Triple Treat Panthers defeat Roosters

The Penrith Panthers despite the media hype around their sponsorship deals have remained composed. They scored three tries to bring up their first victory under coach Ivan Cleary. They defeated the Sydney Roosters 18-0 at Allianz Stadium in front of a poor crowd of 12,746.

It all started with a typical front rowers try as Sam McKendry smashed past defenders namely Jake Friend and Anthony Minichiello to crash over the line to give the Panthers first points. Luke Walsh's boot sent the ball over, Panthers after 14 minutes 6-0.

Errors were a high from both sides but the Roosters made the costly errors. Their goal line defence not much better has Michael Jennings crossed for the first of his double. His foot work on show as he took an inside flick pass to open up the Roosters line. Walsh with conversion magic, 33rd minute Panthers 12-0.

The second half held some promise after the Roosters started some fight as they headed into the break. But it was much the same as simple mistake saw Roosters' points went begging. 

Panthers fans held their breathe as their fullback Michael Jennings went down after he contacted with Sam Perrett trying to save points. However he might of playing possum with Jennings minutes later breaking into open space to dash away to claim his double. It seems his injury pulled up well after this run. Panthers converted through Walsh to bring up 18-0 at the full time siren.

Whether it was the Roosters backing up from their miracle victory against South Sydney last week, but the errors and miscommunication between the players saw them go down three tries to nil.

Regardless both sides will leave Round 2 and look ahead to their big games next week. The Roosters will be looking for redemption as they host the Canberra Raiders at home whilst the Panthers will return Centrebet Stadium with a victory under their belt to face the Rabbitohs. 

Match Details

Sydney Roosters 0 were defeated by Penrith Panthers 18
National Rugby League - Round 2 - Sunday March 11, 2012 3:00pm
Venue: Allianz Stadium (formerly SFS)
Referee: Adam Devcich and Chris James
Video Referee: Tim Mander
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Henry Perenara
Crowd: 12,746
Halftime: Sydney Roosters 0 Penrith Panthers 12 players of the match:
3 Points - Michael Jennings (2 Tries)
2 Points - Sam McKendry
1 Point - Kevin Kingston


Tries: Michael Jennings (2)
Conversions: Luke Walsh (3/3) Live Commentary Join the conversation - follow LeagueUnlimited on Twitter and tweet about the match using the Official Hashtag = #NRLsydpen.

You can also discuss the match with thousands of other fans in our Game Day Forums - click here. It's a marvellous for Sunday Afternoon football. This second clash coming to you from Allianz Stadium where the Sydney Roosters host the Penrith Panthers. The Roosters will be looking to go back to back after their last minute miracle win over South Sydney last week. Meanwhile the Panthers will be chasing their first win of the season after being beaten at home by the Bulldogs.

As for team changes firstly the Panthers see Tim Grant, Blake Austin and Clint Newton out. With Dayne Weston replacing Grant in the starting side. And Danny Galea and Nafe Seluini come onto the bench. However for the home side, only one change with Anthony Mitchell added to the side in jumper number 18 to replace Daniel Mortimer.
A great day and we are moments from kick off here in this clash, a poor crowd of only around 10,000 people.
1 min: We are underway here with the Panthers kicking off, Roosters with the first set.
1 min: Panthers are in the bright pink jerseys here today as a result the match officials are in the yellow. Roosters with a good first set but Anasta gets a wobbly kick away to end the set. Panthers playing it just inside their half
2 min: Panthers end the set with a charge down from the Roosters, not the best option with the kick off the boot of Walsh. However they will have the ball 10 metres from their line
2 min: Mitchell Pearce's kick downfield finds the touchline and as a result the Panthers will pack a scrum feed 25 metres from their line.
4 min: First penalty given against the Rooster for pushing too much in the ruck. Panthers will a great chance to open the scoring. Kick penalty sees them attack 28 metres from the Roosters line.
5 min: Panthers earning themselves a goal line drop out as Minichiello almost giving up points. But the Panthers get a repeat set on the Roosters line.
5 min: Forward pass the called against the Panthers as the ball to Michael Jennings pulled up. Roosters survive as the Panthers give it up on the 3rd tackle. Roosters get the scrum feed.
7 min: Etuate Uaisele beautiful take leaping high to take the Pearce bomb. Panthers work it 20 metres from their line to start their set.
8 min: End of the set for the Panthers kick downfield and it finds touch, controlling option to give the Roosters a scrum feed.
9 min: Travis Burns has been taken at the back of play to the blood bin following a collision. Roosters well on the attack on half way
9 min: Anthony Minichiello flying through chasing the kick looking for something but Roosters giving it up on their last. No support play to set up something for the Roosters, but the Panthers hold with their defence.
12 min: Luke Lewis showing his power to beat one and a second but brought to ground just before halfway. Panthers with great presents.
13 min: KNOCK ON! Burns losing the ball thanks to contact from Mitchell Pearce in the tackle. No pressure has really mounted from either side. Roosters pack a scrum feed down.
13 min: Panthers get the ball straight back with a zero tackle as the Roosters lose it cold. Panthers only 31 metres out.
14 min: TRY
TRY! Panthers
From the scrum the Roosters out on their feet. The big man Sam McKendry pushing Friend away friend and simply charging over the fullback in Minichiello. Great front rowers try. Luke Walsh has converted the try perfectly.
Penrith Panthers 6-0
16 min: Sam McKendry is in open space, wonderful break to make 20 metres. But on the end of it Travis Burns has lost it again. Another scrum to pack down.
20 min: Last few minutes the Roosters are showing the better signs of the two sides. But it's been end to end stuff with both sides completing their sets without error.
22 min: Coote with a great try saver to stop Minichiello breaking into space. Wonderful stuff here for the Roosters as holes are showing in the Panthers line. The kick to end the set going over the touchline to give the Panthers a scrum on their own 10 metre line.
24 min: Shocking pass from the Panthers as the Roosters manage to come away with it deep in Panthers territory. Inside the 20 metre line attacking the line.
25 min: Video Referee Decision pending for the Roosters, Possible try to Boyd Cordner
25 min: Video Referee Tim Mander spins up the red lights, NO TRY! Roosters. Coote beat Cordner to the ball to ground it first. As a result of the grounding the Roosters earn a drop out.
26 min: Luke Walsh has been thrown over the touchline despite the Panthers having great goal line defence to hold out the Roosters. Mitchell Pearce giving his side another set on the Panthers line.
27 min: Cornder diving for the line but losing the ball, the Roosters only spreading the ball wide side to side but failing to mount the pressure in the forwards. Panthers come up with it.
28 min: Penalty for the Panthers. Something they needed to get out of their own half.
31 min: Sam Perrett leaping high to try and catch the Walsh kick however the Panthers earn a drop out to mount some pressure on the Roosters goal line.
32 min: KNOCK ON! Panthers dropping it cold with a big chance for points gone begging.
32 min: Penalty to Panthers for the Roosters failing to get up from the tackle. Luke Walsh opting for the quick tap 40 metres out from the line.
33 min: TRY
TRY! Panthers
Michael Jennings on the end of a inside flick pass, stepping and beating Minichiello to stretch out and score. A big turn in events with the Roosters giving up possession and thus another four-pointer. Luke Walsh, 14 metres in from the sideline and 20 metres out from the line has successfully converted.
Penrith Panthers 12-0
37 min: Roosters get their first penalty of this match. They are on the attack inside the Panthers half
40 min: Half time here at the Footy Stadium with the Panthers leading the Roosters 12-0 despite a 15 minute attacking period from the home side but not giving up any points. Panthers are holding strong with two tries. Roosters will need to step up and use their forwards to find points in the second half.
40 min: We are back underway with the Roosters kicking off and the Panthers having their first set of the second half.
43 min: First penalty of the second half and only the 2nd of the match for the Panthers not standing square in the ruck. Earl giving it away to the Roosters who have it short of the halfway line
44 min: KNOCK ON! Guerra attempting to play it, and wrestle out of the tackle but has lost it cold. Roosters starting to show signs of weakening and miscommunication. Panthers on the attack from the 40 metre line in their half.
45 min: KNOCK ON! Kennedy losing control of the ball in the attempt to play it in the ruck. Poor attempt from Kennedy. Scrum feed packs down for the Panthers.
48 min: Panthers looking for points deep in the Roosters half, but the defence holding them out. Roosters working it out from their line, looking a little slow off their line
48 min: Mitchell Pearce with a monster kick downfield and forces the Panthers to play at it well in their on goals.
50 min: Panthers poor defensive mistake, penalty to the Roosters as the Panthers players all inside the 10 metres. Mitchell Pearce finds touch from the kick and they will work it just inside the Panthers half.
50 min: Quick penalty to the Roosters, back to back for a strip from the Panthers. they are deep in the Panthers half, quick tap option taken.
51 min: Roosters with another set and chance at the line as the Panthers charge it down and Luke Lewis knocking it on
52 min: Panthers with great defence have forced an error from the Roosters, not too signs.
52 min: A helpful penalty to the Panthers for a second dig in the tackle from the Roosters. Touch finder goes out on halfway.
53 min: Time off, Danny Gaela is down with a possible head clash with a Rooster.
53 min: Time back on with Gaela remaining on the field and he will play it with two tackles remaining in the set. Attacking 40 metres out.
55 min: Luke Walsh with a perfect kick to Joseph Leilua who was forced to leap from the field of play to take it in goals. As a result the Panthers get another set at the Roosters line through a drop out.
56 min: Etuate Uaisele looked for a try in the corner but the cut out pass has been ruled forward and the Roosters will get a scrum feed. Michael Jennings is down in play after coming into contact with Sam Perrett, possible knee injury.
59 min: TRY
TRY! Panthers
Michael Jennings has tested out his knee as he broke into open space to go 30 metres to score the Panthers third of the afternoon. Luke Walsh is 20 metres out from the line, it's a beautiful kick to convert the try.
Penrith Panthers 18-0
62 min: Penalty to the Panthers. Roosters not helping their cause to find points, this will help the Panthers on the 2nd tackle get out of their half.
63 min: BANG! Massive hit coming up from Jared Waerea-Hargreaves who has collected Danny Gaela, he will be feeling that one tomorrow.
64 min: The crowd blowing up to the Panthers being offside by a mile and begging for a penalty, however the whistle does sound but for a ruck infringement. Roosters attack with a big chance to score 15 metres out from the Panthers line.
64 min: KNOCK ON! Panthers not helping their cause to hold their lead. Roosters with another shot at the line with a scrum feed.
65 min: Another penalty to the Roosters, they have to score. Travis Burns laying too long in the ruck. This is the third chance to find points on the Panthers line, they have to score. Great defence Panthers.
66 min: Well, Roosters are playing so disjointed, running onto the play through the line and dropping it. Panthers will claim the comfortable victory.
68 min: A little push between the two sides but nothing doing. Coote almost being forced to play at the ball in goals but sees it roll dead. 20 metre tap for the panthers.
69 min: The kick off the boot of Walsh rolling dead to give the Roosters a 20 metre tap. the Roosters showing poor signs without any second phase play.
Official crowd being posted here with a poor figure of 12,746 as many of the Roosters fans begin to leave the ground following this poor performance from their side.
72 min: Lachlan Coote with a great effort to open up the Roosters line, making almost 40 metres before shutdown
74 min: Offside the call and penalty to the Panthers. A chance to close out the match with another try.
75 min: Michael Jennings looking for his third but stopped short. Roosters will have the ball in the Panthers half.
76 min: KNOCK ON! Typical performance mistake from the Roosters as Aubusson dropped it cold.
78 min: Panthers on the attack deep in Roosters half looking for more points.
78 min: Luke Lewis showing great defence forcing the Roosters back in goal. Drop out for the Panthers
78 min: KNOCK ON! Panthers putting it down, it's been a great performance but errors have cost them points here. Roosters with the scrum 10 metres from their line.
80 min: FULL TIME, Roosters in a fitting play have knocked it on with their last play. The Penrith Panthers claim their first win under head coach Ivan Cleary. Errors and lack of punch through the line cost the Roosters the victory here.

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