points for the afternoon. Sezer confirms it and they've run away with the win here.
Gold Coast Titans 31-8
76 min: PENALTY - Cowboys in trouble for playing around in the tackle.
Mark Minichiello makes an unforced error.
Minichello knocks the ball on running onto it close to the defensive line.
77 min: Lui goes for a bomb but it's been charged down spectacularly by Taylor and it's been called back by the referees.
78 min: Try to the debutant in Lowe!
80 min:
Lowe charges onto the ball close to the line and crashes over for a try in his debut game! Morgan with the attempt this time and he misses the shot. The siren goes off in the background and that's the game done and dusted.
Gold Coast Titans 31-12