Tonga demolish lacklustre Samoa

Tonga have sounded an early World Cup warning in a 36-4 victory over Samoa tonight in front of 10,143 fans at Penrith.

Samisoni Langi produced a man of the match performance in a dominant Tongan victory and showed why the Sydney Roosters will be fine if Pearce and Maloney are called up for representative honours.

The five eighth scored twice himself either side of halftime including the opener. He had a hand in the second Tongan try sending Likiliki in for a try and an early ten point lead.

Samoa hit back with a nice play that sent Daniel Vidot in for their only try in the match. They just weren't able to get a handle on their kicking game or control the errors.

It was a Tongan onslaught in the second half with Likiliki who hasn't had much game-time for the Knights grabbing a double and keeping him on Bennett's radar.

A Samoan wave of pressure tested the resolve of Tonga but they were up to the task and repelled the attack.

Tonga and their supporters started their party when Etu Uaisele playing NSW Cup was on the end of interplay between the halfback and the fullback.

Fonua grabbed a double to widen the scoreline with Langi adding a second to his sixteen point haul in the contest. This was also with some intermittent pitch invasions from Tongan fans claiming Penrith as Tongan land forcing the game to end prematurely.

The damage was done though, Tonga won an enthralling clash of pacific nations which didn't disappoint anyone. It also gave an entertaining glimpse to the action waiting at world cup later this year.

Match Details
Tonga 36 Samoa 4
Venue: Penrith Stadium
Crowd: 10143
Halftime Score: Tonga 10-4 Players of the Match:
3 points - Samisoni Langi
2 points - Mahe Fonua
1 point - Siuatonga Likiliki

TONGA (36)
Tries: Samisoni Langi (2), Siuatonga Likiliki (2), Etu Uaisele, Mahe Fonua (2)
Field Goals:
Conversions: Samisoni Langi (4/7)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Daniel Vidot
Field Goals:
Conversions: Ben Roberts (0/1)
Penalty Goals: Live Commentary

Samoa: Martin Taupau, Antonio Winterstein, Kalifa Faifai Loa, Daniel Vidot, Leeson Ah Mau, Ben Roberts, David Fa'alogo, Pita Godinet, Carlos Tuimavave, Lama Tasi, Sam Tagataese, Mark Taufua, Roy Asotasi, Jeff Lima, Junior Sa'u, Eddy Pettybourne, Masada Iosefa, Leia Saofaiga

Tonga: Richie Fa'aoso, Glen Fisi'iahi, Mahe Fonua, Daniel Foster, David Hala, Sydney Havea, Silivia Havili, Brent Kite, Samsoni Langi, Siuatongua Likiliki, Sika Manu, Sam Moa, Fuifui Moimoi, Ben Murdoch-Masila, Michael Oldfield, Pat Politini, Nafe Seluini, Jason Taumololo, Anthony Tupou, Etu Uaisele
Welcome to Penrith! The venue for tonight's international contest between pacific rivals, Tonga and Samoa.
Both teams are making their way onto the field led out by Roy Asotasi (Samoa) and Brent Kite (Tonga) respectively. Now we will have the national anthems for each side.
Anthems finished to a loud roar. Time for hostilities with the war dances.
Some major passion in those two war dances and here we go! Two tribes, ready to go to battle on the football field.
1st Minute: KICK-OFF! Tonga get us underway with Samoa running right to left.. here we go!
2nd Minute: Early error by Mahe Fonua off some early Samoan pressure. Good chance for Samoa to get their portion of the crowd into it early.
**PLAYER1** makes an unforced error.
3rd Minute: Samoa spoil their early pressure with a spill.
5 min: TRY TONGA
Scored by Samisoni Langi. Conversion attempt by Samisoni Langi successful.
TRY Tonga! Langi takes the line on himself, steps and finds the tryline for the opening points. Langi will also convert his own try and does so.
Tonga 6-0
7 min: PENALTY TONGA! Tupou going a tad high.
8 min: Powerplay on last for Tonga finds Likkilikki who tries to wrestle over but held up!
10 min: That was an awkward kick from Foster forcing Wright to jump early and knock it into his own player. Scrum Tonga, 20 metres out.
13 min: TRY TONGA
Scored by Siuatonga Likiliki. Conversion attempt by Samisoni Langi unsuccessful.
TRY Tonga! The pressure has tolled on Samoa with back to back tries for Tonga here. Some quick hands from the halves found Likiliki who dives over. Langi with a kick wider out this time, went dead straight but wide of the posts.
Tonga 10-0
14 min: Some ball for Samoa here with a PENALTY but it comes to naught. Uaisele racing back to the 20 metre for the tap.
17 min: Well weighted kick from Foster who forces Vidot to push it dead. Another six here for Tonga.
17 min: FORWARD! Brent Kite slightly overran the mark making it a forward pass.
20 min: Some crashing runs from both Samoan wingers found some clear air but the kick is relatively easy allowing Sika Manu to get back into the field of play.
24 min: TRY? No, Matt Cecchin has found a knock on from Samoa here chalking off Sa'u's try. Video replays show he was correct in his call.
26 min: Sam Moa penalised giving Samoa field position.
27 min: PENALTY, late call from Cecchin there, another six for Samoa.
29 min: TRY SAMOA
Scored by Daniel Vidot. Conversion attempt by Ben Roberts unsuccessful.
TRY Samoa! Daniel Vidot with the walk in try from a lovely cut-out pass. Samoa back in this one with Ben Roberts attempting the conversion and hooking it wide.
Tonga 10-4
30 min: PENALTY Tonga but they don't find touch, as Vidot bats it back in. Lucky for Tonga it is scooped up by one of their players.
33 min: Action packed minute there with Samoa almost going through before Fishahi recovers with interest. His run drew a PENALTY for Tonga!
34 min: Knocked on by Daniel Foster and Samoa will work it out from their own end.
35 min: Samoa cant keep a hold of the ball currently. Lima with a knock on.
36 min: Knock on by Tonga this time. Samoa with a chance to work it out again.
38 min: Tonga get another set from an error and go close through Uaisele who kicks for himself but it goes dead.
39 min: PENALTY Samoa! One final chance for them here.
39 min: Another PENALTY. Sau catching the Tongan defenders offside.
40 min: Tonga hold on.. just. They force the kick dead as the halftime siren sounds.
41 min: KICK-OFF! Second half is underway.
45 min: TRY TONGA
Scored by Siuatonga Likiliki. Conversion attempt by Samisoni Langi unsuccessful.
TRY Tonga! On last for Samoa, the ball was bouncing around before landing in Fonua's hands who races away before offloading and the recepient taking the tackle. Nect tackle, it simply goes wide and Likiliki is in for his second. Langi from out wide, misses.
Tonga 14-4
46 min: A last ditch effort from Oldfield following the Seluini break, gives Samoa a chance to hit back.
48 min: Anthony Tupou finds some space and pops a ball for Murdoch-Masila but the prop can't handle the ball.
50 min: PENALTY Samoa, Carlos Tuimavave taken out in back play by MoiMoi.
50 min: Weak kick from Samoa goes straight to Oldfield and here he goes! His run is capped at halfway following a slip.
54 min: Daniel Foster pinger for a shoulder charge/high tackle. PENALTY Samoa.
55 min: A mindless chip kick from Lima lands in the unlikely hands of MoiMoi who is set upon by Asotasi. He earns a penalty from the second attempt at the tackle.
58 min: PENALTY Tonga and they could put the game away here.
61 min: TRY TONGA
Scored by Etu Uaisele. Conversion attempt by Samisoni Langi successful.
TRY Tonga! That should be game. Nice ball from the halfback goes to his fullback who draws and finds Uaisele who goes over for the try. Langi from wide, has it straight as arrow and over.
Tonga 20-4
62 min: PENALTY Tonga. Can they put on some more points?
65 min: TRY TONGA
Scored by Mahe Fonua. Conversion attempt by Samisoni Langi successful.
TRY Tonga! Mahe Fonua is over! Simple quick pass from Langi finds Fonua who sells a massive dummy and walks the ball in. Langi with an easy attempt, slams it through.
Tonga 26-4
70 min: Was that Iosefa or a pinball? Iosefa tries to put on a hit but bounces off Fonua and concedes a PENALTY.
72 min: Langi just controlling things here, sliding one through forcing a dropout.
75 min: TRY TONGA
Scored by Samisoni Langi. Conversion attempt by Samisoni Langi successful.
TRY Tonga! Footwork by Langi, he steps once, twice, three times a try-scorer. We will have a delay while security deals with some pitch invaders. Langi has some time to line up his kick and converts.
Tonga 32-4
76 min: Knock on Tonga. Samoa a chance for a consolation try.
77 min: Roberts dribbles one through and forces Tonga to concede a dropout.
78 min: Lama Tasi steams onto the ball, forcing his way into the backfield and almost scoring but Cecchin is right on the spot and correctly rules double movement. PENALTY Tonga.
78 min: TRY TONGA
Scored by Mahe Fonua. Conversion attempt by Samisoni Langi unsuccessful.
TRY Tonga! That is the cherry on top of an outstanding Tongan performance! Langi with a short ball to Manu who steams into a gap draws the fullback and sends Fonua away for a double. FULLTIME. Cecchin called a pre-mature end to the game due to a pitch invasion so no conversion from Langi.
Tonga 36-4