Toyota Cup: Raiders dominate through to Grand Final

The Raiders have shown up the Dragons with a massive 44-16 score line. The Raiders have booked a place in the 2012 Toyota Cup Grand Final and will face Wests Tigers next Sunday.

Canberra Raiders (3rd) v St. George Illawarra (8th)
ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park
Saturday 22 September 2012, kickoff 5:05pm
Live TV: FOX Sports 2
Referee: Grant Atkins; Touch Judges: Chris Butler and David Ryan; Video Referee: Bernard Sutton

TEAM LISTS (Updated - Both sides as named)
Raiders: 1. Jack Ahearn 2. Jonathan Reuben 3. Matthew Allwood 4. Edrick Lee 5. Jeremy Hawkins 6. Anthony Milford 7. Mitchell Cornish 8. Shannon Boyd 9. Ben Picker 10. Jeff Lynch 11. Michael Chee Kam 12. Joe Bradley 13. Hayden Crockett
Interchange: 14. Mitchell Cronin 16. Tim Sloman 17. Uiti Baker 20. Jeremy Cropper

Dragons: 1. Adam Quinlan 2. Kayne Brennan 3. Charly Runciman 4. Nathan Green 5. Kyle Martens 6. Todd Ryan 7. Jared Allen 8. Jack Buchanan 9. Craig Garvey 10. Jack Stockwell 11. Ben Musolino 12. Daniel Burke 13. Blake Phillips
Interchange: 14. Jordan Hay 15. Sam Clune 16. Luke Gallagher 17. Kem Seru 18. Michael Bullock

Tries: Edrick Lee (2), Joe Bradley,  Uiti Baker, Jeremy Hawkins, Anthony Milford, Jonathan Reuben, Mitchell Cronin
Conversions: Anthony Milford (6/8)

Tries: Todd Ryan, Kayne Brennan, Adam Quinlan
Conversions: Adam Quinlan (2/3)

16th minute -
Shannon Boyd on report :: High contact (elbow on Jared Allen)


FULL TIME at ANZ STADIUM as seen the Canberra Raiders advance into the 2012 Toyota Cup Grand Final after a dominate performance over the Dragons 44-16. They now battle with Wests Tigers next week for the title.

(Raiders 44-16):
Try: Adam Quinlan
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (2/3)
77th minute - Jack Buchanan has set up Adam Quinlan to streak away 60 metres downfield to score untouched under the posts. Adam Quinlan with the conversion from in front is successful

74th minute - Penalty for a strip. Dragons attacking 30 metres out from their own line.

70th minute - No try is the ruling as Uiti Baker forces the ball out of the hands of Nathan Green. Line drop out for the Dragons.

70th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Dragons, that was a weird looking set. Looking at a knock on

69th minute - Anthony Milford placed a short grubber kick into the goal for Jack Ahern, but it beat him over the dead ball line. 20 metre optional restart.

67th minute - Double knock on here, scrum feed to the Raiders. Fumbling hands from both teams there. Raiders attacking on their 40 metre line.

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 44-10):
Try: Mitchell Cronin
Conversion: Anthony Milford
63rd minute - Mitchell Cronin has darted over the goal line from acting half as he caught the two markers sleeping at the line. Anthony Milford with the conversion extends this embarrassing scoreline.

61st minute - Jared Allen is penalised for a high shot again on the Raiders. They march up field inside the Dragons 40 metre line. Chance to post more points.

59th minute - Craig Garvey took a dart from acting half and just fell short of the goal line. However, on the last tackle the Dragons unable to cross for points, so a change over for the Raiders on their 10 metre line.

58th minute - A mistake from the Raiders sees the Dragons attacking inside the Raiders half once again through a scrum feed.

TRY DRAGONS (Raiders 38-10):
Try: Kayne Brennan
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (1/2)
57th minute - Kayne Brennan off a simple cut out pass close to the line from Jared Allen sees him reach out for the goal line and plant it over. The Raiders conceding a soft try at the back end of the match. Adam Quinlan from touch unable to post the extras.

56th minute - Michael Chee Kam has been penalised for an obstruction as he ran around his own player denying Jared Allen a chance to tackle. Dragons on the attack 10 metre out.

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 38-6):
Try: Edrick Lee (2nd)
Conversion: Anthony Milford (5/7)
55th minute - Edrick Lee outplayed Jared Allen on the right side of the field to bolt downfield to score a massive 65 metre try. That four-pointer to the Raiders cements their place in the Toyota Cup 2012 Grand Final. Anthony Milford with the conversion attempt extends this massive lead.

51st minute - Zero tackle for the Dragons on their own 20 metre line as the Raiders turn over possession.

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 32-6):
Try: Jonathan Reuben
Conversion: Anthony Milford (4/6)
47th minute - Jonathan Reuben has strolled around the Dragons defence to race in and score in the corner as Lee bulleted a pass to him. It's all the Raiders and at this point the Raiders are through the 2012 Toyota Cup Grand Final. Anthony Milford with the conversion guided the ball between the sticks.

43rd minute - Michael Chee Kam gives away a penalty for pushing on in the tackle. Dragons with a helpful penalty out of their red zone.

41st minute - We are back UNDERWAY in the second half with the Raiders leading 26-6 as the Raiders kick off to get us started.

HALF TIME at ANZ STADIUM sees the Canberra Raiders commanding a big lead of the Dragons 26-6. The winner faces the Wests Tigers in the 2012 Toyota Cup Grand Final

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 26-6):
Try: Anthony Milford
Conversion: Anthony Milford (3/5)
36th minute - Anthony Milford has flew the Dragons defence to dive on the bouncing ball despite Michael Chee Cam being inside the 10 metres the try was awarded. Anthony Milford with the conversion was successful.

35th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Raiders. Anthony Milford is claiming, looking at onside

34th minute - Adam Quinlan lost the ball in attempting to play the ball and the Raiders pack a scrum feed after a poor handle on the ball from the Dragons. Raiders with possession on their 40 metre line.

33rd minute - Kem Seru is warned for fighting, along with Joe Bradley who is penalised for fighting. Dragons kick upfield and attack from their 30 metre line.

33rd minute - Mitchell Cornish is caught for a forward pass, and then it's on for young and old with the hands coming out in a fight session.

33rd minute - Mistake from the Dragons sees the Raiders pack down a scrum 10 metres out.

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 20-6):
Jeremy Hawkins
Conversion: Anthony Milford (2/4)
29th minute - Edrick Lee has cleaned up a loose pass from the Dragons to somehow link with Jeremy Hawkins who out sprinted the Dragons defence to score a long range try. A great try from the Canberra Raiders to extend their hold on this game. Although, Milford failed to extend it further as his conversion pushed to the left.

28th minute -
Edrick Lee over ran the pass from his halfback and left the ball behind him. Dragons scrum feed on their 30 metre line for a chance to hit back.

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 16-6):
Try: Uiti Baker
Conversion: Anthony Milford (2/3)
27th minute - The try is awarded to Uiti Baker as he displayed his footwork to kick ahead for himself off a grubber from Anthony Milford. Nice work from the big man to score a powerful four-pointer. Anthony Milford with the conversion snapped the ball over the posts.

26th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Radiers, Uiti Baker has some how picked up the ball off the kick Anthony Milford.

24th minute -
 Jonathan Reuben was ruled to knock on in the contest for the Chee Kam offload. Raiders on the attack through a scrum feed on halfway

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 10-6):
Try: Joe Bradley
Conversion: Anthony Milford (1/2)
23rd minute - Joe Bradley is awarded his try despite getting hit high in a tackle of Jared Allen. Bradley powered through the tackle and managed to ground the ball in goal. Anthony Milford with the conversion pushed it to the left of the posts.

22nd minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Raiders, looking at the high tackle.

21st minute - Jack Stockwell is penalised for being inside the 10 metres at the play of the ball. Raiders go on the attack 40 metres from the Dragons goal line.

TRY DRAGONS (6-all):
Try: Todd Ryan
Conversion: Adam Quinlan (1/1)
18th minute - The video referee awarded the try to Todd Ryan as he drew the defenders with a great show and go. The dummy sold and he strolled over for the Dragons first points. Adam Quinlan with the conversion attempt locked the game at 6-all.

17th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Dragons. Todd Ryan is claiming as he strolled through the line

16th minute - Time off here with a Jared Allen down after coping a massive elbow from Shannon Boyd. Penalty is awarded to the Dragons as they attack 30 metre from the Raiders line.

14th minute - Mitchell Cornish fires a nice kick downfield 10 metres out from the Dragons line. It will force the Dragons to play from a scrum feed deep in their own half

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 6-0):
Try: Edrick Lee
Conversion: Anthony Milford (1/1)
12th minute - Mitchell Cornish drew the fullback and outside back defenders to suck them in before throwing a lovely short pass to Edrick Lee. He showed off his speed to post the Raiders first points under the uprights. Anthony Milford with the conversion extended the Raiders lead.

11th minute - Craig Garvey on the last tackle for the Dragons attempted a short kick over the Raiders line, but it was easily plucked out of the air by Michael Chee Kam. Raiders attacking off their 10 metre line. 

10th minute - Michael Chee Kam again with a mistake, but it was unlucky as he attempted a chip and chase through the Dragons line. But it wasn't able to stick, Dragons come up with possession through a change over on their 20 metre line.

9th minute - Adam Quinlan with a poor last tackle option as he got stuck with the ball from an offload. Zero tackle for the Raiders coming off their goal line.

8th minute -
 Michael Chee Kam with a juggle of the ball in the ruck and dropped it. Dragons come up with the ball on the zero tackle only 40 metres from the Raiders goal line.

5th minute - Jack Ahearn with a great play to allow the ball to roll dead over the dead ball line to earn his side a 20 metre optional restart.

4th minute - Penalty to the Dragons for the Matthew Allwood crowding the ruck and not allowing Adam Quinlan to play the ball. The Dragons find touch and attack on their 30 metre line.

1st minute - We are UNDERWAY here at ANZ Stadium as Adam Quinlan kicks off for the Dragons to give the Dragons first use of the ball.

Kick off is at 5:05PM AEST