Toyota Cup: Bulldogs bow out of finals

The St. George Illawarra have mounted the points as they powered through the Toyota Cup minor premiers the Bulldogs with a 46-20 win at Allianz Stadium. The halves were key to getting the Dragons over the line, Jarred Allen a strong performer. The Dragons now advance through to play the Canberra Raiders at ANZ Stadium on Saturday 22th September. The Bulldogs after leading the competition bow out of the finals race.

Allianz Stadium, Moore Park
Friday 14 September 2012, kickoff 5:15pm
Live TV: FOX Sports
Referee: Adam Gee

Bulldogs: 1. Patrick Templeman 2. Sam Ahofono 3. Matthew Fukofuka 4. Ed Murphy 5. John T Sila 6. Jaline Graham 7. Moses Mbye 8. Leilani Latu 9. Dean Janda 10. Oliver Gordon 11. Tupou Sopoaga 12. David Minute 13. Paul Carter 
Interchange: 14. Gerard Mccallum 16. Lachlan Burr 22. Danny Fualalo 24. Lloyd Perrett

Dragons: 1. Adam Quinlan 2. Kayne Brennan 3. Charly Runciman 4. Nathan Green 5. Kyle Martens 6. Todd Ryan 7. Jared Allen 8. Jack Buchanan 9. Craig Garvey 10. Jack Stockwell 11. Ben Musolino 12. Daniel Burke 13. Blake Phillips Interchange: 14. Jordan Hay 15. Sam Clune 16. Luke Gallagher 17. Kem Seru

Tries: Patrick Templeman, Ed Murphy (2)
Conversions: Patrick Templeman (2/3) 

Tries: Craig Garvey, Adam Quinlan (3), Nathan Green, Blake Phillips (2)
Conversions: Adam Quinlan (7/8)


FULL TIME in this TOYOTA CUP semi-final, as see the DRAGONS defeat the minor premiers the BULLDOGS 46-20.

Try: Nathan Green (2nd)
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (7/8)
80th minute: Jarred Allen has supplied his fullback a short inside ball to seal the win here tonight. Adam Quinlan off the quick pass went over for his third try untouched. The Dragons pulled out a great performance to down the minor premiers.

78th minute:
After a report from the touch judge, a penalty has been awarded to the Dragons for Patrick Templeman pushing a Dragons player in the back. the Dragons start their set on halfway

Try: David Minute
Conversion: Patrick Templeman (2/4)
76 minute: David Minute with a strong run busted through the tiring Dragons defence to score a late try for the Bulldogs. His ball handling hasn't been the best tonight, but he managed to get over the line here. Templeman with a shocker of kick pushes it wide.

75th minute:
Patrick Templeman placed a long kick into the in goal area, but it beat everyone over the dead ball line. The Dragons come away with it on their 20 metre line.

73th minute: Mbye put in a short kick on the last tackle for the Bulldogs and Charly Runciman could not get of the in goal area. So the Bulldogs come up with a repeat set with a line drop out

Try: Nathan Green (2nd)
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (6/7)
70th minute: Nathan Green has cleaned up a poor offload from the Bulldogs and he has sprinted away 80 metres downfield to out pace Jon Sila to score his second try. A great run from the centre who looked like he wouldn't finish the game following a head clash. Quinlan unable to convert from the touchline as he missed his first.

Try: Blake Phillips (2nd)
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (6/6)
66th minute: Craig Garvey busted the line and sprinted down field gaining the Dragons 60 metres with a big run. Blake Phillips on the next play powered out of a tackle and spin his way over the line for his second four-pointer. Adam Quinlan remains perfect with the boot as he guided the ball over the posts.

65th minute:
David Minute dropped it cold again as the Bulldogs attempted to spread it wide on the last tackle. Dragons will come up with in their 10 metre line.

64th minute: Jarred Allen is all fired up here after a high shot he put on Jon Sila. Penalty was awarded for the high contact. Allen tried to pick a fight against Sila, but the referee stopped it before it started. Bulldogs attacking only 20 metres from the Dragons line.

Try: Blake Phillips
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (5/5)
60th minute: Todd Ryan has supplied a pin-point pass to Blake Phillips who went through a yawning gap to post the Dragons fifth try of the night. The Bulldogs missed tackle count hasn't helped their cause here so far.

58th minute:
A mistake from the Bulldogs sees the Dragons with the zero tackle on the Bulldogs 30 metre line.

57th minute: Jon Sila was a mile offside to make a tackle, but wasn't sin binned. Peanlty to the Dragons as they attack only 10 metres out.

Try: Ed Murphy (2nd)
Conversion: Patrick Templeman (2/3)
52minute: Ed Murphy has powered through the Dragons defence to some how get the ball to the turf as he was awarded his second try of the night. The swing is in favour of the Bulldogs as mistake proved costly from the Dragons. Templeman from the touchline nailed the two points.

51st minute: 
VIDEO REFEREE for the Bulldogs, the movie star Ed Murphy has his second I think

Try: Ed Murphy
Conversion: Patrick Templeman (1/2)
47th minute: Ed Murphy is awarded his four-pointer by the video referee. No hint of obstruction on replay, a strong run has see the Bulldogs post their second of the night. Templeman with the conversion pushed is across the face of goal.

47th minute: VIDEO REFEREE for the Bulldogs, Ed Murphy went through a gap. looking at obstruction

Try: Nathan Green
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (4/4)
44th minute: Jarred Allen has been wonderful tonight playing the halfback role. His short pass offload found the arms of Nathan Green who spun his way over the goal line for the Dragons fourth. Quinlan from beside the posts adds the extras

42nd minute: Jarred Allen with a poor kick fired it towards the posts, it was collected by John T Sila but he was unable to escape the in goal area. Line drop out for the Dragons

41st minute: We are back UNDERWAY in the second half here at Allianz as the Bulldogs kick off. The winner of his match will face the Canberra Raiders in the preliminary final next week

HALF TIME here at ALLIANZ STADIUM sees the DRAGONS 18 lead the Bulldogs 6

39th minute: Sam Ahofono unable to get hands to the pass from Ed Murphy as the Bulldogs spread it wide looking for points. Dragons pack down a scrum feed but the siren will beat them.

39th minute: Jarred Allen is penalised for diving through the ruck after the held call. Bulldogs still unable to crack the line yet.

38th minute: Penalty to the Bulldogs on the Dragons goal line for a second effort in the tackle.

37th minute: Nathan Green is forced in goal as he was unable to get out from the nice kick from the Bulldogs. Another set for the Bulldogs from a line drop out

Try: Adam Quinlan
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (3/3)
34th minute:
Ben Musolino broke through the Bulldogs tacklers to offload to Jarred Allen, Allen popped the quick pass to the fast running Adam Quinlan who streaked away for his second four-pointer under the posts. He converted to extend the lead to 12 points.

31st minute: A mistake from Blake Phillips sees the Bulldogs come up with a scrum feed on halfway. Blake Phillips attempted quick play of the ball, but dropped it.

Try: Adam Quinlan
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (2/2)
29th minute: Adam Quinlan scores as Nathan Green supplies his fullback with a great pass following a strong line break. The Bulldogs defenders unable to close the hole as their line was cracked for the Dragons second try. Quinlan easily converted from in front.

26th minute:
NO TRY is spun up for Ed Murphy who is penalised for being offside from the banana kick off the boot of Patrick Templeman. It was a promising play by the video referee denies the Bulldogs their second try.

26th minute: VIDEO REFEREE for the Bulldogs. Looking at the grounding here

25th minute: The kick from the penalty didn't find touch, so the Bulldogs on the attack again in the Dragons kick.

24th minute: Jarred Allen unable to hold on the ball as he had it stripped out by Jon Sila one on one. The Dragons couldn't cross for points despite a big run in the previous play from Jack Buchanan

23th minute: A poor pass from the Bulldogs as seen Jaline Graham drop it cold. The possession swings back in the hands of the Dragons with a scrum feed on their 10 metre line.

Try: Patrick Templeman
Conversion: Patrick Templeman (1/1)
21st minute: A great run of play from the Bulldogs, the hooker stepped out to link with the big Lachlan Burr. Burr had a supporter runner in Patrick Templeman who darted through under the sticks for first Bulldogs points. He converted his own try from in front of the posts.

18th minute: Jon Sila made a break for the Bulldogs, but coughed up possession to the Dragons as he took the tackle. The Dragons attacking again inside the Bulldogs half

17th minute: Jared Allen with a great cross field kick to Nathan Green but the pass from Ben Musolino was ruled forward. A lucky escape for the Bulldogs without conceding points.

15th minute: Kyle Martens fields the kick from the Bulldogs in goal easily to earn his side a 20 metre optional restart

14th minute: Penalty to the Bulldogs, and it's a massive kick downfield. Bulldogs attacking once again on the Dragons 10 metre line.

12th minute: Nathan Green remains on the field after the head clash. Bulldogs scrum feed 10 metres out

12th minute: Nathan Green is dragged over the goal line after taking the tackle. However, he clashed heads with Paul Carter. He is currently getting attention from the trainers.

Try: Craig Garvey
Conversion: Adam Quinlan
9th minute: Craig Garvey from a quick play of the ball at acting half took on the line and stepped through it to post first points. The Bulldogs concerned with the sloppy play of the ball failed to defend the runner. Adam Quinlan converts from in front

7th minute: Another penalty to the Dragons, for the Bulldogs not clearing the ruck after the held call. Big chance for points again on the Bulldogs 10 metre line.

6th minute: David Minute comes up with a mistake as he attempted to take the offload intercept from Nathan Green. He didn't need to throw the pass, but unlucky it's a Dragons scrum feed

2nd minute: Kayne Brennan is taken over the touchline before finding the corner. A scrum packs down for the Bulldogs on their 10 metre line.

1st minute: Penalty to the Dragons for a slow ruck clearance. Dragons kick up field and attack only 10 metres away

1st minute: Moses Mbye unable to take the short pass and drops it cold

We are UNDERWAY as the Dragons kick off.

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