Troy Aims For 300 Game Mark

EVERGREEN Dolphins prop Troy Lindsay will endeavour to achieve the 300-match landmark. Already the holder of the most number of first grade appearances with 263 matches up before the semi-final showdown with the Young Guns, Lindsay, 33, shows no signs of tiring. He has made it known he wants to play on for at least next season and most probably the following season. By the time he bows out at the end of the 2008 season, the durable front-rower would have reached the magic 300 number ... barring a loss of form or injuries. But given his outstanding performances this season, climaxing in selection for the Queensland Residents, it is hard to imagine the red and whites without the farmer from Wamuran. Affectionately known to team-mates and opponents alike as "Cow", Lindsay achieved his record-equalling 261st game at Dolphin Oval on July 30 against Souths-Logan. Centre Peter Leis created the long-standing 261 mark in his Redcliffe reign in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The following weekend Lindsay owned the record single-handedly after turning out against the Young Guns. "I'm enjoying my football more than ever, probably because I'm aware each season could be my last," he said. "To get up there with the likes of Peter, Obsty and Benno is something I'm very proud of ... they were really big names in Brisbane and Queensland football. "There's a lot of tradition at Redcliffe." Although he has been part of four Queensland Cup triumphs for the Dolphins, Lindsay said the persona highlight was winning the Brisbane premiership in 1994. The Dolphins beat Wests 24-18, only their second Brisbane grand final win. 'I was a young bloke in my first year in the top grade and it was 29 years since we had won," he said. "That was great but I've appreciated all the things that have happened during my time at Redcliffe." 1994 was the year Lindsay came closest to taking up an offer with an NRL club. "St George coach Brian Smith spoke to me a few times but I decided to stay put," he said. "I've had a few offers over the years, but that was the closest I came to leaving."

THE COACH "This is my second year with the Dolphins' Premier League side and I've had a lot to do with Troy. He is such a model for other players. He is low maintenance and can play with injuries. He also rarely puts in a bad performance. His work ethic and attitude at training is an example for both younger and older players. I couldn't say enough good things about him. He loves the Redcliffe club and the game. You know that if he looks you in the eye and says something is going to happen then it will." Coach Anthony Griffin

THE TEAM-MATE "I've been playing with Troy since 1998 and the most outstanding feature of his play is his consistency. Most blokes have a bad game now or then but Troy doesn't seem to. His attitude to the game and training is unbelievable. He never switches off and you can guarantee that he is 100% every time he plays or trains. No one else I've played with has the attitude towards playing that he has. He is up for every game and the fact that he made the Queensland Residents side this season shows he's still one of the best front-rowers in the competition. Troy's our captain and leads by example. He doesn't talk much during the game and is quite happy to leave that to the hooker and halfback." Dolphins hooker Michael Roberts

THE OPPONENT "Cow ... he's done real good. He's tough and honest. I've played against him lots of times over the years and you always know that when you turn up against Redcliffe that he will be there. He's a very resilient player and hasn't let injuries get him down. You can say for certainty that he's a respected prop in the competition and shows no sign of bowing out. He's not a great talker on the field as he lets his play do the talking for him." Burleigh Bears prop Shane O'Flanagan

THE CEO "You could say all the usual things about Troy and what he has achieved but that's not his style. Troy means a great deal to the club, but to trot out too many quotes would just embarrass him. His style is to just get on with the job. That's the way he has played his football here over the past 13 years To do what he has done playing in the front-row speaks for itself. With the level of professionalism now demanded and the training required it's a fair commitment for any player. Not too many club would have their match record-holder playing in the front-row and that is a strong indication of Troy's standing." Dolphins CEO and former team-mate James Hinchey

THE FAN "Probably not one thing stands out about Troy. To describe him you would use the words tough, hard and fair. Those three things always come across. Troy is like the man you would like your son to be. He's down to earth, an honest toiler. He's that sort of guy. He hasn't suffered from time and keeps on keeping on with a minimum of fuss. If Ian Thinee was Mr Perpetual Motion, then Troy's Mr No Fuss. It was fitting that he scored a try in the match when he equally Peter Leis' record." Long-standing Dolphin fan Chris Connolly