Triple treat for Panthers

Hot on the heels of re-signing coach John Lang to an extended contract, Penrith have this morning announced that three of their key players have agreed to stay with the club beyond this season.

Joe Galuvao, Joel Clinton and Luke Swain have all re-signed with the defending premiers, Clinton agreeing to a three-year deal that will see him at the club until at least the end of 2007.

Galuvao and Swain have agreed to stay with the Panthers until the end of 2006.

?This is a continuation of the process to keep this side together,? Penrith CEO Shane Richardson said today.

?They want to stay with us and they want to keep the side together. Their contract requests will help us to achieve that. This is a great positive for the club.?

Swain, a Penrith junior, says he wanted to remain loyal to the club that had given him so many opportunities.

?(John) Langy?s too good to me ? he gives me time to study and stuff in between training and playing,? Swain said.

The Panthers are set to re-sign their key player off-contract at the end of this year, Ryan Girdler. Girdler, who makes his first appearance for 2004 against the Sydney Roosters at Telstra Stadium tomorrow night, is understood to be considering his future within the game.

After achieving his ultimate goal of winning a premiership last season, Girdler may well opt to retire.