Toyota Cup: Roosters steal it at the death

The Sydney Roosters have fought hard in the second half to come from behind to down the South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-22 with a late try to Curtis Rona. It was all the Rabbitohs in the opening exchanges but the determined try-colours managed to pip them at the death. With their two point victory they march into the second week of the finals to face either the Warriors or Raiders.

AAMI Park, Melbourne
Saturday 8 September 2012, kickoff 3:15pm
Referee: Adam Gee
Sideline Officials: Nathan Smith and Lawrence McDonell
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton


Rabbitohs: 1. Tyrone Phillips 2. Aaron Gray 3. Jordan Tongahai 4. David Sisifa 5. Nick Hedley 17. Hamish Bryant 7. Luke Keary 8. George Burgess 9. Apisai Koroisau 10. Jordan Tuiavii 11. Brad Croad 12. Kyle Turner 13. Jesse Roberts
Interchange: 6. Blake Matthews 15. Siosaia Tanginoa 16. Joe Toleafoa 20. Brett Jarrett

Roosters: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2. Usaia O'Sullivan 3. Curtis Rona 4. Joseph Forrester 5. Paul Rokolati 6. Rhyse Martin 7. Ryley Jacks 8. Dylan Napa 9. Dean Blackman 10. Kane Evans 11. Samisoni Langi 12. Sam Bernstrom 13. Jack Noble
Interchange: 14. Jason Antonelli 15. Shaquille Blair 16. Tuiala Togitasi 17. John Asiata

Tries: Jordan Tuiavii, Aaron Gray, Jordan Tongahai, Jesse Roberts 
Conversions: Apisai Koroisau (2/4)
Penalty Goal: Apisai Koroisau (1/1)

Tries: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Curtis Rona (2), Usaia O'Sullivan, Sam Bernstrom
Conversions: Paul Rokolati 0/6


It's all over here at AAMI Park as the Sydney Roosters have come from behind to steal a victory at the death over the South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-22. 

(Roosters 24-22):
Curtis Rona (3rd)
Paul Rokolati 0/5

80th minute -
After a one on one strip from the Roosters, Curtis Rona darted between the Rabbitohs defender and dived in for his HAT TRICK! The Roosters win and their finals hopes are still alive. 
Paul Rokolati with the conversion failed to add the extras.

78th minute - 
Paul Rokolati looked for the quick pass on the inside before going into touch, but the sideline official puts the flag up.

77th minute -
A knock on against the Rabbitohs and the Roosters start their set from a scrum feed on the Rabbitohs 40 metre line

76th minute - PENALTY GOAL is successful from 
Apisai Koroisau and the Rabbitohs lead by TWO

74th minute - PENALTY RABBITOHS! They will take a shot at penalty goal fro wide out

74th minute - George Burgess is denied, he is short of the line. Rabbitohs on the 10 metre and they have one more tackle.

74th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Rabbitohs, George Burgess has dived out

73 minute -
The Rabbitohs very lucky to get a repeat set as 
Brad Croad was almost caught on the last tackle. However the kick was taken dead by the Roosters and it's a line drop out

71st minute - Chance for the Rabbitohs here as the Roosters dropped the ball in the tackle. No strip call here. Rabbitohs with a scrum feed on the Roosters 40 metre line

70th minute - The Rabbitohs didn't take the shot at field goal from 20 metres out, Keary kicks over the top and they defend from only five minutes out

69th minute - Ryley Jacks fires the ball out on the full on the last tackle. The Rabbitohs with possession on their 20 metre line. They will need a be set to get in line for a field goal

Curtis Rona (2nd)
Paul Rokolati 0/5

66th minute -
Curtis Rona displayed his speed and footwork to dance around the Rabbitohs defenders to post his second four-pointer of the afternoon. 
Paul Rokolati rockets the conversion into the uprights and it bounces away. The game remains locked at 20-all

63rd minute - 
Nick Hedley trying to get a quick play of the ball as he stood up and knocked it on at the ruck. The Roosters with a chance to level the game with a scrum feed on the Rabbitohs 20 metre line.

61st minute -
NO TRY! Penalty has been awarded to the Rabbitohs for a push in the back from 
Curtis Rona on David Sisifa in the attempt to ground the ball. The Roosters unable to get points in that set. 

60th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Roosters, looking to see who has managed to ground it first

59th minute - Bad to worse for the Rabbitohs as they concede a penalty. The Roosters now in control with their set starting on the Rabbitohs 40 metre line.

58th minute - 
George Burgess looking for a quick play of the ball as failed to do it cleanly and knocked it on. The Roosters escape as they pack down a scrum feed

58th minute -
Jack Seijka is penalised for pulling the leg of 
David Sisifa after the held call. The Rabbitohs boosted as they march up field.

(Rabbitohs 20-16):
Jesse Roberts
Conversion: Apisai Koroisau 2/4

55th minute -
Jesse Roberts barged over close to the line after taking a short pass from the acting half in 
Apisai Koroisau. The Rabbitohs hit the lead as Koroisau nails the conversion attempt from next to the posts.

53rd minute - 
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck cleaning up the knock on loose ball by kicking it out. However, the Rabbitohs get a repeat set with a line drop out.

52nd minute -
Penalty to the Rabbitohs which helps them advance upfield over the halfway line. They start their set on the Roosters 40 metre line.

51st minute - 
Jordan Tongahai has come up with a massive tackle on the Roosters runner as he was forced the ball free. The Rabbitohs pack a scrum feed on their own half as the rain eases.

48th minute - This game is going to change a lot now as the rain is just pelting down at AAMI Park now. It is sweeping across in the face of the Roosters.

(Roosters 14-16):
Sam Bernstrom
Paul Rokolati 0/4
46th minute - Ryley Jacks was poor with the kicks in the first half but this time it was pin-point for David Sisifa who managed to offload to Sam Bernstrom. He darted around the defence to score. Once again, Rokolati failed to convert.

43rd minute -
Penalty to the Roosters for the Rabbitohs jumping too early at the ruck, inside the 10 metres

TRY ROOSTERS (Rabbitohs 14-12):
Usaia O'Sullivan
Paul Rokolati 0/3
42nd minute - The try is awarded to Usaia O'Sullivan as he bolted down the touchline and managed to plant down the ball before going over the touchline. 

42nd minute - 
VIDEO REFEREE for the Roosters, looking at the sideline. A big run there from 
Usaia O'Sullivan.

41st minute - Luke Keary's kick rolls over the touch in goal line and the Roosters work it away from their 20 metre line with an optional restart

41st minute - The second half is UNDERWAY with the Roosters kicking off.


HALF TIME at AAMI Park sees the Rabbitohs leading the Roosters 14-8

39th minute - A shocking kick 
Jordan Tuiavii rolls over the dead ball line and the Roosters will have two tackles before half time.

39th minute - The Rabbitohs with great defence force a line drop out moments before half time.

(Rabbitohs 14-8):
Try: Jordan Tongahai
Conversion: Apisai Koroisau 1/3
36th minute - Jordan Tongahai is awarded his four-pointer after he raced through and dived on the grubber kick off the boot of 
Luke Keary. Apisai Koroisau with a wobbly kick off the boot extends their lead. 

35th minute - 
VIDEO REFEREE for the Rabbitohs, looking at the grounding. Roosters not happy for obstruction  

34th minute - 
Jack Noble is denied for an obstruction run as he ran behind his own player to gain an advantage. Penalty to the Rabbitohs.

34th minute - 
VIDEO REFEREE for the Roosters, Noble claiming. Looking at obstruction 

Try: Curtis Rona
Paul Rokolati 0/2
31st minute - The Roosters have turned things around as their ball movements has seen Curtis Rona dart over between the Rabbitohs defenders to score their second.

29th minute -
Things starting to flip in favour of the Roosters as the Rabbitohs fire the kick restart over the dead ball line

(Rabbitohs 8-4):
Try: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Paul Rokolati 0/1
28th minute - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has busted out of the tackle of three would-be tackles from the Rabbitohs defenders and has powered over the whitewash. Paul Rokolati with the conversion attempt pushes it wide.

25th minute -
Another poor kick from 
Ryley Jacks bounces shy of the touch line and the Rabbitohs pack down a scrum on their 10 metre line

24th minute - NO TRY! Aaron Gray has knocked on the Luke Keary grubber kick. Another opportunity bombed by the Rabbitohs. The Roosters restart out on the 20 metre line with a quick tap

24th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Rabbitohs, Aaron Gray is claiming his second try.

23rd minute - 
Paul Rokolati has come off worse for wear as he was dragged over the sideline by three Rabbitohs defenders. He went straight into the sideline seats. The Rabbitohs come up with the ball on the halfway line

19th minute -
Roosters with another coach killer - they concede a penalty at the kick restart

(Rabbitohs 8-0):
Try: Aaron Gray
Conversion: Apisai Koroisau 0/2

19th minute - The Rabbitohs have posted their second four-pointer of the afternoon as 
Ryley Jacks provided a beautiful cross field kick which fell into the arms of Aaron Gray who dived over. Apisai Koroisau from out wide failed to convert.

15th minute - A helpful penalty for the Roosters for the ruck speed from the Rabbitohs too slow. They march up to their 30 metre line.

14th minute - 
Luke Keary with a great kick downfield to end their set sits up in goal and Joseph Forrester was unable to escape his tackle. Once again the Roosters under pressure as they concede another line drop out

(Rabbitohs 4-0):
Try: Jordan Tuiavii 
Conversion: Apisai Koroisau 0/1
12th minute - From the line drop out, Jordan Tuiavii as burrowed his way under the goal line defence of the Roosters and posted first points. A strong run from the prop forward. Apisai Koroisau pushes the conversion wide of the posts

10th minute - The Roosters giving the Rabbitohs another set with a line drop out, it was a short on only making 20 metres. Another chance for the Rabbitohs to post first points

9th minute - 
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck with two lucky ankle taps to save a certain try for the Rabbitohs. They attack the Roosters line with a full set of six as the tackle count restarts.

7th minute - 
Ryley Jacks fires the high ball up and it was taken in the air by David Sisifa, but he was tackled before coming to ground. So, the Rabbitohs get a penalty as a result and march up field. Not the best kick from Jacks to end the Roosters set

6th minute - 
Luke Keary with a grubber kick on the last tackle for the Rabbitohs is allowed to roll over the dead ball line. The Roosters rewarded with a 20 metre restart

5th minute -
A poor pass from the Roosters sees the Rabbitohs come up with the ball deep in their own half. A let off for the Rabbitohs defence

4th minute -
 A mistake from the Rabbitohs sees the Roosters come up with the ball through a scrum feed on the Rabbitohs 20 metre line. A very sloppy set from the Rabbitohs.

3rd minute - 
End to end stuff far, the Roosters have had a good kick chase to keep the Rabbitohs deep in their own half

1st minute -
The Rabbitohs have kicked off and we are UNDERWAY at AAMI Park