Toyota Cup: Raiders pip the Warriors at the death

The Canberra Raiders have pipped the New Zealand Warriors on the siren with a 39-38 victory in their qualifying final at Canberra Stadium. The Warriors fought hard but unable to take it at the death as Anthony Milford stole the win with a field goal. The Raiders advance through the preliminary final while the Warriors will play a do or die match against the Sydney Roosters.

Canberra Stadium
Sunday 9 September 2012, kickoff 1:30pm
Live TV: FOX Sports 2
Referee: Gavin West
Sideline Officials: Brendan Wood and Scott Shepherd
Video Referee: Phil Cooley


Warriors: 2. Peta Hiku 18. Viliami Lolohea 3. Ngani Laumape 4. Ngataua Hukatai 5. David Fusitua 6. Carlos Tuimavave 7. Mason Lino 8. Ligi Sao 9. Siliva Havili 10. Siulongoua Fotofili 11. John Palavi 12. Sio Siua Taukeiaho 13. David Bhana
Interchange: 14. Trent Bishop 15. Toka Likiliki 16. Nathaniel Peteru 17. Albert Vete 

Raiders: 1. Jack Ahearn 2. Jonathan Reuben 3. Matthew Allwood 4. Edrick Lee 5. Jeremy Hawkins 6. Anthony Milford 7. Mitchell Cornish 8. Shannon Boyd 9. Ben Picker 10. Jeff Lynch 11. Michael Chee Kam 12. Joe Bradley 13. Hayden Crockett
Interchange: 14. Mitchell Cronin 16. Tim Sloman 17. Uiti Baker 19. Jack Wighton

Tries: David Fusitua, Trent Bishop, Toka Likiliki (2), Mason Lino, Ngani Laumape, 
Siliva Havili;
Conversions: Mason Lino (5/6)

Tries: Johnathan Reuben, Edrick Lee (2), Jack Ahearn, Mitchell Cornish, Anthony Milford (2)
Conversions: Anthony Milford (4/6)
Field Goal: Anthony Milford (1/1)


FULL TIME at CANBERRA STADIUM: Raiders 39 def. Warriors 38

 (Raiders 39-38)
80th minute - Anthony Milford as easy as you like guides the Steeden between the sticks and the Raiders steal the victory at the death. The Warriors now play sudden death football next week.

TRY RAIDERS (38-all)
Try: Anthony Milford;
Conversions: Anthony Milford (5/7)
79th minute - Anthony Milford scores through quick hands from the Raiders as Mitchell Cornish and Jack Ahearn link together to send Milford over. He converts his own try with a great strike off the tee.

76th minute - Penalty to the Raiders and they march up to their 40 metre line.

TRY WARRIORS (Warriors 38-32)
Try: Siliva Havili;
Conversions: Mason Lino (5/6)
74th minute - Off a mistake from Matt Allwood gave the Warriors a full set on the Raiders goal line. On the next play 
Siliva Havili darted under the Raiders defence and was awarded his try. The Warriors hit the lead as Mason Lino extend with the conversion.

73rd minute - Tackle count restarts and on the next play it's a VIDEO REFEREE for the Warriors. Looking at the grounding and obstruction. 

72nd minute - Warriors on the attack with the ZERO tackle inside the Raiders 20 metre zone. 

70th minute - Anthony Milford jumped off the line and took the intercept, but he didn't have enough pace to streak away. The Raiders on the attack now with a full set on halfway

Try: Ngani Laumape;
Conversions: Mason Lino (4/5)
64th minute - Toka Likiliki has laid the foundations as he cleaned up the mistake from the Raiders to link up with 
Ngani Laumape who streaked away 30 metres to score in the corner. Mason Lino with the conversion from the sideline has split the uprights.

61st minute - 
Toka Likiliki is denied his hat trick as his back foot was dragged over the sideline before grounding the ball in the corner. The Raiders lucky there not to concede, they pack a scrum feed down on their 10 metre line.

60th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Warriors, Toka Likiliki has dived over in the corner AGAIN!

TRY WARRIORS (Raiders 32-26)
Try: Toka Likiliki;
Conversions: Mason Lino (3/4)
55th minute - Toka Likiliki has been awarded his second try after a huge effort to bash over in the corner beating the Raiders defenders. Mason Lino has shanked the conversion attempt from the touchline. 

58th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Warriors, Toka Likiliki has dived over in the corner

TRY WARRIORS (Raiders 32-22)
Try: Mason Lino;
Conversions: Mason Lino (3/4)
55th minute - Mason Lino went straight through a gap off an offload from Nathaniel Peteru. The Raiders defence opened up easily ad Lino strolled in for the Warriors fourth try. Lino converted his own try.

 (Raiders 32-16)
Try: Anthony Milford;
Conversions: Anthony Milford (4/6)

47th minute - 
Anthony Milford with a massive left foot step around the Warriors fullback in Peta Hiku has beat him and raced away to score. Milford capping off what has been an amazing rising in this Toyota Cup side. He nails the kick to convert his own try

 (Raiders 26-16)
Try: Mitchell Cornish;
Conversions: Anthony Milford (3/5)

42nd minute - Jack Ahearn provided the short pass for Mitchell Cornish who dived over in the corner with a strong run. The Warriors defence unable to force him over the sideline before he grounded the ball. Anthony Milford with a beautiful strike nailed the conversion from the touchline

42nd minute - 
VIDEO REFEREE for the Raiders, they have crashed over in the corner

41st minute - We are back UNDERWAY here in this elimination final as the Warriors kick off to give the Raiders first use here

HALF TIME at CANBERRA STADIUM sees the Raiders holding a four point lead, 20-16 over the Warriors

TRY WARRIORS (Raiders 20-16)
Try: Toka Likiliki;
Conversions: Mason Lino (2/3)
39th minute - A simple barge over try from Toka Likiliki has see the Warriors close the gap. The big props are busting the goal line when they get close enough. Mason Lino nails the conversion from in front.

35th minute - 
Another penalty to the Warriors against Edrick Lee for a two on one strip. The Warriors attacking only 20 metres from the Raiders line

34th minute - Penalty to the Warriors against Anthony Milford for running behind his own player. Obstruction ruled in play as the Raiders unable to capitalise as they attacked the Warriors goal line.

29th minute - Penalty against the Raiders Tim Sloman as he had his hand in the ruck after the held call. The Warriors charge up field from the kick inside the Raiders 40 metre line.

TRY WARRIORS (Raiders 20-10)
Try: Trent Bishop;
Conversions: Mason Lino (1/2)
28th minute - Trent Bishop has powered through the Raiders defence with a strong angled run following an offload from Toka Likiliki. The big unit charged onto the ball to post their second try. Mason Lino with the conversion attempt adds the extras.

25th minute - There is concern for Joe Bradley who has an injury and is down in play back. possible wrist injury 

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 20-4)
Try: Edrick Lee (2nd);
Conversions: Anthony Milford (2/4)
23rd minute - Truly against the run of play, Edrick Lee steals the ball from the Warriors cut out pass and takes the intercept. His speed takes him 98 metres to post the Raiders fourth four-pointer of the match. The Warriors confidence will be down after conceding those points. Anthony Milford unable to slot the extras with the kick.

 (Raiders 16-4)
David Fusitua;
Conversions: Mason Lino (0/1)
20th minute - David Fusitua has leapt up high in the air to pluck the ball down from the boot off Peta Hiku. He crashed down through the tackle of Reuben. The Warriors finally on the board, but the conversion from Mason Lino is pushed to the right.

15th minute -
A penalty to the Warriors as the Raiders had hands in the ruck and stripped out the ball. A massive touch finders sees the Warriors march up to the Raiders 40 metre line.

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 16-0)
Try: Johnathan Reuben;
Conversions: Anthony Milford (2/3)
13th minute - The Raiders have gone back to back thanks to a massive Edrick Lee. The 60 metre run saw Lee link on the inside with Jack Ahearn as he threw a huge cut out pass. The Raiders all firing now. Anthony Milford with the conversion attempt successful.

TRY RAIDERS (Raiders 10-0)
Try: Johnathan Reuben;
Conversions: Anthony Milford (1/2)
11th minute - Ben Picker with a short grubber kick to the in goal area sets up big Edrick Lee to fly through the defence to post his first try of the afternoon. Anthony Milford with a better strike of the ball converts.

8th minute - 
Ligi Sao in the tackle of Michael Chee Kam dropped the ball. The Raiders pack a scrum feed on halfway

(Raiders 4-0)
Try: Johnathan Reuben;
Conversions: Anthony Milford (0/1)
3rd minute - The video referee awards the try to Johnathan Reuben who dived in the corner from the scrum base. A simple spreading play from the Raiders sees them post first points. Anthony Milford unable to convert from the right hand touchline.

3rd minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Raiders, a simply try for Jonathan Reuben who dived in

2nd minute - 
Peta Hiku attempted to take the wobbly kick but he dropped it cold. The Raiders with a scrum feed in front of the posts with a scrum feed.

1st minute -
We are UNDERWAY here at Canberra Stadium with the Raiders kicking off to give the Warriors first use of the ball 

We are moments away from kick off here at Canberra Stadium, both sides about to exit the sheds