Tough Decisions And Top Footy At
Bears Junior Trials

Selection trials are not always the greatest spectacles due to the fact they are usually held in the off season, not to mention the heat that comes along at this time of year. The quality of the recent trials is testimony to the training program undertaken by the 2 squads over the past 5 weeks. The players were fit, skilled and hungry for their chance to represent the red and black.

The result was a clearer indication of the talent on show and some spectacular footy with great tactical kicking, defence and running football.

Then comes the difficult task of culling the current training squads down to the final 2006 teams. A task made more difficult for training staff after over seeing the 4 weeks of training. ?This is the most difficult cut because we have spent 4 weeks already with these kids and got to know them really well. I really do wish all of them that missed out well in the future? said SG Ball Manager Darren Allard.

As the day finished a warning was issued to the boys ?The training will get harder from here on in boys. You may want to think about that when you make your decision to play? said Harold Matthews coach Kevin Nichols, comments that were echoed in the SG Ball camp.

The North Sydney Club would like to sincerely thank all players that have missed out, for the effort they have put in over the past 5 weeks and wish you all good luck in the world of Rugby League.

Greg Florimo tries to keep his cool while refereeing at the final Junior Rep trials for 2006. Photo: Steve Little

For details of the final playing squads and to see more photos from the final junior rep trial day go to the Bears website

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